M4SONIC – Virus (Live Launchpad Original)

DOWNLOAD VIRUS 2.0 Project File & Sample Pack HERE: http://m4sonic.com.au/m4sonic-virus-project-file-sample-pack/

This is an original composition performed live on two Novation Launchpads in User 1 mode. The two MIDI controllers are playing original samples in a sequence to create the sound. The right hand controls most of the tuneful sounds whilst the left hand is responsible for keeping in time, playing a custom drum kit and various FX and vocal loops.

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xrelik says:

For some reason this song reminds me of streets of rage if it ever came out with a sequel. :

Joe Kenshin says:

2018 anyone ?

Digital Bear Productions says:

What the fuck? Are you not human? This is fucking crazy.

編集済み says:


동 동 says:


Эмейзинг says:

слишкам лихко

Meth Surphy says:

damn 6 years old and I still come back to this….

nickisanto08 says:

Please keep making new videos! few ppl are using sample pads the way they’re meant to be played like this guy.

Mozgov Show says:

Two launchpad’s? you realy? it’s very cool , you very nice boy!

Edisson Peñaloza Campos says:

ese hijo de puta del papa

Pranab chatterjee says:

Just blew my fuckin mind…my mans got some serious talent out there ..way to go

lombombaj says:

great talent,ty

Perplex4 says:

now i want a launchpad XD

raul morales says:

finger dancing at its best

볼텍스 says:

how to memorized all that shit !! that’s dope lol

Jn Kim says:

What’s the female vocal saying?

Adam Yang says:

how do you people do this shit

The Artist says:


Multidimenzionalni pleja says:

what a gay songs

Kucik Kucik says:

Whooaaa.. Are you serius? You’re awesome man. Is that your own track ??

alpan the mistweaver says:

dancing fingers

Manish Sehgal says:

ok. well. holy shit.

Ulf Holmström says:

That is impossible! The guy is the terminator!

Benjamin Thomas says:

This is exactly what EDM artists should do in live shows. Actually play the music rather than turning the knobs and hitting little tweaks of tracks here and there.

A. D. says:

NEW CHANNEL—–> https://youtu.be/4Y0evVlc34E (SHAPE OF YOU VS COUNTING STARS)

Paul Houzé says:

Always a good perfomance in 2018

Rich Verville says:


David Wang says:


AdonaR says:

5 ans après, toujours aussi MONSTRUEUX !

Julio Cesar says:

This is so much better than Weapon, I absolutely LOVE this one. I can’t even imagine how many times I’ve listened to this already.

Aruknus Vale says:

Good job, I like how you went against about 60% of electronic music (from my experience) and made an upbeat song. Impressive.

ValkyrieBSG says:

the fact this vid is now near 6 years old makes me feel old

this Bendy aleman says:


Houalef Aymen says:

guys if you are shocked just check that : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qAeybdD5UoQ

Nick Barrett says:

Does anybody know the song of the first pad he played? it’s so beautiful

Jiren God says:

How did you manage to do this with 2 launch pads
Did you happen to have 2 brains
But anyway the song is pretty awesome

KillerLC3 says:

Absolutely fire dawg, I love it 🙂

IguanaSandwich says:

Suck my dick scrubs

kikser says:


Semag says:

Just watched ytb rewind 2013, and just hear this part : https://youtu.be/H7jtC8vjXw8 (at 2:05)
It sounds just like M4sonic

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