Lithium into 7 Up – Periodic Table of Videos

7 Up’s original recipe contained Lithium – so what happens if you drop Lithium metal into modern 7 Up… The results surprised us.
Extra footage:
Coke can in liquid Nitrogen:
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Gaming With_23 says:

that’s pretty cool !

Rusznikarz says:


J B says:

I need your tie 🙂

Taffy Apple Gaming says:

Could it be caramel? (Heated sugar) Would the sulphuric acid give that result if it was?

now I'm here says:


CircsC says:

I’d like to see more videos where foodstuffs are a part of an experiment.

Aditya Varma says:

Actually, the lithium will react with the water in the 7-up to form a quite caustic solution of lithium hydroxide. Old lithiated 7-up contained minimal amounts of lithium citrate to stabilize the mood, rather than caustic lithium hydroxide.

Psyconaught Gaming says:

That’s very interesting, the fact that a simple soda can lead to strange reactions

imago says:

so yeah ill try to avoid having lithuim icecubes in my 7up from now on

Anodyne Melody says:

“It contains… natural lemon and lime flavor… whatever that is”. LOL! That was so insanely funny, the way you delivered this line was genius. 😀

Fyrst Lasst says:

I love how serious chemistry still comes down to “look at the pretty colors”.

king james488 says:

“natural lemon lime flavor” means they take the lemon and lime peels and extract the flavor components from them and use it to flavor the drink.

and this totally feels like a 7up promo… tho I don’t know how since it’s not making 7-up look very appealing. the logo on the label is even facing the camera in most shots. 😛

Will Deamer says:

Lithium is also one of my favourite nirvana songs

Pete says:

Britains version of Rick Sanchez

Fred G says:

One of the most interesting science video I saw on the internet. An experiment, an explanation of the reactions. A counter-experiment to test an hypothesis and the building of a theory that will lead to other experiments to confirm it. That’s the full path of scientific work.

popofabulous says:

I feel like chemists get paid to play around all day.

Architecture Cow says:

How to turn Seven Up into Pepsi :V

Fandyus says:

How to make Coke out of 7 Up.

Jérôme Petit says:

Brown color ==> low temperature oxydation of sugar (sugar + OH- ==> caramel +H2O)

Chris Fox says:

Bootleg indicator.

Zero Dawn says:

Infrared spectroscopy?

Andy B says:

“not product placement”

csaba szucs says:


(Your hair goes funny too 🙂

Ernest Low says:

2:48 nice choice of words professor.”1 up” in a 7 up video

Your Friendly Satanist says:

This. Was. 100%. Paid. For.

Searinox Navras says:

Speaking of Lithium and 7, since Lithium-7 + 1 neutron -> Helium-3 + Tritium + 1 neutron, why can we not make Li7 reactors with chain fission reactions?

Dark Helmet says:

It’s not product placement but it is free advertising.

Praise Worship says:

7Up contained lithium citrate rather than pure lithium.

Adriano Seresi says:

“Natural lemon and lime flavour, whatever that is…”

brofessor brett says:

Could it be some sort of birch reduction? Except with Sprite instead of ammonia?

At says:

Cancer cells cannot flourish in alkaline environments.

Stefan Reich says:

Man… the times when there were *real drugs* in sodas.

ElectriSkull Gaming says:

I bet your Aspartame I love this video.

Naman Khilrani says:

Why does Neil look so much like Till Lindemann from Rammstein?

Colonel Walter E. says:

A colleague of Professor Denzil Dexter?

Brian Gerich says:

I wonder what would happen if someone were to mix lithium potassium and sodium metals together. They all are soft reactive metals right? What would it become?

Sean Wilkerson says:

*It would be a shame if Martyn was completely alka-lying to me!*

jmitterii2 says:

I need to know the Ph of this stuff.
Quick! Get me some 7Up and a stick of lithium!

Michael Campbell says:

The professor is never wrong


very interesting reactions thank you:)

Sieverts says:

The Professor is never wrong…

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