An analogue performance mixer that completes your volca setup. More about volca mix at: http://www.korg.com/volca_mix/

volca mix is the long-awaited mixer for the volca series. The volca mix is a four-channel analogue performance mixer that lets you construct a live setup combining multiple volca units.

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VlinderZwaan says:


Chad Little says:

Korg Modular?

NEOREV says:

So much space wasted on useless speakers. Remove them and up the channels.

Spastmatiker says:

all you guys had to do was to include basic effects, so the live volca stuff doesnt sound so dry all the time. maybe even a recording feature, sou you can create songs. but this can be replaced by a 30€ 4 channel mixer… sad, since i looked forward to something like this.

Meltdown says:

hahahaha what a joke please KORG there more volca also please do something better than this shity mixer really… i feel like have 3 volume fader make a mixer… what a big joke look at The Vixen Mixe

Dino Goldie says:

Korg have had literally YEARS to produce a Volca mixer and this is the bes they can do? I feel it’s more than a bit snide of Korg to have timed the release of the Volca Mix to coincide with that of the crowdfunded Vixen. Where’s the Volca vocoder, wavetable synth and the umpteen other devices Volca users have higher on their wishlist than this cheapo mixer?

Tony G says:

I think these are awesome but I do have a question. It’s a 4+2 input mixer dedicated to Volcas but why does it only provides power for 3? What am I missing? Okay that was 2 questions 🙂

oleg fare says:


Rommel Markt says:

is this a joke? the Vixen Mixer had 8 channels and 8 power outputs for Volca’s

Daragh Rice says:

Only three channels, with six Volcas, no thanks

Tappa Tappa says:

All you have to do is buy 2 volca mixers , then it would be 6 channels

Jon Posadny says:

if it had cue monitoring I would be slightly interested but it has worthless speakers instead 🙁

the analogue music city says:

This is a sad day korg making a mixer to small for the volca 6

Dino Bajramovic says:

best volca performance ive ever heard holy fuck

BestMasterpiece says:


Heathcliff says:

I’m not a Volca user but wouldn’t it be better to just buy a 4 channel dj mixer?

Impersonating Resplendent says:

I like that it has immediate volumes & mutes – on most analogue mixers these features are buried deep in the menu. Great performance feature, very welcome.

Jake says:

Very underwhelming. Speakers, are you f*ing serious? So much wasted space that could have been used better. I’m fine with it being 3 channel and I love the filters instead of EQ but speakers. They could have done something really interesting and innovative like incorporating the touch effects from the Volca Kick or something. Also it doesn’t feel like a volca because it has round buttons and why not headphone cue FFS. I will probably still buy it though :'( …I hate you.

Jonas Krogsbøll Nielsen says:

The decision to not include battery power support is to me very hard to understand.

huidu laurentiu says:

a fucking bad joke korg ….

ArtFluids says:

I want to hear more of the analog stereoizer. I’m wondering if it’s anything like a Dimension D.

sprunging for voltage says:

get this instead: https://youtu.be/y5idY_u9DeQ 8 channels, 8 power ports for volcas, 2 aux sends with stereo returns. KVgear Vixen Mixer for the win.

bob Benzoate Ostylezene Bicarbonate says:


Marc the Darc says:

Hey, they made room for 2 built in speakers! That’s what all you Volca users wanted, right?
Really shows Korg being Korg. What an utterly pathetic joke.

Tyrone Shoelacez says:

garbage like all volca’s

Irrational Culture says:


G says:

Finally korg listened to the forums this is like Christmas!!!

HeroBrinkman says:

3 channels omg, you can get a 15 dollar Behringer mixer to do this

Daan Dobber says:

lol, he needs two mixers in the demo because it doesn’t have enough channels

Xavier Gilles says:

Vixen KV Gear do it so much better
Korg, you’re dying

roman13rooms says:

Too many cables, as for me… And only 3 channels 🙁

Tempo Element says:

Whoa it powers 3 Volcas. Very nice.

Виталий К says:

How to pre-listen to the channel?

奏者Naa says:


Dave Knights says:

At last!

Rum Ham says:

Too little too late Korg. You could have spent all this time making this thing something special, like a mixer with a volca-style sequencer for volume, pan and fx send. You could also have mutes and fx on/off per step for cool rhythmic effect and motion sequence for the parameters. 4 total channels, no panning and shitty built-in speakers robbing space for more useful stuff, this thing just reeks of poor, hasteful design decisions. The Vixen eats this thing for breakfast.

RuhrMensch 66 says:

You actually invested in making a video for marketing this turd? Where’s the Volca Wave?

Enoch Dark says:

Cute but I’d need to aquire a 3rd Volca to make use of all 3 channels… Also, why not use right angle plugs?

jerville1 says:

Ok now where’s the volca wave(table)?

Mokker's stuff says:

Wonder how this piece of kit (rhymes with) was received at NAMM 2018………..

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