JBL SRX 815p Powered Speaker Review

VLOG 266 – JBL SRX 815p Powered Speaker Review

-SRX: https://amzn.to/2QrcAqJ
-Avante: https://amzn.to/2OA7uek
-PVX P 12″: http://amzn.to/2yItUCG
-PVX P 15″: http://amzn.to/2kQzxZF
-PVX Sub: http://amzn.to/2ghZcsC
-JBL PRX715: http://amzn.to/2itiABR
-JBL PRX712: http://amzn.to/2hDW1t1
-JBL PRX718XFL: http://amzn.to/2l1tzmP

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-PV 10 AT Mixer: http://amzn.to/2zlGNQh
-JBL PRX715: http://amzn.to/2itiABR
-JBL PRX712: http://amzn.to/2hDW1t1
-JBL PRX718XFL: http://amzn.to/2l1tzmP

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Pedro Villegas says:

Great vídeo Bayardo yo uso las QSC K12.2 y beta 3

Joseph Waciira says:

Cheap Covers? C’mon JBL should do better than that.

Arturo Sanchez says:

You are a idiot coming from a dj from 35 years

James Dietrich says:

Awesome video Bro. Very in depth review, thank you. Just like DJ Rick Web and yourself, I plan on purchasing a set of JBL SRX 815p for my tops and purchasing JBL VRX 918sp 18″ for my subs. That sucks about the speaker covers Bro. I hope when I purchase mine they don’t come like that. Have you purchased the dual 18″ subs? If so, could you do a review on them by themselves and with your JBL SRXp 18’s? Love your videos Bro.

Joe Cobby vlogs says:

What deck do you think will be good for starter person

Ray Rosario says:

If you do a top 5 speakers used for mobile dj QSC might win. I wanted to buy JBL but what stop me from buying it was that they never go to dj trade shows. Not Namm nor Dj Expo nor mobile beat. So I could never get a real sound test and talk to the real pros about it.

MCF Entertainment says:

I use (2) JBL PRX815W. They are amazing for the price.

Khalid Favors says:

You should have bought the dual 18 for your larger events

Richard Moral says:

nice demo,,, thank you,,

rudycorraudio says:

Are you seriously 4’10?

Tony Silva says:

DJ Barr, your JBLs are definitely are great speakers.  However, you should really consider using lighter tops and a sub/s.  It’s all about longevity.  You are young and have many years of the business ahead of you.  Lighten you load today, and I promise your back will thank you in the future!  Trust me, I have been a mobile dj for over 30 years.  I’m not saying get rid of them, just have another option to choose from depending on you particular gig.  Most of my mobiles I use 2 QSC’s K10s and 1 KW181 sub. I’m sure you can build a similar system using JBLs. Keep up the good work.


I just went with the EV ETX 15P, top EV line, these are also heavyyy, I used to carry 35 pound speakers, now I need help placing these on the tripods, I love my ETXs

DJ Eighty8 says:

Currently rocking the with 2 x Alto 312 speakers. 2000 w peak and they are pretty good. Loud and holding up well so far. Covered to at least 500 students so far

DjTomOfficial says:

2x EV zlx 12p and 1x EV Ekx 18sp. I love this speakers

Newjersey d'rumba says:

yoo as un video explicando que son los watts , que son los decibeles , la diferencia entre speakers como esos y los line array speakers /// podrías explicar cual es la mejor posición para los speakers en un hall segun su tamaño // si tienes un evento de 100 personas q speakers recomiendas , si tienes una de 300 personas a mas que speakers serian ,,,yo tengo los DAS vantec 20A,,

Cameron Lockett says:

good bass sound on the speakers

DJ LostNFound says:

I love rockin with my BOSE L1 Model ll line array speakers. I can do a party of 500 with one portable speaker. I’ve gotten a lot of compliments on the clarity of sound. I’d put them up against JBLs any day.

DjSweet Lou says:

Qsc sound is too harsh. All you Qsc fan boys crank up your K-12’s and you will hear what im talking about. ..Once you increase the volume on Jbl’s the highs are very spiky at around 2.5k and is very uncomfortable to the ear. I use the Rcf tt22a tops. Nice crisp highs at high volume. Just my opinion tho’….

Dj ALL N' says:

Bassboss got me sold…Next QSC KW series

DJODMATIC stockton ca. says:

Mackie SRM 650 HERE. i can not compare them to any other speakers but so far they work for me, and let JBL get a hold of the SCAM THEY AREPULLING ON DJ BARR and they will contact you and give some freebies for you to highlight because as of right now a lot of DJs are talking about the speaker cover SCAM from JBL

icsu says:

JBL DOES NOT worth the money. RCF is much better bang for the buck

DJ Smoov says:

upgraded to JBL 2 SRX 815p & 2 828 best speaker investment I have ever made and the sound is amazing.. Ive been a big QSC guy for the past 6-7yrs but I highly recommend the SRX series great buy!!!

Shocase says:

I have to admit, I was dissappointed with the sounds of the SRX tops, the subs sound great. But the tops didn’t make my top 5. Either way good luck and enjoy!

Alex Perez says:

Max output is 137 dB not 103 dB. lol

Eddie Acosta says:

4 Qsc K 12’s & 2 Qsc Kw 181’s Lightweight & Great Sound That’s All I Need. Don’t Need To Carry Heavy Ass Speakers My Back Can’t Take It.

Average Joe says:

For $800 I better get 2 certificates

DagwoodMMA says:

DJ’s, pro sound reinforcement techs, pro studio recording engineers & home studio recording of the 90’s-2000’s+ era have no point reference anymore to what true high quality professional audio is. Almost ‘all’ so-called advancements in pro audio in that period like: active powered cabinets/mega lighter weight-teeny-fragile Class D internal power amplifiers/plastic horns/light weight plastic speaker enclosure… have ALL severly sacrificed audio quality for CONVENIENCE & crazy cheap all-in-one jack of all trades/master of none speakers. Unfortunately this is 90%+ of all live pro audio in field out there today. The only real exceptions are the FEW large concert touring rigs still using non-powered top-tier touring wooden enclosure speakers, along with big/REAL/very heavy/huge power transformer/no flimsy little IC boards-power amps in huge heavy racks.

When you use plastic to manufacture speaker enclosures & horns, no matter how good the components you put in them… they will sound like plastic realitive to a solid wood speaker cabinets, and much more dense metal tweeter horns.

When you use a 2lb Class D power amp with teeny plastic enclosed mini power transformers like in ALL powered speakers today… your gonna get teeny-tinny-low dynamic range-super compressed/limited-lifeless/harsh high end/thin low end speakers. Simple as that. It’s physics. And, I ain’t even gonna get into how degraged your original “fax machined” audio source 320kbs mp3 (1/10th: carity/fullness/files-size/resolution of a 1985 CD sampled at 44,100kbps… think what that does with your video files 240p-360p-480p-720p-1080p-4K… Yikes!) coverted D/A to your analog xlr L-R then sent into another “fax machine” DSP mixer on your pwered speaker. Yikes!

Any DJ mp3 software >> older analog Denon or Pioneer mixer >> older mid low-mid priced QSC/Crown/even Yorkville power amp >> older unpowered low-mid priced EV/JBL/even Yorville… will blow away any ‘relative’ all in one powered box today. And, do it with much lower power rated Class A, Class AB, or Mosfet 20yr old power amplifiers without the fake power ratings like today… where they say you can get a 2000W or 2400W powered speaker performing at high levels from a 15A 120V wall circuit only capable of 1400-1500W of power with blowing a breaker. LOL!

William Ortiz says:

I Purchase a Pair of JBL SRX 815P These speaker are really heavy on the Bass. I’ve used these with out a Sub and they handle really well. Deeper bass then QSC’s and they haven’t clip on me like the QSC have.

Dj Jay Book says:

Man You are coming up over there Barr!!! I’m Digging the New Speakers Bro!!

Mike Stasinopoulos says:

Hi DJ Barr my name is Mike I’m a radio DJ and a Mobile DJ too I have subscribed to your channel for some good fun

Jason Rankin says:

I went with the QSC K12.2, I love the size, weight and look. The JBL’s sound sweet but they are too bulky and heavy for my taste and needs

Jay Allen says:

Very honest review – you did a great job!
Being a Pro myself and gigging a lot, I chose the PRX over the SRX.
I chose the PRX over the comparable EV, QSC, and Mackie too.
Not on “specs”, but I took them out and ran them through the ringer.
I use a ULTRADRIVE DCX2496LE for everything and I do not use the built in DSP.
I use white noise to EQ for the room.
Both JBL’s performed better than the others (true story).
The difference “LIVE” between the PRX and SRX was minimal, but the SRX was better.
This coming from a diehard, Cerwin Vega, passive guy.
Unlike others on YouTube, you gave a true review and not just how to wash speaker cables!

iibgf1 says:

I’ve heard negative quality control comments from jbl and that is primarily why I do not purchase jbl products, I’ll stick to QSC professionals until they mess up with me

Bhavin DholiFifty Hirani says:

We’ve been using 2 SRX835P and they are definitely the best speakers I’ve ever heard. Use them alongside 2 SRX828SP and the tops definitely overpower the subs. Only thing i think sound better then these are the RCF HDL20 linearray system with yhe RCF 8006 subs

MrCamz28 says:

Just sow it your self easy fix for the speaker covers. Now for the heavy speakers you need to hit the gym brotha it will work. I been carrying heavy speakers since 1998 by my self and I was in jr high back then but I always have lift weights sure I am not a body builder but working out helps you to lift heavy stuff. Good review though.

DJActionVasquez says:

i stay electro-voice. but yeah those jbl’s sound very nice, with a natural sound stage

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