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taxivid says:

whos watching in 2018

Matt Thomas says:

ik’s site says its $99, amazon is $74, Musicians friend is also $74.  I can get this same device from a local shop for $72!

Not only this is for iOS but android as well too, anything with a headphone jack…
I am going to use this with bossjock studio for iPhone and iPad

Kevin Saunderson says:

I WIL show u this mixer but cant mix doh silly boy

Michael Iver says:

Can I use the cross-fade control as a left-right two-channel balance control pre-amp into my integrated amplifier which does not have a balance control?  I would run a signal from my DAC’s RCA outputs, left to the channel-1 and right to the channel-2.

Eagle Dan says:

check with other DJ before complaining the 1/4″ headphone jack.

Juan Pablo Morales says:

It’s only compatible with the iRig’s app or also with other apps

Matt Halpain says:

neat product, I don’t plan on getting one though.

ThatViralVideo says:

When you connected to your computer what happened exactly? I’d like to buy this to mix sound from my laptop and websites with my mic into an iPhone app

izop134 says:

Hey Folks, check out your local Radio Shack..the shack is going out of business (not sure if nation wide) and have some pretty good deals. The iRig Mix is around $60 in my area.

Ranxerox575 says:

Now enabled for Androids. This mean you can have 2 cheap touchable pads each side. For me this is much more professional to navigate through your tons on songs ar applying fx rather than navigate using a single knob or bringing PCs to your gig as you would in DVS sessions.

leaf879 says:

Got that new iMac yaaaaaa!?!?!

Paul Wilson says:

It’s cheap plastic crap with rotten pre-amps.
Buy a Focusrite or even an Alesis and save yourself an earache..
There are lots of units on the market that are far superior in performance at not much more money. 
I bought one. Big mistake.
It’s a “bedroom studio” sort of device.

Mishri Lal Gautam says:

hello how we can buy this product and what’s the prise in Indian currency.

Rais Khan says:

Thanks really appreciate

Chock chip ching says:

Hey guys my name is Eric….. Bla bla bla today I am reviewing the irig mic cast? That is an irig mix

Hemi Paul says:

“cee you ee” lol…

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