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iRig™ MIX is the first mobile mixer for iPhone, iPod touch or iPad devices. iRig MIX offers the same controls you would expect from a professional DJ mixer (crossfader, cues, EQ and volume controls, etc.) in an ultra-compact mobile mixer that can be used with a huge variety of iOS DJ mixing and other apps.

DJ Rig™ is a full-featured, double-deck DJ mixing app for iPhone. DJ Rig provides instant song play from the device’s music library, tempo sync, sample-based pads, performance recording and an arsenal of high-quality DJ effects. Together with iRig™ MIX, DJ Rig is the most portable, pro-quality setup for mobile DJs and musicians.

iRig MIX allows regular DJ-ing using two iOS device but also just one device on its two separate channels (using apps that split out to mono signals). Additionally — as seen for the first time on any DJ mixer – it can be used for mixing any type of audio sources (coming from mp3 players, CD players, etc.) with an iOS device using automatic tempo matching and beat synching thanks to its X-Sync feature when used with the DJ Rig app from IK Multimedia.

• 2 stereo inputs with gain, bass, treble and volume controls, independent cue on each channel with LED indication and channel crossfader
• Instrument/microphone/extra input with volume control can be processed by iOS apps (such as AmpliTube, VocaLive)
• Stereo output with RCA connectors, master level and LED meters
• High quality, pristine sound
• Quality headphone output for master or cue monitoring with independent volume control
• Input switch splits Input 1 into dual-mono for use with DJ mixing apps on a single iOS device
• “X-Sync” mode allows auto-sync with any audio source using the included DJ Rig free app
• Can also be powered with battery packs and mobile chargers
• Includes 4 free apps: DJ Rig, AmpliTube, VocaLive, GrooveMaker


ikmultimedia says:

@anjonjp You can plug iRig Mic into iRig Mix, actually. Good news!

Keith Poplet says:

May I sing along with  a song that is playing on myi phone and hear my voice as I am singing?

Chris Sparks says:

So you cant hook up XLR to this??

ikmultimedia says:

Nope. You can even see AmpliTube in the still shot on the video and in it. 🙂

blazoned reverie says:

Would this work for running Mp3 or Wav file backing tracks through a PA system, while running a separate Mp3 of our songs click tracks to in ear monitors from an iPod touch? Would the backing track that the audience hears be synced up with the click tracks in our drummers ears? If it would work properly for that, I’ll be buying this immediately!

Andrew Jones Productions says:

…interesting product. But, what about the iRig Mic? I am guessing that connecting that to a iDevice and then using the headphones as a line out to the mixer would work? Would have been nice to have had an extra mic port for the iRig Mic. It’s a very nice, good mic and such a shame that you haven’t included that option to increase its versatility.

Ranxerox575 says:

I see in your website iRig Mix can also be used with Android. My intention is to:

1.Pre-cue/ listen to one channel while other is out and do the oposite with the other channel for the next song. Is it possible?

2. Use two tablets with latest Android version for point one. Is it possible?

Please let me know. Thanks.

Jorge Leonardo Alvarez Quintero says:

Dj Rig app someday be compatible with android?

Mar M says:

is it compatible with Cross DJ iPod Touch Version?

ikmultimedia says:

iRig Mix is and the DJ Rig App is only on the iTunes store.

TOGxFTW says:

Does it work with Djay 2? I WILL BUY TODAY IF IT DOES!

ikmultimedia says:

@coolsphinx64 DJ Rig will be in the App Store soon.

Colin Oddy says:

Is it possible to do this, please?:
1. Record to an Apple MacBook
2. a 2 person pod cast using 2 individual microphones (with 6.5mm RCA plugs)
3. Have the ability to live mix under the microphones sound effects or music

Sergiu Barancean says:

is it possible to connect two irig mic hd for 2 vocals and ipad with vocalive to process the sound? It’s about using 2 mics and 1 ios device. Thanks

Andrew Jones Productions says:

@ikmultimedia Excellent!! That truly is good news. I happily stand corrected! Good job on this!!

Romeo Riojas says:

Is it only compatible wit da DJ rig app??

JoPBeatZ says:

Can i put in the two stereo outputs once my 3.5 mm beats by dre and my big rokkit boxes? so that i can pre listen with my headphones, and the music comes out of the boxes?

ikmultimedia says:

This is an analog mixer so you can use other devices too!

Tom Vereecke says:

Does the mic input have a preamp?

gustavo garcia says:

hey where can i buy the IRIG MIX

Indigo DeviLLe says:

Just bought it last night. And I haven’t unboxed it. Looking forward to try it with my iPhone.

ikmultimedia says:

As soon as Google updates Android with low latency audio IK will start releasing more apps on Android devices.

MrMegnez says:

How would one record vocals and guitar in two separate inputs?

pij lkn says:

Can I use this mixer as a line in recorder? Example plug in a CD player to the mixer and record the sound in the iPhone using FIRe2 app?

ikmultimedia says:

It is an analog mixer so you can use it with almost any audio sources.

Jeff Requina - #WeDontStop says:

will it also work when connected to a laptop running amplitube and plugged the guitar into channel 3… will it still output in the speaker with the guitar effects in it?

coolsphinx64 says:

i cant find it in the app store !?!?!?!!?!?

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