How to use the Cuisinart “Mix it In” ICE-45 Soft Serve Ice Cream Maker

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For less than $100 you can make soft serve ice cream at home!

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scotty10211 says:

I just wanna put some boxed ice cream in it…

Rachel Magowan says:

I have the cuisinart gelataria machine and I prefer to make custard base ice cream. It’s a little more work but it’s so much better, creamer and richer. Heat cream, milk and vanilla beans. Mix egg yolks and sugar and vanilla extract. 1/4 cup at a time whisk the hot cream/milk into the eggs to temper them (slowly bring up their temp or they will scramble) Mix together and then heat until thick. Cool overnight then pour into machine. It’s totally worth the extra time and work if you want real ice cream shop style ice cream.

Julie Duteau says:


Daliah Marie says:

That doesn’t look good coming out lol

ZestySauze says:

I just take store bough ice cream, put a blow dryer to it for like 30 seconds and keep mixing it. Boom. Soft serve

Carolina Veliz says:

Deberian tambn tenerlo en español que rabia

Aurelius74 says:

It doesn’t turn to butter if you overmix ice cream base – it simply becomes very thick – too thick to dispense as soft serve.

Carol Marra says:

ive been looking at utube videos for an ice cream maker for my grandkids . this is cute but it has a lot if bad reviews. also…. the ice cream looks like the machine is pooping. which is prob the only entertainment my grandkids will get out of it.

Yesenia Solis says:

Sorry It kind of looks like a waste of money, not what i expected.

Henry Hoffinheimer says:

Pointless..much better buying a tub of ice cream and whatever mix ins you want..this thing is far from convenient

DAVID veilleux says:

If you want soft serve just make ice cream and give it an hour in the freezer. Before it completely hardens it will have a texture that is similar to soft serve. I use Ghirardhelli chocolate in mine. Bars not chips. The chips are inferior. It’s a lot more expensive than store bought ($10 if you don’t already have any of the ingredients on hand) but it is VASTLY superior.

Everybody should try Homemade ice cream at least once before they die. I recommend a book called The Perfect Scoop. It has a ton of great ice cream recipes.

asuka0yua says:


OPBarb Barb says:

So how much ice cream does a full tub make?

PhylicaLogan says:

doesn’t look appetizing of all ice creams why chocolate? it is good but this doesn’t look good.Great kitchen super clean maybe you need to get into interior design.

Coronalite59 says:

I just buy ice cream in the carton, let it melt a bit and then whip it with a spoon in a cup or bowl. Much easier and I get whatever flavor I want

Jerome Segard says:

just pour some choco milk with two cups of cream

Caroline Kuo says:

Thank you for showing us it doesn’t work.. dispensing broken

Jorja Belle says:

Thanks for posting this because me and my cousins were trying to use it but we couldn’t figure it out.

ishan singh says:

does the bowl come with this

Briton Wells says:

Lol this looks like a legit terrible product.

RockyMtn Hiker says:

The ice cream looks very grainy and not smooth and creamy. According to the experts, you cannot make true soft service (like DQ) with any “home” machine.

Jesse says:

That one churn bucket to feed one person no need for a machine

Larry M says:

Reminds me of when my little dog takes a shit.

Vicki Stokes says:

I would prefer for the machine to stop once the ice cream reaches the right consistency.

Aeonboom says:

That’s a lot of work for a tiny bit of icecream…

And we all know you spilt the chocolate on your fingers on purpose. We know!

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