How to Use an Audio Mixer Board Tutorial Mixing

The ins and outs of the music mixing board are covered thoroughly in this video. From the XLR input, line input, equalizers, to high pass filters, auxiliary sends/returns, sub mix busses and stereo pan pots. Learn more audio recording basics in our Recording Music 101 Playlist:

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Alexander Nachalnichki says:

Hello Adam, excuse me for a simple and perhaps stupid question, but I was wondering if those mixers really do their job. Few days ago I talked to a bass guitar player about how to achieve better audio quality (although I do not play on instruments I only record my voice). Few months ago I started using audio interface M-Track Plus MKII and my rode M2 mic, you’ve helped me with it once if you remember, that interface is sth for me honestly because before I only had a cell phone (btw you can listen to audio quality of my songs on my channel to judge it). Anyways he told me that I should try to use mixer, and as I understood from his words it will help me with distortion, high pitch voice and so on. Even if so, even if I can use it for better settings of volume and things that I mentioned, what should I do with my audio interface ? Should I connect interface to PC and to mixer or just to use mixer instead of interface, and basically how does it work? Because I am really confused. Can I actually achieve pro audio quality, just like in studio ? I was thinking about mixer like this one I have watched your video and it is great but I just need to know few of more simple things. Thank you, sorry for annoyingly long text.

Gun Slinger says:

Awesome instructional video, bro!! It’s helped me tremendously in setting up my mixer to record to my PC!! Thanks, dude!!

Azazel Raiden says:

Nice camera upgrade


hw tht mixer so naste


what exactly is phantom
power tho ?

RmvEnt says:

So if I use a mixer for studio recording I can’t have individual multi-tracks of each of my inputs in my DAW? How is this convenient?

alfred sanchez says:

when you are shutting off the mixer you said shut off the speaker first then lower your gain the adjust the equalizer then lower the volume. what happens after you shut off the speakers and then the mixer but don’t do the other thing that you requested just leave everything as you lifted can you damage the mixer like that

danmickla says:

TRS “phone” plugs (although 1/4″ TRS is a much more common term to me). “phono” is RCA.

Verdan says:

2 things.
1. Do i need to use the interface. Could i just go microphone into mixer, then mixer into PC?
2(1).If i can, what cables would i need?
2(2).If i cant, whats a good cheap audio interface, and what cables would i need?

md shanto says:

stop your mouth

Migwel Swanchez says:

can i do this with a usb mixer says:

You can learn even more things about recording here:

BlazertronGames says:

These things looks soooo complicated!

RavenMadd9 says:

thank you for lesson

Qushawn Stokes says:

So will I still have to use my interface or is this my inter and mixing?

blood lord says:

I think most mic pre’s are mono on audio interface. A while ago I tried putting stereo left and right into my M-track line inputs and was still in mono. Haven’t tried it on Apollo Twin though. Found this post on gear slutz about stereo inputs for audio interface when trying to find out what i was doing wrong back then.

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