How to Mix Saltwater with Coral Pro Salt Review- Red Sea Refractometer

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In this coralfish12g video I will explain everything you need to know about mixing saltwater for your reef aquarium. Water changes are inevitable in this hobby and you need to do them to have a thriving reef ecosystem. Chances are that your sick of buying clean saltwater from your fish store and want to start making your own to save money. Well, this process isn’t difficult and I’ll show you how to do it, with tips so that you can be successful. Some include using RO/DI water, using Coral Pro Salt from Red Sea and using a refractometer.



Thumbs up i’m just starting my first salt Water tank today

shawn craib says:

I just bought the red sea refractometer and salt yesterday so your advice was perfect timing thanks keep up the good tips.

MrJuneski69 says:

thank you so much

Hakan Ozdemir says:

Hi George. thank you for the video. i should say that I have found when I purchase RODI water from my local aquatics they read at 48PPm. this is not good but they have said it wont cause any problems. till now I have done a few changes and I cant get the Nitrite levels to hit Zero. could this be the cause

Foyez Ali says:

how much salt for a litre would i mix??

Jake Carpenter says:

great videos b the way.  But I have always had a question on my mind when I watch your videos.  Does the Red Sea company pay you to talk about them like that all the time.  I noticed the Res Sea Tshirt this time.  Great info

Michael C says:

I  wonder if you are a U2 fan??

Alessandro Ferraioli says:

sono un acquariolifilio da 20 anni nell’anbito marino e sono un biologo marino

wombraider091 says:

Great Video George, I also use Reef Crystals and im not having a lot of success with all of my Corals.. I think i’ll switch, Thanks again.
Oh also myRODI water Produces at a constant 003. What are your thoughts on that? is it usable?

TasteThe Rambo says:

love this salt as well, great vid keep up the good work!

chrisd925 says:

Does that brand salt expire or can I make large batches at once?

Avinash Kumar says:

Which salt should I use – instant ocean sea salt or coral pro salt

Binder Harald says:

Hello there, you forgot to mention that it is essential to have the water at 25 degrees. I mean, you mention it but i didn’t saw that you did it actually. And another thing, regarding the two hours maximum to wait for the salt mixing with the water, red sea don’t mention that anywhere…
great tank btw 😉

Joe Meza says:

how long can you store saltwater??

The Mighty Wissassin says:

I imagine you will as im sure its a sponsor you have a shirt for it lol jesus

Dennis Younger says:

And just how do you know Red Sea can back up all their claims?   YOU CANT Kid.

basicallyiplaygames , says:

Can I get water that purified and the add the salt water I hear lots of people do it

Tiny budgie says:

Did you mean Red Sea salt or Red Sea coral prop salt not to mix for more then 2 hours

Robert Parker says:

A lot of reviews on Amazon for the Red Sea Seawater refractometer say the same thing, it will not hold or remain calibrated no matter what. I am due for a new one and since I switched to the RSCPS I thought I would get theirs. Have you had or seen any issues with calibration on yours? If so did you replace it, with what? Thanks

Alessandro Ferraioli says:

i speak italian

MrJuneski69 says:

how many cups should i add in a 30 gallon brute to fill my 75 g tank

PRFishGirl says:

I’m using reef crystals and was wondering about Red Sea salt.. Would like to make that switch also..

Pam Konen says:

I’ve just been buying my saltwater from local fish store, is this ok to “top off my tank also? or will the alkalinity get to high??

john rome bernal says:

I have a fowlr tank but my method of water change is different.I only siphon the 10% of salt water in my tank and then I pour the dechlorinated water(without salt).I have no problem with my salinity 1.022

Deon 0026 says:

So the mix water won’t be heated to your tank water wow that’s scary

Calvin Alba says:

wtf ha just watch a video of you explaining but you where younger and i but this video and your voice is all thick, how many years u been making videos bro?

Uhohhotdog Gaming says:

How the fuck are nutrients going to “evaporate”?

Atragichope1 says:

I have a 40 gallon Nuvo Fusion and I like to do 20% changes every 2 weeks. Is it okay to use this and rely on the Red Sea Coral Pro salt mix as sufficient supply of calcium alkalinity and magnesium when mixed to 1.025?

Help Reef says:

hello Friend tedo well, I’m from Brazil and I have a program on facebook and youtube channel so as I’m your one months with videos, oq think of doing something together seila an exchange of information, show your channel! if you want to take a look 

Help Reef this and my channel!

hesh goodman says:

For a 5 gal water change. How much of the red sea salt would I Need to put in there

T Bissonnette says:

I’ve never heard about using recently mixed salt water within 2 hours? Is this information on their product instructions? I see all over you tube where people store water for much longer???

Diana says:

1+ Subscriber here!
I have been thinking about getting my own aquarium and your tips have been really helpful!

noah shaw says:

What is the best salinity level for soft corals,mushrooms and zoas?

יהודה דהן says:

My tank 1.028

ryanjofre says:

I’m pretty sure that this salt and every salt from Red Sea is made form evaporated Red Sea water. Normally I would scoff(to use a biblical term) at something like that because of legitimate fear of water contamination from dead sea substances but ALAS……………..This salt gets amazing reviews even among the Elite and snobs!!
It’s made in Israel and I’m happy to support them. I think I’m gonna try this stuff out some day soon. 

Sports Land says:

Can I buy water from the store instead of tap to make salt water?

Eric Pan says:

Where did you get that Red Sea Shirt?

Ricky 2410 says:

how do you calibrate yours.

pokemaster 87 says:

omg im geting a salt aquarium what are top 5 anemonies for beginners

1knightstand007 says:

Best way to test salinity is a refractometer.swing arm is unreliable.

Adam Glen says:

Great vid. Always looking to see how other reefers, do it and get some tips. Why if you mix the salt for longer than 2 hours do the elements precipitate out. If they can precipitate out in your mixing bucket, then why can’t they precipitate out in your tank. 

martin moreno says:

How much salt per gallon

Javier Washington says:

can i use natural sea salt (with no iodine) instead of aquarium salt?

TheFishTank Doc. says:

Great video as always!!. I normaly mix the salt by hand till it is dissolved (this should only take two mins). Then coreect the salinity adding more salt if needed. If you wait 2 hours before testing, then do you wait 2 hours every time you add more salt. Once I have the right salinity. I then leave it for two hours to make sure all the trace elements are dissolved (trace elements don’t effect the salinity). and check the salinity again, just to make sure.
There is no right or wong when it comes to mixing salt, but for me it is just easier.

FaLLenStormyGod says:

i have a question, im using a hydrometer that is floating in the water, it reads now 1 bar above the green color, do i need to change water and how many? and when i prepare the water which i think is my tank has less salt do i need to make a mixture of a little bit higher salt reading on the mixture so it will equalize the low salt in the tank? And if i have excessyou said that i can store the mixture for a month so if you covered the container ther will be no evaporation of minerals wc is im basing on the 2hr tip, do need a agitation of the water in the stored water all ready mix?

Tony Goose says:

Red Sea Coral pro is an ok salt but I Think HW Marin Reefer salt could be the best …Do a review on it..

Roberto Rodriguez says:

This is one of the best tutorials thanks! Question…how many cups of sea salt for 5 gallons?

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