How To Mix a 3-Part Hydroponics Nutrient Solution

In under three minutes we show you how to mix a three-part hydroponic nutrient solution using the General Hydroponics Flora Series Advanced Nutrient System. To comment on this video and for tons of grow tips and advice, visit


Crabi Lena says:

Great instructions! Thank you!!!

kiem truong says:

they should colorize the nutrients.

asamusicdude says:

Wow Everest before he discovered cofee

`Charly Brannon says:

Thank you

Mithu Miah says:

Sir we can use this one galon solution any volume of normal water. When I understand next solution required for seed.

José Salvador Vargas Martínez says:

Hola Everest! I just enjoy a lot watching your videos over and over again… Thank you for this great info! So, going back to growing, basically we adjust first the nutrient solution based on EC and then after PH, right? I have this problem that after getting down my PH with phosphoric acid, EC goes up more than needed. What should I do or check? Also I have noticed that the roots of my lettuce became like brown color 🙁 does this has to do with high EC levels?

Hog Master says:

I have a question? When the seed sprouts what kind and when should it be used to water I have the 3 step system just not sure what to use thanks

GamingHorizon x says:

You said you keep it for 14-21 days but I thought every week you had to make a different solution

L00zCan0n5 says:

What if I have 1 plant how much solution should I use?

juicyjumbler says:

once again, thank you so much Everest, I put my entire(pathetically small) legion of growers to your social media outlets.

jerome sabourin says:

Currently using the hard water micro as in the vid as its well water, R0 is not an option due to high wastage of h20. How do you know when hardwater micro is to be used? Should cal/mag supplementation be only used with R0 water?

My water tests at PH 8.9
PPM(500) 298

Calcium 2.77 mg/L
Magnesium .10 mg/L

Daniel Ocampo says:

how much nutrients of flora do I put in a 1 gallon plant and the plant only has the 2 first leafs before the 3 leafs

Carlos Gallardo says:

why not take care of the PH before you mix the nutrient solution? then you don’t have to dilute it and worry about damaging your nutrients.

BigDogg805 S says:

hello i have kind of a dumb question, idk whether my plants are cuttings and seedlings, or vegative general purpose yet??? please please help first timer here

Farseer1995 says:

Hey Everest! As always great videos! Keep up the good work.

I have a question though, can I use the GHE Flora Series with pH regulators of another company? To be specific, Plagron.
Thank you for you time.

Anthony A says:

We need that pH adjuster to lower or raise it?! I read somewhere that you could add Baking Soda or Vinegar to make it go up or down. What da fuccccccccck

The SkyClasher says:

Hello Where can you buy Hydroponics ( Flora Series )

sebastian b says:

Should I feed my plant with the nutrient solution water every time or should I alternate with that and water ph to 6.0

Тима Щокин says:

такими же пропорциями добавлять и в землю ?

schpicasso says:

I would like to know aprx the yield of cherry-tomato or tomato per 3 Liters of Flora/ 1L Grow/ 1L Micro/ 1L Blom – or what ever info regarding yield ratio to 1 Liter of Flora fertilizer.
Thank you in advance to anyone (Y)

Skurken Affe says:

A quick question ive been grumbling about for anyone that can answear it, ive got both bloom and gro but not the floramicro. Would it damage my plants if i used these two without the micro or should i be okey? Thanks in advance!

Will Martins says:

I have soil peeps r putting down my flora pack pick they r good for soil too i want good tasting budds bout to start lil imput guys?!!

6 teeth says:

-5 for music.
+8 for vid.

First Last says:

its cute that you purposely spoke slowly in this video for all the pot heads lmao

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