How I Mix My Advanced Nutrients Big Bud,Bud Candy, Flowering Nutrients complete Grow Series Part 20

21 AND OLDER PLEASE! This Ch is being filmed and grown in the state of Oregon. I set this How to Grow Weed easy ch. Because at one time I had nobody to turn to and had no idea where to start when it comes to growing cannabis plants. These videos are intended for anybody with an open mind to grow cannabis on your own. I Believe simple is better and less stress you put on your plants the bigger and better they will harvest. I’m still learning to this day and also believe your mistakes are more valuable then you think as long as we stay positive and Grow Grow Grow Peace!


AsiA I. says:

RighT oN Brainy Smurf’

Bigpharmasux says:

Thanks for great message- I use my ad nutes the exact same way 5 mil 5mil- 7mil last wk… our govt knows that’s why they have the only patent on cannabis as a medical drug. But they make more $$$ keeping you sick but well enough to drain your bank act. B4 you die a horrific death!!! Cannabis cured my Tourette’s syndrome so FUCK ANYONE WHO SAYS THERE IS NO MEDICINAL VALUE- I used to walk around shaking my head and blinking like a mad man and it started at age 10-14 until I stared smoking herb. Didn’t put two and two together until I went to rehab for opiates that the shaking head/blinking eyes came back with avengenve and started blazing and wishing a few days….GONE!!! – drs had me on xanax/ value/ klonopin- I was a zombie

mike rotch says:

jay when you say tap water with chlorine ? or do you mean flouride ? and if you leave it for 24hrs lid off is that good enough ?

alexis white says:

Damn go organic dude

alfred torres says:

What did your plants look like at the end with those nutrients?

Baz s says:

Dude iv an auto thats 9to10 weeks old no sign flowering and advertized harvest at 9 weeks they just keep growing its bigger than the discription said it whould grow anybody got some help???

Kiyomi Heinrich says:

more of an army green is 65!! that looks more like 60!

Sean Lamotte says:

Keep up the great videos man, the world can be ignorant.

jay castro says:

Thank you this video was so helpful.

Mr WeedEspacial says:

En cuanto debe estar el PH ?

Mario Cedeño Guerrero says:

Great video.. Thank you..

Diego Hernandez says:

This video is so useful.

Life Aficionado says:

5:54 shitty editing, lol. “marijuana is up there with cocaine and heroin.”


amazing message
will be forwarded

Nordic Viking Grower says:

Your plant need magnesium

Rev_80 M says:

That’s true I know engineers that puff….hahah for sure..

Mr and Mrs Dabs says:

Love the vids bro check mine out let me know how I did

Helldpdigr says:

Hey Jay —–I love your positive message! Outstanding and I couldn’t have said it better myself!

Lithuanian GLOCK31_NH420 says:

You must have lots of buffers in your water… 3ml of ph!!!.. one med drop in a gallon and it puts my ph a whole number up or down.

west denver says:

Thanks much love

Bootymonster 101 says:

Yes brother we need to show the world that weed isn’t a drug

Mark Ebner says:

Dude you answered my question I’ve been growing for years, I just started to use AN and I was searching to see if I needed a base nutrient when using bud candy and big bud, and then you pop up with the pro blend which I use lol nice video and beautiful lady’s you got there.


just going back to review some older videos just to get all the original and then fast forward to see how they’ve changed…always something new ..but CalMag seems to always sticks around…love the new grows..much

Dr Dank says:

Chloramine does not evaporate. If it’s in the water you need to filter it.

Billy Pahdocony says:

5:23 Preach Brotha Preach !

Billy Pahdocony says:

Preach Brother Preach 5:23

Barber Loco says:

Ay smart guy, your thumb probably changes that pH level

Bootymonster 101 says:

Thank you this helped me so much

Leandro Garcia says:

It’s Cuz Our government is old aF 73 and older smh

jack off says:

Question did u mix all the nutrients together? Or was it different days?

Pretty Sure says:

Lol adding ph adjuster after nutrients is a MAJOR FAIL.. you just created a precipitate and locked put ceryain nutrients.. see that cloudyness in the nutrients after you add the ph up? Dude you dont know what your doing.. lucky for you weed is so forgiving!!

zeon morrow says:

Hey NWJ, hope you’re doing well. I’ve finished watching all your vids and am currently looking into which nutrients I would like to try out in my upcoming grow. I noticed you were using botanicare (pure blend pro) instead of other nuts by advanced nutrients. Would you recommend the pure blend pro or bud ignitor and overdrive by advanced nutrients. They claim on their website the four work very well together. Would like to hear your thoughts. Happy growing 😀

Jesus Armendariz says:

Hey bro iam a rokie can you be my teacher can you call me bro Thanks

Cannas Garden says:

i would like you to try feeding without phing your feeding

Power Home remodeling says:

How often do you feed them?

cleophus jones says:

Your vids are very educational, and you talk of educating people and mention the gubment, I ask, PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, stop saying marawanna,
I can’t speak spanish,

Pretty Sure says:

Lol its literally overpriced watered down EPSOM SALT.. yall need to start reading and using your heads cuz your getting FLEECED

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