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DJ decks I use in all my videos DDJ SX2:
My Favourite Budget DJ Decks DDJ SB3:
The Headphones I use for DJing- amazing for ear protection:
My Favourite Headphones for everyday use:
Speakers I use at home for practising and DJ’ing:
DJ Booth in video / Perfect for bedroom/gigs:
The computer I take DJing and edit vids on:
Cables I use:

CAMERA I use for shooting my videos and photography:
Lens I use for my videos:
The microphone I use for awesome audio:
Tripod/Selfie stick I use everywhere:
Lighting I use in my videos:
Uplighters in my video (background lighting):
Mic for recording sound:

In this tutorial, you are going to have your first DJ lesson. If you are new and searching for a beginner DJ lesson, then I can help. I will teach you all about hot cues, loading songs and generally what everything on the DJ decks do. If you have never used DJ decks before then, this can be your first DJ lesson!


Vedant Bhatt says:

How can we use other effects like band pass, gate , double beat, band stop, reverb etc

Pclalnunhlima Da Great says:

This is really helpful. But I got a quick question. Do we have to plug a laptop in? coz I only have a phone and I’m still a student

9 Tailed savage says:

whats a good software?

Garv Vaish says:

software in laptop??????? which is the software controlling your deck

Samuel Rofail says:

what is this dj software ??

juanrsando says:

Thank you, really needed this video!!

Osadeba Smith Smith says:

I Love you bro i realy enjoy this one

1MT Rock says:

simple tutorial for beginner, thanks for it bro

Shankh Jaiswal says:

Grt video thnx man

Ja'Shaun Delaney says:

Excellent, Concise, straightforwarr! Great Tutorial!

J C says:

That’s a Nice Toy ! Where did you get it, from Toys”R”us ?

ARK says:

Wow daniel radcliffe good at djing as well! <3

Jernej Selak says:

Thank you for this tutorial. It helps me a lot.

Rikuwaves says:

Super helpful, thank you<3

underland says:

thank you u are a big help

वसीम चौधरी says:

Choudhary vaseem

Sam Kim says:

That makes a lot of sense. Thank you bro.

Sean Lee says:

Thanks! I’m just 12 years old and I was trying to master DJ so…. this was so helpful!

Connor Lewis says:

I make my own EDM songs but don’t know how to DJ. Thanks for the video

Vaku Zaku says:

Very good tutorial

Chris Tobin says:

God Bless you man! This is just what I needed!!!

Szymon Tomalik says:

I mean if I were the person at your door i would leave like 10 times already

Søren Kruse says:

What is the program on your Macbook called?
BTW very good video❤️

Simon S says:

Thanks for your info

Sai Hishobkar says:

The best basic tutorial ❤

Fukuro says:

I played dj hero 2 a few years ago. Do i qualify as a dj?

Bozorgmehr says:

I really appreciate and grateful for your video man. That was the problem I actually had surfing YouTube to learn Djing. I couldn’t find someone talking exactly the basics step by step. All videos consider you may know things, the philosophy behind. Not only subscribed but surely Im gonna buy your course. Cheers

MrIntercoolers says:

Thank you!

Austin Hernandez says:

Out of curiosity, I was wondering how these machines work and this completely de-mistyfied all the knobs and buttons. This device now looks very straight forward and simple. Thanks for the great video!

The Marching Elite Music and Arts says:

This Video was so HELPFUL!! Thanks so much!!!

Gabriella baudille says:

You are a legend for making this video thank you!

Daniel Wright says:

You should have said “pun intended” after you said “Applies across the board”


Can you isolate the drums fully or only partly? Like, would you be able to isolate the drums from an actual base? They would both be lows, wouldn’t they?

Clive Eo says:

I found this really helpful thanks a lot man

JOSHG526 says:

thank you, very helpful

Turquoise Bookings says:

Such a great video

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