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A stand mixer is one of the most expensive appliances in your kitchen, so it had better do it all—from whipping a single egg white to kneading thick pizza dough. What’s the best stand mixer? We ordered nine models, priced from nearly $230 to a jaw-dropping $849, to find out which one performed best in our stand mixer review.

Products tested (listed alphabetically) to find the best stand mixers:
Bosch Universal Plus Mixer
Breville Scraper Mixer Pro
Cuisinart 5.5 Quart Stand Mixer
Cuisinart 7.0 Quart 12-Speed Stand Mixer
KitchenAid Classic Plus Series 4.5-Quart Tilt-Head Stand Mixer
KitchenAid Pro Line Series 7-Qt Bowl Lift Stand Mixer
KitchenAid Professional 600 Series 6-Quart Bowl-Lift Stand Mixer
Vollrath 7-Quart Countertop Commercial Mixer
Waring Commercial Professional 7-Quart Stand Mixer

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_KittyKat says:

She looks like the girl who always calls Sheldon “Dumbass” in TBBT

Jim McGeary says:

I too had to rebuild my 7qt pro. I have a 33 year old 4.5 qt version that works great but the newer larger one can’t keep up. I am disappointed that KitchenAid has gone lost it’s commitment to quality that it used to be known for. And when I called KitchenAid customer service they were unfazed that a 3yr old mixer (that is used sparingly) needs to be rebuilt already. Seems that that is acceptable and expected of them. Another old standard falls to the wayside. I will not ever buy a new KitchedAid but I do keep an eye out at estate sales and on line for the older ones.

Melbnolan says:

Why no Kenwood?


1.) this sounds a lot like an advertisement for Kitchenaid 2.) Where is the Kenwood and the Ankarsrum models (these are two highly respected stand mixers, and they should have been included.

dudi klein says:

How much did kitchen aid pay for this “ad”

Renee Westgarth says:

I thought the woman looked very similar to Leslie Winkle from TBBT.

Cin Hus says:

I just bought this Pro 7qt. Kitchen Aid and love the fact that I can make two loaves of bread at one time! I considered a couple of others but after seeing this review I’m glad I bought this one! Thanks for such a great review, even though it’s been 5 years!

steve reist says:

My family have the base model Kitchenaid from the 70’s. Has been used heavily. Still works perfectly. We also have the other winner from the 80’s. Again, used heavily, again still works perfectly.

Jane Renee says:

kitchenaid has a paddle with double scraper. it’s awesome! the best thing about kitchenaid is every attachment for the power hub will fit every kitchenaid ever made.

Carolina De La Ossa says:

Do a video on hand mixers!

Bhatt Hole says:

Great video…..brought to you by KitchenAid.

Yusuf Aslanyurek says:

I’ve used kitchenaid artisan for two years. then I started to use eincorn flour and its was too hard for kitchenaid to mix it properly. so I molded the dough by hand last few months. I bought Ankarsrum week ago and I’m so sad why I didn’t knew about it earlier. it’s just like hand made dough. there is nothing no compare, but if you do the ankarsrum is totally higher class.

Roger didit says:

I have the bestest, cheapest, most reliable mixer in the world.. My wife.

Fullpattern says:

I wish these reviews would test pasta attachments

Phillip Mulligan says:

KitchenAid Ultra Power stand mixer. Official stand mixer of Muppets Swedish Chef kitchens.

Elephant Grass says:

This video was more of a “confirmation” video than review. That’s the best selling stand mixer in almost every market. It was like watching Sea Biscuit Mixers compete…. except always losing.

morehn says:

Marking down a 7 qt. mixer because it couldn’t reach 1 egg seems a little silly to me

Jenny Melisa says:

What about The kenwood Cooking Chef?

Selky says:

Suggestion/request – do a video comparing the cheaper stand mixers ($40 – $120) and how well they stack up to your top pick in this video.

I ordered a Cheftronic 4 quart one for $70 and can’t wait to use it. As much as I want the proud and true Kitchen Aid stand mixer, I just started my baking hobby. Maybe in a few years lol

Tariq Ali says:

This is a very insightful and helpful video. Thank you, now I know which mixer I am definitely getting.

K sparkle Kellection says:

Thank you so much

katta says:

Test kitchen has done functional review. Here is an engineering review by AvE. I wonder if they took the machine apart to see which one was built better. Does the winner has plastic gear or powder metal gears or machines gears ?

Chagit Shmargad says:

Do you know if you also tested the 8 qt by KitchenAid or was 7 Proline the largest you tested? I’m trying to do my homework. Please advise. Thank you.

Traci Storey says:

I know this was done a few years ago but I just happened to come across it today and wanted to share my experience. I definitely do not agree with this review. I have owned a small cake business, going through countless Kitchenaid stand mixers for over 20 years. I even started saving money aside in a special account as it seemed as if I was needing to buy a new mixer almost yearly (always after the warranty had run out, of course!) and it was really starting to add up! At one point I became a product tester for KA stand mixers when I called customer service to complain when yet another one of my KA mixer gears stripped after only a few months of normal use. ( I was beginning to wonder what was wrong with my frosting recipe ! I mean, it’s just butter and sugar here people! If a mixer can’t handle that, what can it handle?! ) Ironically, KA was testing a new gear mechanism for their stand mixers. I spent the next year putting a Pro series mixer through it’s paces and giving them feedback. At the end of the year, for my time and effort, I was able to keep the mixer I had been testing. Less than 6 months later…you guessed it, the new and “improved” gear mechanism…stripped, just like all the others and I was right back to where I started. At that point, I was done with Kitchen aid stand mixers. Now don’t get me wrong, I have a KA hand mixer that I have had for years and love…but when it comes to their stand mixers, I have found KA to be severely lacking.
After some research into product reviews, chef/professional cook preferences and repair comparisons, among other criteria, I purchased and have used a Cuisinart 7 qt stand mixer for 5 years now. One…the same one for over 5 years! It may not be perfect for everyone but it is a workhorse with no signs of slowing down.
I’m interested in learning more about other(mainly non-american) appliances that I’ve seen mentioned in these comments. I wish we could see an updated, more inclusive, less seemingly biased review of the stand mixers available to us today.
If you’re in the market for a stand mixer, do your homework. Know what is important to you. Only you can choose what will or will not be a deal breaker. One thing I’m certain of, Kitchen Aid is not the answer to my stand mixer needs.

Adora Tsang says:

But in a Test Kitchen book published the same year as this video, it recommends Cuisinart 5.5 quart stand mixer. I’m confused.

Kim Workman says:

What was your choice for best hand mixer

NI W says:

Bosch Universal Plus? Mine can out-perform any of these without the burning motor smell! Kneads four loaves of bread at once, efficient attachments for whipping, cookie dough, grinding meat are available — and an auxiliary blender is standard. An easy-to-clean work-horse of wonderful dimensions, the Universal Plus has a great design for adding ingredients without the splashing or flour-spray. You’ve missed the boat!

Mojo Stone says:

This lady has saved me a lot of money and from a lot of disappointment and frustration. I have a toaster oven, mixer, blender, cookware and knives based on her reviews. I am happy with all. I have watched countless kitchen videos on Utube. She is by far my favorite.

Craig Rhoads says:

I love this woman! So smart and informative!

gina farducci says:

I still use my Ronco Food-Matic pop-up mixer (from 1973). I also have a Kitchen-Aid 4 1/2 qt. It’s 25 years old and runs like new.

Vivienne Pierce says:

How does the Hobart N50 stack up?

Steven Rogers says:

549$ lol no thanx, i can get one for 50$ and it will do the same job. Unless you a professional don’t waste your time with the pro

Mary Riley says:

Thank you for the comparisons. It means a lot when you are about to invest considerable money, and often the manufacturers over praise their mixers so you aren’t getting a real comparison.

Amanda Schulz says:

So the classic over the artisan? What’s the advantage of tilt head over bowl lift. I just opened my artisan and went straight to making my pizza dough and the thing bounced all over the place. That can be right.

Garr1ck says:

Hi there! I LOVE your reviews. That being said, I found this one very, very strange. One of the most famous stand mixers on the planet is made by Kenwood. Would you please tell me why you didn’t include it in this review video?

CaliforniaLove says:

I don’t necessarily just go out and buy everything ATK recommends in these videos, but of the kitchen items I actually do need, i definitely get the ATK-recommended products. I have yet to be disappointed.

mbajsel says:

I wonder how much sponsorships by these companies reflect the enthusiasm for a product in their reviews. Hopefully not too much to recommend us a terrible product.

mrunmoy samal says:

loved this review – no beating around the bush and wasting time – right to the point!

FlyBaby says:

I have has the basic Kitchenaid for over 20 years and running. Sure I wish it had more capacity but for most tasks it’s great. When it’s time I might get the bigger model. They have had a long time to perfect this device. I have purchased the atachment I would use most often, the meat grinder/ sausage stuffer. That thing is great. Why buy ground pork? Pork butt is cheap.

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