Epoxy Resin – Uses and how to mix.

How to video on uses of epoxy resin and mixing instructions. www.fiberglasswarehouse.com


Caroline Green says:

Overview: #Epoxy agarose resin is an activated resin provided in dry form for the immobilization of protein ligands for affinity chromatography. It is used when high densities of low molecular weight molecules need to be attached. It is also useful when a conversion to other special functional groups is required prior to ligand immobilization. For instance, its hydrazide form is very useful for carbohydrates or glycoprotein ligands.

-Creative BioMart

Mohammedyasar Shaikh says:

Are you talking temperature in Fahrenheit unit or…?

Stalin S says:

Where can I get this epoxy resin ?

Integra DIY says:

I don’t understand.. why can’t you use it with chopped strand mat?

Jhs Ptsa says:

Why do you state that epoxy resin is not compatible with cropped strand fiberglass?

blend kuqi says:

Nice video. I have a question, I am wondering if the epoxy resin for carbon fiber is the same with epoxy resin for wood coating. Are they the same component A and different component B or both A and B different components?

Shyam Pathak says:


Pornpot Pongsiwasathit says:

Nice video Thank you, I have a question, How to clean uncure mixed epoxy properly?

shadow run says:

if i mix resni from the tube, and epoxy.. the tube, what will happen?

nikhil gangula says:

I used epoxy to fill gaps in wood and after half an hour, it got brokenup like glass peaces may I know why?

Jerry Aaron says:

Is it •C or •F?

Amer Jamel says:

Mixing ratio of resin and proxide and mixing time

Raymond Budon says:

i use 1:1 ratio on my epoxy resin as directed. stir it well like for 3 minutes. pour it on my carbon fiber for a second layer but after a minute, some surface didnt covered by resin. its like the surface being contaminated by some oil or wax that it cant cover. why did this happened?

Tithuipou Kamei says:

77° 60° what kind of degree are you talking about?? Celcius or Fahrenheit??

Theany Ham says:

Where can I buy it?

Samantha Hannon says:

Can i use play-duo as a mould for my resin. Or will it stick to it. Thanks love ur video

Mania Jutt says:

How many brands of epoxy resin can find in market?

MUSLIMIYE Marsum says:

i just wondering, during epoxy mixing we need use spatula stainless steel or aiskrim stick (like in video)?

Mania Jutt says:

Which brand of epoxy resin is best for wood work and floor work?

Aravind sankar says:

does Epoxy resin sticks with aluminum sheet?

rinki shah says:

why do my rain drys White?

lupus corde says:

Is it normal for it to get hot and to smell

Mania Jutt says:

Ratio of epoxy for floor ?

Maggie M says:

I am making/buying Barbie dishes. I would like to embellish them. As well as creat my own. Can I just brush the resin on the existing dishes to make them shiner?

Surendra spark says:

In which store that resin was available?
Actually i don’t know what was resin?

Raven Eyes says:

Is it safe to eat from if I make dinner plate and drinking glass out of resin?

charitha ileperuma says:

how much epoxy resin should i apply on each layer of my fiber glass cloth ? its a 10 layer sample.. 1inch by 1 inch

nixland says:

in this pdf article, on table on page 5, they said the downside of epoxy resin is health hazard, while polyester is just strong odor. Does it mean epoxy is more dangerous when it’s fume inhaled?

Aerobic Guru ji says:

What is real name apoxy resin use molding

Mania Jutt says:

What should be perfect ratio for both wood work and floor it should be 2 and 1 or 2,2

Angie’sartstudio 2019 says:

Thx very informative ❤️

ArtResin says:

Good simple clear video!

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