Dropmix Review with the Game Boy Geek

My review of this game that blends the technology of Rock Band and the analog playing of card games by Harmonix. Play cards that mix different pieces of popular music together. Play in a freestyle mixing mode, a party real-time cooperative mode, or a clash head to head or team vs team mode.

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BoardGame Doctor says:

Great review Dan. I just picked up the game yesterday as a Christmas present for the kids (50% off at BestBuy). Also could not resist the Mirrors, Ouroboros and Astro playlist. (Minor spoiler: the Astro special hidden card will appeal to sci-fi geeks!). The only minor concern I would mention relates to the lack of ac adapter and the likely cycling of batteries. There are some mods online to DYI an ac adapter so it won’t be huge deal. Lastly, there is a great reddit link for those wanting to track their card collection: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/13TjEBCW5Wv4xJgGVXGV7PfVNAuc3D07ADE-694NH1Ig/edit?usp=sharing. I have been watching your videos since you started posting and this is the first time I have commented (crazy it took a non-‘traditional’-boardgame 🙂 Keep up the awesome work!

Rik77 says:

Looks fun but the game doesn’t really make any use of the actual music. The music seems incidental to the gameplay. It reminds me of a Wii game.

Dalmatinac3 says:

Blah, phones and board games. Not into it.

bigguy1028 says:

If you like saxophones, you might like a certain Baffler card that will be available in one of the two next Playlist packs

Kure M. says:

I absolutely loved DJ Hero from Activision and this looks so amazing.

Leonardo Teixeira says:

Cool game. I was waiting for a saxophone remix with the game at the end.

Freddie Duran says:

It’s cool, but it’s a money grabber. There’s Soooo much music out there that the many expansions to come will probably be priced at 10-20 bucks a deck because I can’t imagine them just selling little packs. It’s all interesting but I feel board game tech isn’t advance enough to pull something off like this in a futuristic way that would satisfy real producers and DJs.

Steven Alfieri says:

Dan, do you think you could play a freestyle version where you go up against another person and you each draw a number of cards, maybe 10 or 15, and then each of you has to create a beat song from your given cards to try to create the best song possible. Then the other players not in the duel at the table could be judges of who created the best beat and listen to each one and at the end point wherewolf style to who is victorious and then play to a certain point total

Leonardo Teixeira says:

Dan, how can I find which ones are exclusive and where?

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