Dope Tech: Custom LED Clock!

A connected pixel clock with an app for custom control!
LaMetric TIME clock:
Krystal Key’s Video:

Video Gear I use:



Kboxy says:

It hurts my eyes

Privileged White Male says:

$200 for that? no thanks

David Gleason says:

This is actually perfect to replace my old wedge shaped cheep Chinese Wood Clock that is a gigantic pain in the ass to reset and switch through functions. Gonna throw that garbage away right now as I wait for this one to arrive. Good looking out MKBHD. Just what I needed.

Dank Memes says:

mix this with a bose speaker and a price drop and you have empty shelves

George Porter says:

if anyone is watching this in the uk at the moment on amazon it has gone down to £110

Brazord says:

Love the clock, love the video 😀

Levi Rauff says:

Love a short tech video like this 🙂 make more!

J3TPILOT1991 says:

was expecting $30-$40 or maybe a few $ more, but $200. Might just stick to nothing until these are all over the place and cheaper but quality brands too….

Neo says:

too expensive

Experimental 2. says:

I like these quick hitters

thenextone77 says:

as i’m about to click the link to buy, marques reveals its $200……truuu

Tim Fuzail says:

Why not stick a $50 tablet to a wall?

looopandlooop says:

I like these quick one hitters.

Hari S says:

Definitely yes…


Hey MKBHD love your channel and specially the dope tech videos keep up the good work and nd pls make more dope tech videos…peace..✌️

Andrew Kim says:

love it

Matthew Lanning says:

Wolfgang Gartner!!

AfroLouie, [Tech Reviewer/Gamer] says:

Great video I’ll definitely be getting one just for the YouTube subscriber count

madeinhawaii says:

yep more short clips

Jariel Jimenez says:

Here’s an idea. This exact same clock, but with Amazon Alexa built in.

Braŭljo says:

Can you fully customize the units for the weather app such as kelvins for temperature and meters per second for wind speed? Also can the clock be set to Unix time?

Yaani Mani says:

1:24 why were you focused on the cable of the clock?

Usiel Gonçalves says:

My nigga!!I like your from Africa

oran shetrit says:

200? for what? the pixels are made of gold or something?

Aaliyan The YouTuber says:

That’s so cool

LeevMyNameOut says:

I decided to pick this up after getting it discounted to $150.

bitblt says:

Very cool little smart clock. If it can be had for under $100, it’s a winner.

Jack Elliott says:


/r/waffletv says:

I was like, hey that would be cool *clicks link.. sees price*

Iron Man says:

Your watch name plese

LugiaMCG says:

i have $200 spare then i saw my subscriber counts…=(

Shawn Myrelle says:

MKBHD has all tech in that room but fails to use an iron.

tairece says:

Why would they make them soooooo expensive, I would love one but not for that price

c0pyimitati0n says:

Man… I’ve been looking for something like this, but not at $200! If we could be at around $100, i’d be all in.

Oscar Jeans says:

Love your dope tech videos!

Mudit Saxena says:

into track?

Darrell Barrett says:

Cool video… What’s the maximum number of YouTube subscribers that it will count to? 9,999,999?

Gary Guillory says:

luv the quick vids

Myfs says:

Lol 200 thats a rip

Gokul Manohar says:

Yup v like….

Bivhab M says:

why is it $20

Nicholas Jackson says:

do more

TheZimmer5500 says:

Anyone knows a budget version of this thing? Really like it but this one is WAY too expensive

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