DJ with your iPhone, iPad, or Android with iRig Mix. Real Cue Monitoring!

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Mauricio got a chance to talk to DJ Chad Vicious at CES 2012. Chad demoed IK Multimedia’s iRig MIX!

iRig MIX is the first mobile mixer for iPhone, iPod touch or iPad devices. iRig MIX offers the same controls you would expect from a professional DJ mixer (crossfader, cues, EQ and volume controls, etc.) in an ultra-compact mobile mixer that can be used with a huge variety of iOS DJ mixing and other apps.

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The Zapper says:


karate boi says:

This is actually a review that i really enjoy,

eleven38 says:

for bedroom dj’s pnly, this device running your shitty low quality 128 mp3s on a big system, real dj’s play wavs

RoboAddy says:

Does this work with the app “djay” on one iDevice?

Thomas Jaynes says:

so you buy, two $500 iPads and a $100 mixer. total you are looking at over 1k before taxes. or you could save $400 and buy like DDJ-SX or even an NS7 and be able to do more without looking like a total tool.

AppJudgment says:

@hmarkvitz if you’re talking about the practicality of owning two iPads, I agree. But this is a $100 device to take advantage of gear you may already have.

Terre Kantone says:

****Question***** Why buy this when u can just get the DJay Software & the Griffin Cue cable (come out $60 cheaper)? #IJS

AppJudgment says:

@RoboAddy Yep!

AppJudgment says:

@GamersCorporation Nope, keep in mind this works with ANY audio in. could be an iPhone and iPad. Could be an iPod and a cd player. could be a cdj and a… keytar… I dunno, you choose.

John Smith says:

Comment seems legit.

JuanyJuanes says:

If your serious about DJing I would buy a better mixer by pioneer or native instruments. I learned on a imix and the sound was average to poor quality

contact1araya says:

how come the irig guitar is not advertised as an Android product…I havent bought one just because of that, it is only advertised as an Apple product.

GamersCorporation says:

The issue is…you need two iPads.

meksaldi says:

Nice but, you have some cheap thing who we can reMix music?

Michael Hartmann says:

lol, nice toy!

xROCKxi says:

Can someone tell the chubby guy he looks like an idiot with his hat crooked?

Harry Palmer says:

No, you can use any thing that plays music so like an ipod, iphone, CD player, CDJ etc.

wes008 says:

I want one of these so badly

a97985 says:

if it works irig mix on my tablet icoo d50(android)?

Flobbies says:


D.L. Hwan says:

Can I use my macbook for this too??

P Evo says:

or ipad and iphone 🙂

petre cen says:

why all the hip hp dj’s are fat ?? :

Josh Gledhill says:

I am sure this mix was done at the Porter Robinson and Zedd Live Stream at Beatport about 9 months ago, He’s a Cheat!!!!!!!!

MarsidNuho says:

Eventually the iPad screen is going to break down with DJ VICOUSE tapping it like that.

kaotical24 says:

I’m a chubby dude too, but I’ll never wear a tight shirt, let alone a retarded looking shirt, POSER

mikekickz says:


AppJudgment says:

@kaotical24 DJ Chad Vicious. Vegas DJ. He’s legit. What makes you think he’s not a real DJ?

D.L. Hwan says:

Im buying this, no matter what

chillvillman says:

the main title says it has android to?



Leon Tang says:


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