DJ Tips: How to record your DJ Mixes (Reloop Tape Review)

VLOG 215 – DJ Tips: How to record your DJ Mixes (Reloop Tape Review) | DJ Tips and Tricks on Recording a DJ Mix | How to make a mix tape

JK Pro Audio:

Reloop tape is an easy and secure digital recording device with the retro design of the beloved mixtape. With the TAPE, there are only 3 basic steps:

Step 1. Connect your USB drive. Step
Step 2. Connect your mixer and input cable. Step
Step 3. Press the Record button.

And that”s it. The beauty of TAPE is that your mixes are recorded in digital MP3 format straight onto a USB drive. There”s no need to burn the recording – you can simply pass it on to friends or feed it directly to your media player.

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VJ Joe Lewis says:

Kind of disappointed that it does not support SD’s. I also think you need ways to control levels externally from the device. It’s a clean record. It’s not for me,, it’s not gonna replace my Tascam recorders, but it’s a great device for a redundancy or if you want something really non evasive.

Raul Treviño says:

I can just record off serator and it catches my mic line too.

L A B says:

That effect is crazy..what is it called..We want to…

Turner Music says:

He aiint going to tell y’all about that effect; it’s a popular sample in the New York City club scene. Pretty hard to come by…. you can try to make your own but I’m positive you ain’t going to find that exact copy.

DJ Nate Hawaii says:

Listening to live mixes…a scary but necessary place none of us want to go but need to in order to take things to the next level. Why? We hear all of our mistakes even when others don’t.

Shawn Itwaru says:

Yea Barr that Caribbean music

DJ Brandon says:

I think that’s a pretty cool device! yea i can do the same in the software but!!!!!!! i do agree that it put’s more stress on your laptop. Pretty cool! Tell you Homie to send me one lol

Isaac G says:

It’s a cool because it’s nostalgic but for that price you can get a nicer audio recorder with a digital display and built in microphone. Then use it for recording sets and use it for filming as well.

DJ METRO says:

Barr what’s up what the name of the promo remix track u play in beginning of your vlog?


I just use my ua22 or h4n but I like that its compact I usually use a table phone or laptop.

Juan Pachanga says:

Yes home mixes are different then actual gig mixes. Like you said the pressure, plus the energy from the crowd fules your mind.

Michael Mazur says:

Damn. 100+. I use a Recordio Shake. $30. But I def like the clip led, start n stop button and the fact you can switch out usb sticks. This would be good for karaoke too…or miserable. LOL.

Dj Sirr Sparkx says:


daniel morales says:

What’s the first intro song you played??

MarxSound Audio Services says:

I still got a box of classic cassette mixtapes of NY DJ’s from high school in the 90’s!: Capri, Clue, DooWop Juice, DNice, on and on!
-lol, along with my sports games my Dad recorder on a big ass VHS camcorder….ahhh, the good ‘ol days of analog technology!

Ryan Stephenson says:

DJ Barr, I love your videos, always excited to watch your latest uploads. Shoutout all the way from South Africa – DJ7R

djBOB 365 says:

aw…Barr. did you get zoned?

José Luis Venta says:

Dude. Where did you get that “Welcome To Jamrock” sample?

sgv 1978 says:

Nice video thanks for the review.

DJ Dynablend says:

Yo Barr, giveaway??

High Tide Entertainment USA says:

Ha! Excellent discription of a cassette. Mix tapes were the sh!t.

C Sanchez says:

Very nice, I’m going to pick one up. The Damion Marley, “on the street they call it murder”. Where is that from or what’s it called with the long effect at the end?

Yescas Alfonso says:

yes, huge difference when recording live at an event or home session. dope stuff

Joe Chalmers says:

Reloop… what a company. I just recently switched to reloop for my controller. Have you heard of the Mixon 4 by Reloop. It works with Algoriddim, Serato, VDJ and traktor. It’s like a universal controller. Works on iPad, iPhone, Android, windows, Mac!

viirusone says:

L! Dj SUBPARR, Welcome to 5 years ago.

Elliot Negron says:


DJ Tony Beats says:

Great little device.

DJ Brandon says:


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