DJ Ravine’s XDJ-RX2 Mix from Pioneer DJ Japan

Went to visit Pioneer DJ Japan’s offices in Tokyo and they had one of these babies to play around with. Pity I only got a few hours with it so I couldn’t review it then but it’ll happen in two or three weeks.

For more details on the XDJ-RX2 –



alexander alvarado says:

amazing how you mixing

Coyote_ chuck says:

well good mate

Daniel Oliver says:

can you play some decent music whilst reviewing it?

Emmanuelle Rc jet says:

It’s not really he have the music playing in background

CyberPixl Music says:

*_7:06_**_ omg I also included that version in one of my mixes once_*
Gotta love some Eiffel 65 <33

Johnny Apostal says:

Nice skills… but doesnt anyone beatmix anymore?

Piper Mandoo says:

It´s too much of everything. I like u as a person, u do great, but DJ:ing, you have lot to learn. You destroy the songs when you use the effects all the times. A good DJ can beatmixing without stupied effects.

I hope you learn how to mix for real, if not, come to Sweden, i will teatch you for free 🙂 Sorry for my bad english.

alex alex says:

Наушники для слабаков

Guilherme Rodrigues says:

muito bom irmão!


the most terrible music selection, i`ve ever heard. Sorry but i`m ready to kill myslef because of someone presents that kind of music to people

Carlos Rushsen says:

che y con música como la gente como sonara ??

Jaider Campo says:

Eres una bestia….. tocas como los dioses dios bendiga tu talento

LucyDeejay says:

Nice mix dude

Brian Caudill says:

hey man , i think you gave a great demonstration on the XDJ-RX2, and i am excited to get it. Not really into old school happy hardcore but HEY , to each their own. I think you killed it on the set. thank you very much 😉

jonnylaris says:

Do I think your mix is skillfull? Yes.. Would I listen to it?.. Nope. Hate the way EDM is going 🙁

A MAX J says:

Can u make a tutorial video based on mixing. please

Matti Pesälä says:

Subscribe me!


Wow!, that’s so good workstation!! Congrats @djravine

Josh Parmeley says:

Im slightly annoyed that they couldn’t give you a proper set of demo monitors…. unbalanced rca is dookey sauce.

TRNQUL says:

Lol he jumps BPMs like it’s nothing to mix.


AAAAA Y ESA MIXER ES DE 100,OOO LA PUEDO VER ??????? ponte los audifonos  es mas credible …..

Jack Trade says:

My advice is to chill it on the color effects or turn the resonance down a bit. Other than that, sick mix man!

Naddo Monteiro 300 Elements says:


lex Tr3 says:

FX send & return per channel before fx would have been a must! pionneer common! and not even a third channel for external third deck? and i hope the dacs are top next to 2000nexus

James Robertson says:

sync mode – activate

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