DJ Cuppy Turntable Session

Cuppy lets us in on a turntable jam session as she rocks and shows her DJ skills on the turntables at a rooftop!


Dj Kellie says:

You are killing the Tunes,it great to know how you mixx,, Cuppy you are good trust me my sister,keep it up kk

Sonia Anastasia says:

Timing is definitely off with some song transitions and needs more practice especially when you scratch, when in doubt play it safe and just perfect the simple patterns of scratching with the crossfader. Otherwise good job and it you looked like you had lots of fun

daniel Aj says:

… she’s not a dj yet, she’s an MC right now

Jase Allenson says:

Love seeing a female dj. Keep doing your thing.


Love the Vibes!

sandile ntshangase says:

On all these comments, nobody noted that she is gorgeous, yo!

Top Speed says:

Well, it’s been a couple years. You got a new Vid!?!? Premixes are nervous.

Sikira Akpereta says:

I feel she’s doing great

spetsnaz rs says:


Dj G9 says:

I liked it. Don’t shoot her down, we were all rookies at some point.

TyterBanks says:

This Shit Sucks… was ready recorded and she is just mimicing

NEW DJ WAXXY Lib Music Promotor says:

Good y me in Liberia

spelld2011 says:

Obviously some of you guys don’t recognize cross fader curves. I see earlier complaints of the fader not all the way over, she’s too slow, so n so is better….but are YOU BETTER?.. and who ever said us DJ’s have a speed anyway. Deejaying is the love of music and ones on expression. I’m from the old school and been a DJ over 25 yrs…I grew up with DJ Magic Mike out of Orlando Florida and was best friends in high school with DJ Tony Touch. Known personally the likes of BeatMaster Clay D, MC Boo, Prince Raheem and others….so I’ve done the game back and forth and have a platform to stand on. Half you guys can’t even afford the equipment she has…yet you talk about her lacking…REAL DJs do not put down other DJs…if you prefer to do so that is why we have DJ battles….quit running your mouth and step up to bat. I can tell you this….at her present state she is just as good if not better than Spinderrella was at the top of her game. That was Salt n Pepas DJ if you don’t know your history. Baby girl.. do your thang and never ever let haters get in your way…..Darrin Spell… the real DJ Mo Bass… Miami aka the Bottom

Golden Boy says:

DJ SARA makes her look like kids play….Get back to us when you got something REALLY worth listening too!!!

Kings glory Pro says:

Good Job Cuppy

Starboy Gerald says:

the crossfader is not screeching with turn table

Thomas Capone says:

This chick is wack

Lea Delume says:

Level moutard

Noise CTRL says:

Fake as F. Look from 1:25 to 1:40 when she turn the crossfader all the way left you can still hear the beat

prettyboysweet says:


Jassy World Entertainment says:

Cuppy dont listen to the haters. They took the time to type so u stirred some kind of emotion in em. Just focus on constructive criticism. You do what you love cause you love it. People with no passion will always look for whats bad instead of pointing out whats good. Stay focused mami and keep doing you. Bless

Philip Charles says:

She’ll get better with time, music selection is cool just needs some work .. gotta start somewhere

Chuckberry30 says:

FYI. Through the technology of dj software ie hot cues. You don’t need head phones for a rehearsed dj set. I only use head phone when i haven’t set hot cues for brand new music that I don’t now the structure of the song. Given the fact that her timing is slightly off, i doubt that this is already premixed. She probably just already have the songs in order that she want to play in a a serato crate. Like it was already said, this stuff takes practice, practice, practice.

Olawale Yakubu says:

pls make a lit party mix, i’m tired of arguing to my friends art is a personal taste. i personally love your brand and looking to meet u at the next pepsi party in abuja. keep going queen

The family It's lit says:

You so good GIRL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

David Sylvester says:

You know it is fake when she doesn’t have her head phones on…hahahaha

amarachi orji says:

She is too slow to be a DJ argue with ur ancestors

LadyChemicalEngineer says:

I don’t know why she’s getting so much hate here, she’s just having fun doing her thing.
She’s not being arrogant or a jerk, claiming to be better than anyone else, or rubbing her skills or expensive equipment in our faces. She’s just smiling, playing her favorite tunes, and having a good time.
Aren’t people allowed to have hobbies?
Her mix sounded fine to me, maybe not quite Run DMC or Redbull 3style material yet, but she’s not a beginner either. If she practices devotedly over a period of time, she can probably reach that level faster than you or I can.

Song Writer says:

for those of you insulting dj cuppy. It doesn’t matter whether she’s good or not. what matters is that she’s doing it and she’ll definitely get better along the way and most importantly she making good music with the top afrobeats artists out there. like her or hate her she out there working it, she’s rich too while you guys are indoors hating her. you guys hating are as useless as used toilet papers, you guys need to be flushed down dirty toilets.

Fatai Adegbite says:

Nice job

Annzy Mathew says:

I know nothing about djing but this sounds real good

frank says:

Know why the hate comments? People believe with your hype and all your skills are pretty terrible. My advice is you practice more and prove to people you deserve the spotlight.

Rotten Nutsack says:


B. Hill, Jr. says:

i don’t know if she is a beginner or not, but i know i am. Guys this stuff is hard to learn, cut her some slack. At least she knows what she’s doing. Some people go out and buy the best equipment as a starter and trust me, it don’t mix.

Cuban Djs says:


ikaal la stica says:

So much negative comments the girl is trying, you dont need to be so harsh and negative.she is a work in progress, all great djs started somewhere… She is a female even better than some guys i have heard.go girl keep practising

Tony Dearborn says:

I didn’t know Ciara DJ’d!

Rocky Tulio says:

Keep on practicing

Banky Biggs says:

Nice hobby definitely shouldn’t be a career okay
Your Grand pa and dad are CORRUPT IMDIVIDUALS .
Karma is a bitch.

zuk ebi says:

only you can tell yourself the truth abt dis career. in doing dat you have to be very honest because if u ar not,it will get harder for you and dats like expecting to see a bus station in d middle of d ocean.
Also,u dnt possess d attitude yet.
Kudos for taking big steps but make sure it’s to the right direction.

Starboy Gerald says:

the song is already been recorded she is not mixing go learn more


she seriously need to practice more and more for the love of the game cuz this wasn’t good enough for me no hate…. it just my own opinion GOD bless you

daniel asamoah says:

You will have people who will support you and you have my support all the way from Ghana and NY Bronze…you are the best last DJ …to Me

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