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The Z Counter-Pack conversion kit is a multi-component admixture kit for converting a standard 60 lb bag of concrete mix into a high performance, easy to finish concrete countertop mix. Each Z Counter-Pack kit is precisely measured for a consistent blend of cements and other proprietary materials which will produce significantly higher strength and reduced set times over the standard mix. Ideal for use with either precast or cast in place applications. One box mixed with a 60lb standard bag of concrete mix will yield 3.75 Sq. Ft.


Z Counterform says:

The countertop in the video is roughly 3’X5′ which calls for 4 60lb bags and 4 add mixtures. One 60lb bag with 1 box of Z pack will do roughly 3.75 sq ft of countertops in our forms. With these forms you are pouring 1-5/8″ thick.

James Deane says:

hey these instructions are wrong.

a single bag of concrete (the exact type used in this video) takes a maximum of 2 qts of water. I just blended a bag, with the additive and 4 qts, like the video says, and all I’ve got is grey soup. no way is it thick enough..

I suggest Zcounterform you re-watch this video and correct is as needed.

Z Counterform says:


I would recheck your measurements. Is it possible you used 4 gallons and not 4 quarts? Also, was it a 60 lb bag of mix you used? We have mixed hundreds of bags with these exact measurements and have never had an issue. If you would like to contact us, our office number is 570-587-3799.

vem invested says:

to do a counter top the same space as in this video, how many 60lbs bags of concrete will i need ???

Z Counterform says:

You are not mixing the Counter-Pack add mixture with just cement. You must mix it with a 60lb pre-bagged concrete mix. All you need is Concrete Ready Mix, water, and our Counter-Pack add mixture.

Na Fluter says:

I think the narrators voice is wonderful and clear. I can hear every single word for a change. Her accent sounds like English to me and I like the narration, it’s kinda’ perfect for a how to vid. Most of the time you get a guy trying to work and talk at the same time where he mumbles – makes you miss key words.

Willie Labuschagne says:

What are the strength of the cement to use ? Any additive with the cement apart from the water ?

slm2500 says:

Great video. could I use 80 lb bags or do they have to be 60? Also what brand of concrete do you reccomend & should I use the hi strength mix? Thanks

James Deane says:

30KG bag, and yes I know the difference between quarts and gallons.

I added about 5 KG’s more of Concrete and it was thick enough.

either way your instructional video should state to add the water slowly, to get your mix at the right consistency, instead of add another quart, and “add or subtract the water accordingly.”

Cause i couldn’t figure out a way to subtract water from my concrete mix….

Z Counterform says:

The packs were formulated for 60lb bags so I would try and stay with that if you can. If you used an 80lb bag I would use a high strength mix (like a 5000). Otherwise, a regular ready mix (3/8″ pea gravel) or sand mix works best.

B jones says:

no sand??? or aggregate???

John Horner says:

That narrators voice has got to be right up there with the “most annoying sound ever” from the Dumb and Dumber movie. What accent is that? Weren’t there any normal people you could hire? Fail.

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