DDJ-SB Mixing House Tutorial

This video will get you started with mixing house music with the DDJ-SB.

Music Used:
Leftwing & Kody – I Need You – Alive Recordings

Monday Club – Bent Over – Alive Recordings


DistantDomain says:

crossfader, what the..

DarkuJ says:

People use the crossfader to mix? the upfaders give much more control. 

iansorosbenedict123 says:

The music choice is horrible. Im not even able to concentrate. Feels like im in AnF or sme shit. Wtf

James Garbett says:

Please check out my DDJ SB mix. Feedback is very much appreciated !


(its a deep house mix)

Peter Webster says:

look at the camera!!

Javier Ruiz says:

Hello, another video made by you, including the name of the program you use in the mix “Serato DJ”. 
However I think using another program to the mix. 
Please could you tell me which program uses in this video?.
Thanks. Greetings. 

MB FAN says:

music links please

karmanin says:

It’s not good to lessen the bass from the outgoing song when the incoming hasn’t no bass line active… we can hear clearly the loosing of pump in the mix… and using the crossfader… bleah…

Ty Adolf says:

Do guy know Raz Klinghoffer the producer? 
Heard his mixes and they were awesome

A Colourful Mind says:

If you can’t do this using your intuition, you shouldn’t be djing. Point

arife dj says:

nice tutorial :))

Memu Martinez says:


MrWizzardHQ says:

did u use serato Dj Intro ?

GermanTechnoBoy says:

This seems like a really basic tutorial showing one example out of hundreds.

Rty Ghj says:


Mark McGrath says:

what cables connect to speakers for ddj sbs?

Marcos Picolo says:

Anyone else have this problem where the sound of the song in cue cuts off when filter fade is turned on? Thanks!

Minetime_Minecrafter says:

can i use this video on my website for mixing tutorials?

and your youtube user for a link on it so you can click on the butten and it will bring you here to your chanle

Maximilian Reinhardt says:

wow this is bad lol

yang king says:

waht should i buy ?
ddj sb or the sb2?

DVJSOF says:

it’s good idea to show how to mix. but you never thought of that it’s a promotional video and it comes annoying to talk over the music?you should know that.

Wayne Aveyard says:

02:50 Who the hell is pressing the Cue button?
Pioneer with the pre-recorded mix?

DistantDomain says:

Literally lost all credibility using the cross fader bro

Wayne Kerr says:

Just hit play at the exact moment the other ‘drops’ with the volume half way. Bring it in over the next 32 bars. sorted

Vincent Willepotte says:

Hi, anyone has an idea of the last track?

Tekno Dude says:

I’m reading the comments and why is using the crossfader bad? just asking.

Elektrolyfe says:

Did not expect to see crossfader to mix with.

Yanis Bellalem says:

at least they know what house music is

Vin Aeoua says:

The music used while the introduction explanations bothers pay attention what you say

Albert Navarro says:


Tyler Spence says:

Guess I’m the only one who uses the crossfader, I ain’t sorry.

Marcos Picolo says:

Anyone else have this problem where the sound of the song in cue cuts off when filter fade is turned on? Thanks!

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