DDJ-SB Mixing Hip Hop Tutorial

This video will give you an overview of mixing Hip-Hop including cutting and scratching.

Music Used:
Singularis – Northern Lights – Cold Busted

Singularis – Candle Light – Cold Busted


Mickey Davenport says:

I like da baby scratch c:

Tuấn Dũng Nguyễn says:

can you tell me where can I get that scratch sample?


I’m a new DJ, & I would like to know where to get the samples that you are using?

grapsta says:

right in the beginning …..what does pressing the cue button in time with the tune and then pressing play do ? …im used to just moving platter back n forth in time

DJ Medina says:

what sample did you use to scratch?

Felix Persson says:

Great tutorial. What are the tracks called?

Dirk Blane says:

I have the SB 2 I think works better with Traktor Pro 2

david tribaldos says:

i have a question!! how should my settings look like and my dj prefrences so my scratch sound like that and i start the track like you did at 3:52


Why didnt you sync it

Jackson Hinton says:

this man is as hip hop as they come

DJ Ant says:

i have ddj sb

Jimmy stano says:

Cheers mate,can’t wait to get started! Tidy!!!

Diana de Guzman says:

omg ed sheerans a dj now!

Marcel Magloire says:

Tubes mixing? multi-talented guy

Jeston Sabazan says:

how did you get this to work with the mac?

DarkLight Gaming says:

hello is there a way to use a pioneer ddj-sb as a audio interface or mixer?

Don Powell says:

don’t you lose the queue when you scratch while cutting over? eg. deck 1 is playing song #1 and deck to is queued up at 15 second mark (to cut intro of song etc). when you start using deck 2 to scratch how do you keep the two songs in sync so that when you make the cut song 2 does not start too early or too late? does that make sense?

Xavier Velez says:

Great video this helps out a lot

Emillydj Vitoria says:

Olhá elas são boas pra fazer eventos agora vc não tem vídeo com legenda não ou áudio brasileiro

Dj Relax says:

porque cuando intento hacer scrash se para la musica

Jeffry Schmidt says:

is the upper surface of the platter touch sensitive?

Jordan Gearhart says:

great tutorial!

francesco cuzzolin says:

Qualcuno mi sa dire come riesce a fare lo scratch al minuto 5:05 ? Non capisco come fa a fargli fare quel suono

Chris&doug Gutierrez says:

This was so helpful ive always wanted to learn how to scratch and this was a great tutorial on how to learn to do it

TheBossMeansMe says:

i feel like pac man consists of baby scratches lol 4:15

Djthrowback Newyork says:

Does it come with a recoder so you can put your dj voice drops on it

Mighty Mike Midget Murga says:

How do you Fade 2 tracks at same time Deck 1-2 and switch over to Deck 3-4?

Musa Conteh says:

Pioneer DJ that’s dope…..I’m currently learning how to dj and getting use to the virtual dj 8 software. my question is, As a come up DJ what’s beginner instrument should i be getting  or look for to improve my skills???

Lewis Mitchell says:

I knew nothing about mixing, just decided to give this a listen, and it was helpful

Ruben Brouwer says:

the first crossfade was bad u can rlly tell the timing was off

Zoom Studios says:

thanx for the titurial

xvjdtjgg 868258 says:


Music says:


Mega Monroe says:

Really like!

Marc Kennedy says:

I have serato Dj (not intro), but there is no option to change the cross fader curve like it looks on yours. My menu doesn’t look like that. Any thoughts?

toxictots says:

Awesome video! Could somebody please help me, I really wanna get into basically exactly what is in this video have done for a while. Im 15 and washing up doesn’t really make me a millionaire, could anyone give me some help with the best decks, software etc. I need to save up for a Macbook first and Im at £600. Any help will be much appreciated!

Alvaro Diaz says:

Excelent tutorial, I got the sb2..And I’m learning, thanks for this video bro! It really helps me!

J malik says:

i want the beats used

Rainel Soriano says:

what scratch sample were u using ?

wizard ninja says:

how do u download music to serato dj intro?

Rafael Baez says:

nice i am learning

jmanbgg says:

Great help! Very easy to grasp

James says:

Got the ddj-rb but found this useful!!

kingjohnson2034 says:

why I feel like I learned the most ever and I haven’t even bought this thing yet

TioTube says:

denis first clone

J.Lethal says:

you a turntable and see what real skills you got….this is garbage

KenCan Rap says:

Do u have speakers hooked up or are u using the laptop speakers? How do u get it to play off the laptop (haven’t bought speakers yet)

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