mais LGBT says:

*P i k a x u*

Gerson Gomes da Silva Gomes says:

Parabéns até fiquei seu fôlego….top demais… abraço

Noize Cat says:

Нахрена пользовать эти убогие стандартные эффекты?? слайсер и лупы тоже для чего?) Чтоб школота подумала типа: ОО ОН НАЖАЛ КНОПКУ И ТАК КРУТО ПОЛУЧИЛОСЬ

Fadly Al Huda61 says:

what name that song please iam want to download

Muhammad Emui says:

Which was that first song

Leonardo Machado says:

How much time of practice at that time? Also would like a new video to see your improvements!

Jander Laas says:

Jesus but socks on, only thing i see is your ugly toes

Thimo E says:

More flanger pls

Munir Mohamed Segovia says:

yo no se q he miradl mas si la ddj rb o los pies del colega

Jaqueegeeze says:

Pro. DJ??

shivam Dhumal says:

brother does ur laptop lags?? which processor it has i3 i5?

Dj FMA says:

Can anybody tell what software’s is that he using?

GhostLY says:

Why are people just hating him if he is dancing with the camera?! He’s enjoying the music, and I’m enjoying it too.

Im a beginner like you dude!!

Ignore the haters!, you are awesome!!!!!

Bubu says:

I have the same controller. Bought it yesterday, learned so much from u

Antonín - Goldík Novotný says:

No sync, no rating!

5K. Matheus says:

What are music 00:03 ?

moyshs moysiadhs says:


DeLaVega says:


SpartaPug says:

This sounds great!!! Thanks for giving me some inspiration!

俺。 says:


Theofficial :DARK says:


Vadim Medium says:

DDJ-RB is really nice

Cassius Claibourne-Collins says:

nice feet

Mrtns says:

I’m a dj myself, I’ve played @ a couple of festivals. Some of them pretty known, but that’s not important! :))
I liked Some parts of your mix!
Others were a little Messy, if you want Some tips you can always Ask! I’ll BE glad to help… ;))
Ps: I do support your creativity with the fx!

Greetz Mrtns

NateG TV says:

i keep seeing yo feet at the bottom lol

Dario Rigon Channel says:

I hate when they put not needed effects

SECubing says:


lemon head says:

them toes

Activitas Creew says:

Love dong you

Dj LuniK says:


Joseph Hiller says:

That was a great mix mate , but be careful with the loops

Martin Guemert says:

I just watched the video and I can say that the “mix” would be really better if you use a bit less your sampler and effects, because sometime you give me a headache :’).
But you have potential and you have a good stuff.
Keep continue this way and don’t make useless manipulation. ☺

Worm Hole says:

I really wanna play this instrument. I’m going to buy one.

Diogo Flow says:

You don t mixed this songs this song was mixed from an ander dj

Marlon vlog says:

My headphone not work what setting in your output

The Calvo says:

Money for a dj Set up but He still cant buy socks

Pls donate Money for socks

Calli Vogel says:

practise makes perfect

Boros Zsombor says:

Nice vid dude, you got skills, but I have a question: as I see, you’re using a gaming laptop. That’s quite alright, the equipment depends on you, but I spotted this at one of the partys in my scool, and I’m a bit confused. Cheaper laptops can’t handle the DJ software, or is there something else, that makes required? Just because I’m abot to buy a DDJ-RB, and I don’t have a gaming machine to set it up with that.

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