Crazy Aaron’s Putty Collection – Over 40 Putties! Thinking Putty Mixing – What’s Inside the Bin!

Crazy Aaron’s Putty Collection – Over 40 Putties! Thinking Putty Mixing. Finally! I get to check out my collection of thinking putty on video. I had to think about the way to show it and make a final presentation of this putty. It was great finally seeing it all out on my table top. There were so many colors! I was going to save my final color but then realized I would have 4 putties sitting in my desk and wanted to finally just mix it all together into one putty. Remember this is 5 years of collecting and I wanted to keep the collection intact, minus a small piece of each putty.

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Crazy Aaron’s Putty Collection – Over 40 Putties! Thinking Putty Mixing
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Kayden Touchette says:


Amreen Randhawa says:

Woah man cool collection….I want them all very badly!!!

Wolfey350 Wolf says:

No I would not mix all the puttys togeather. But I would mix the cool puttys

Kira Havey says:

were is the plastick talking dog

mirna Lagunas says:

go check ni chennel

Max Man says:

yes i would

Roosevelte Brown says:

I love the blue sparkly one

a e s t h e t i c a l says:

I cant even find the big tubs of the putty online anywhere, so you’re lucky you have them!

mirna Lagunas says:

anda subscribe

MG raspberrys says:

You don’t have neon flash! They just brought it back!

Ashley Paulsen says:

can I have some putty

Ivan Drozd says:

can you sell some putty if you want can you make them cheap

Abrianna Garcia says:

The six thinking putts were my favorite

Ivan Drozd says:

can you sell some putty please but can you make them cheap if you want

Lynn Day says:

Like it!!!!


Didn’t he used to have a dog?

Lucky Penny Shop says:

For everyone asking about the potential for glowing and or a color change in light, there is a color change in black light. If there is any natural glow from being charged, some of the flakes from the Twinkling Tree putty are charging. On the next Crazy Aaron’s video, I will bring my new putty into that video and show everyone.

Nadia Santiago says:

Can I have some of your crazy Aron’s thinking putty beacase I ask my mom and I don’t get it

Ashley Paulsen says:

can i have some pudey

Gordo1x1 says:

This was long but it was so cool

WatchingLion777 says:

I was looking at these putties yesterday in amazon and eBay. I’m looking to buy some.

Ydoom Nagaet says:

a s e r i o u s i n v e s t m e n t

Marzieh Ghodsi says:

#puttygoals #want

Brinda Giri says:

the key ring won

Julie M says:

wait a second did u say twilight? my little Pony

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