Cotts & Ravine 12 DECK MIX Back 2 Back (Electro Hard Dance Hardstyle Drumstep Hardcore)

Didn’t have enough time to plan a cray cray set with all this gear so we just did a 50 minute mix instead and downed a few beers/ciders while we were at it. SHOW MORE FOR TRACKLIST

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I have no idea. We played whatever was on the USBs at the time.
Okay fine. I’m listening to this mix and writing down songs as we go.
1. twoloud – Big Bang
2. Calvin Harris Ft. Ellie Goulding – I need your live (Jacob Plant Remix)
3. Hard Rock Sofa & Swanky Tunes – Stop in my mind
4. Pnau – Unite (Tommy Trash Kids Bootleg)
5. Major Lazer – Bubble Butt (Dada Life)
6. Dave Silcox – Voodoo
7. Jacob Plant – Fire
8. TJR – What’s up suckaz
9. Organ Donors – I love silence
10. BRK3 – L3T G0
11. Showtek & Noisecontrollers – Get Loose
12. BRL3 vs Kutski – L4MP
13. Headhunterz – Back in the days
14. Project Tek – Placed (Original Mix)
15. Organ Donors – 212
16. Alex Kidd vs Kid Kaos – Tom’s Diner (KloneZ Remix)
17. Organ Donors – Make The Girlies Wet (Breeze & Modulate Remix)
18. Noisecontrollers – Feel So Good
19. Gammer – Chainsaw Bass (Matt Lee Remix)
20. Organ Donors – Ket is for horses (Darren Styles Remix)
21. Al Storm & Orbit1 – Twisty
22. Exposure – Booyah
23. JAKAZiD – See It Coming
24. Rocket Pimp – Grim Reaper (Skeets Remix)
25. Octane – Rock Da House
26. Petruccio & Modulate – Missing (Gammer Remix)
27. Darren Styles & Gammer – You & I (Rhythmics Remix)


MrRadpower says:

35:52 Lol

Cameron Coetzee says:

too many beers later…

giannhs mpoulou says:


Galvanic BeeF says:

What type of dj controller do you use

Sam Gibby says:

Very nice! 😀

Music And more says:

i was fan but cotts is not all plugged in

thunderking 77 says:

Ravine and cotts I really like this mix

QuebeC VR says:

Spare some CDJ’s?

roobin says:

Very good job

Triple Kill says:

this is cool!

DartKitten Speaks says:

Anyone keeping a count on how many times Cotts uses You and I as a closer?

Tristan Playz says:

Next time you should watch the clipping, would sound so much better.

Marcko Ortega says:


Jacob Resendiz says:

Dj ravine in 5:21 what song is that called

natepc37 says:

0:43 and here we see a million dollars worth of gear, in one frame.

Igor Zharov says:

woo alano mad on the mik game on lameos

Ghostbat33 says:

Best of the best


Does anyone who complain here understand how 4 tracks together will sound? let alone more?! This isnt techno they are mixing – if more than 2 melodies and or basslines cross it will sound shit – the setup is just for show – they scratch, effect and sample more than any of the highest payed DJs people pay hundreds to see – this is great – stop bitchin

Johnny Jax says:

This Pioneer Interracial Gangbang 12 on one

Noémie Ancia says:

Excellent ! :):):) You are good friends for ever…

Igor Zharov says:

woo alano mad on the mik game on lameos

OWEN G TV says:


Mr Mindwarp says:


Wittzzz says:

8:07, hold my beer, I can do this

DJMAXOfficial says:

That’s sick 😀

Channel Phùng Ngọc Khải says:

Let me ask 50:54 What is the article?

Cristian Fritis says:

Watching this video makes me feel more and more poor :c

Marcelo Menossi says:

Best Song on Brazil !

Илиян Куков says:

How to name song 4:10 min.

Александр Бодреев says:


Karl Gaster says:

really don t enjoying hardstyle edm and stuff but your videos man! big Thumbs up! When I saw this video with your friend cotts  I fellt  that you two dudes just live for that music and you can so the enjoyment in your faces while doing this mix together such a nice thing to see these days ! 🙂

Paul Rutigliano says:

When you have so many CDJ’s that you need an ethernet switch to connect them……….

Triple Kill says:

bro i wish i knew you XD

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