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The CHOW Test Kitchen’s Christine Gallary reviews the Breville Scraper Mixer Pro Stand Mixer. For a more in-depth look, check out the CHOW Editors’ expanded product review at


Scott - says:

This review is a joke.

She considers not knowing which attachment to use as an issue? Seriously? What happened to common-sense!?

Forcing the machine to bounce around on the table by using a much higher speed than recommended? It’s simple physics; rotating an imbalanced load at speed will cause vibration! No-one in their right mind would do this to their own mixer, especially to the point where damage or overheating occurs.

Robbie Woods says:

When in or without doubt, go with KitchenAid. I have the base model and it does everything. Whenever I knead it to, it whips the batter into shape.

Yohann the Programmer says:


Matt C says:

Hmm. Reviews like this made me question buying this. I did and have not regretted a second. Saved my 400 bucks from kitchenaid. It has never jumped on bench and mixes and kneads with ease. Would recommend to anyone who can read correct settings

Girrlraven says:

Glad she showed it how it is. What a piece of crap.

Digitalbumpin says:

Breville is overpriced very average equipment.

Bluesocks 11 says:

Kitchen aid really does get the job done.

sophia rose read says:

No point in doing reviews if you can’t even get the right setting! Lol now I’m even more confused

tcipa100 says:

i kneed dough in mine i dont have a problem

Danielle S says:

What an idiot setting the speed up way too high for kneading dough! I guess she can’t read. I’ve seen other reviews of the Breville showing kneading dough, and it worked fine at the correct speed. You put a KitchenAid up that high to knead dough and it bounces all over the place, too, and will burn out the motor.

Hayley Mayers says:

Um yeah.. Why are you trying to knead the dough so fast? The kneading setting is low, you have it up way to high. You shouldn’t bother doing reviews if you aren’t going to be honest. Otherwise it’s not helpful at all!

Munk E. Punch says:

Lol you’re an idiot. These mixers knead dough better than Kitchenaid, they’re also quiter. If you did this in a Kitchenaid the same thing would happen, hence why mixers have a recommended setting for dough.

anya cheeze says:

it can actually knead dough this woman just freaking went overboard with the speed like WTF?!

Sandra Andrade says:

A mulher utiliza, ao bater o pão, a velocidade que dever ser usada para fazer bolo: 6 Leds acesos (Veja em 1:34). Para bater pão, devem ser usadas as velocidades baixas: 1 Led aceso para iniciar e 2 Leds acesos para todo o restante do processo (ocasionalmente, 3 Leds acesos, no máximo). Todas as batedeiras sacudiriam se fizéssemos isso que a mulher fez! Como disseram algumas pessoas aqui nos comentários, a resenha desse vídeo é injusta e enganosa!

bobmarianna says:

I wish I had noticed this before I ordered one.  :(.  Although I usually let my bread maker make the dough for any recipe I have.  But it is still good to know what it’s limits are.

iLoveFo0d156 says:

Kitchenaid is the BEST!

harry andrews says:

u hav to put it on kneading seting if u wana knead bread

techie says:

She has it set on cream beat for kneading the dough! LOL

Daryn Kitchen says:

Anyone who said that she had it on low is rong she started It on low and the put it on high don’t put stuff online if you don’t know what you talking about.

Gregg Spender says:

This woman is a total fraud. No wonder she only has 2k subscribers. 2nd rate “content” marketer. If your going to cheat a review learn to edit out the evidence.

Paul Terefenko says:

Amazing how you couldn’t turn the dough into cream (by running it at way to high a setting for kneading). Next can you review how a car sucks at being a boat?

HTG HTG says:

it’s misleading. this machine has 12 speed level, it uses 12 led lights to show this, for dough, normally you should use 1 or 2 level speed, that means just 2 led lights, when you can watch this video at 1:34, you can find the 6 led lights, that means, this woman used the 6 speed level to make dough. no any stand mixer machine can keep balance in such a high speed to make dough. it’s unfair!

Christopher Shannon says:

Get a KitchenAid Stand Mixer! It’s does a MUCH BETTER JOB!!!

Steven Nizeti says:

Have bought the updated model bem820 not the bem 800, The updated model in Australia anyway has a 1000w motor instead of 550w and now comes with an extra smaller mixing bowl with a second set of attachments to suite. I also feel the upgraded machine is a lot more quieter then the one on this video.

N M says:

Id be curious to know, for all the people that prefer KA, when did they buy their machine? Because the one I bought in 2013 was a dud! From all Ive read, its a real gamble if you buy one today.

FWIW, Sur La Table guy recommended the Breville to me, so Im looking into it. I like the 550 watts. (I know, I know, watts doesnt always = more power) But I need something that can handle homemade marshmallows. Gotta whip for a good 10 min and toward the end the goo gets pretty thick. Im concerned the Breville will sense overheating and shut itself off. Guess theres only one way to find out. Bummed you cant attach a pasta roller. They really dropped the ball on that one.

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