Betty Crocker Salted Caramel Thumbprint Cookie Mix – Preparation & Review

In this video, we are preparing and then reviewing the limited edition Betty Crocker Salted Caramel Thumbprint Cookie Mix. It was $1.99 at Target.

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Aleen R says:

Too bad Betty Crocker didn’t do a good job on their Christmas cookie line!

Luke Carrigan says:

Right, shortbread and Ice Cream is two things I need to get back into because of this channel.

Ashly Menard says:

Those look awesome! Too bad they don’t seem to have much of a taste.

Adrienne Newton says:

Loving your cookie vlog series!

Stacey Johnson says:

hi tami and kevin …these cookies are on sale at my grocery store 3 for $5. thanks for doing these reviews because i will not be spending my money on them. i’d much rather make them from scratch. they are all basic ingredients and will taste better and not fall apart. If ashley liked the snowballs she would love them from scratch. Happy Thanksgiving to the Dunn Family!!!!!!

Kate Westley says:

I think it’s so bad how the serving sizes don’t match up – companies always make them tiny and unrealistic so things seem lower calorie!!! Like cereal serving sizes never fill a bowl!

Hayley Gold says:

I get the impression that this entire line of limited edition confections was half assed when it came to packaging.
The directions were off, the serving sizes didn’t add up, and, with the snowballs, there should be a few walnuts sprinkled next to the cookies in the cover image to let the customer know what the product is. It’s like they said “who cares, they’ll be off shelves in a month.” And I guess this was a BYOS(bring your own salt) salted caramel.

Lisa Citron says:

Thank you so much for reviewing these. I will not be purchasing them .. Omg. Lofthouse just came out w the red velvet cream cheese frosted sugar cookies. At Kroger can’t wait to try !!! Hey Tami I have gift cert for Walmart and Kroger for you and family do u have a p.o. box I can send them ??? Thank you again and many blessings to you

laura Chapel says:

Your making them way too big, can’t you see that

Luke Carrigan says:

Salted Caramel Jammie Dodgers would be fantastic. I’ve just realised its actually quite surprising they haven’t yet brought those out.

sylvia says:

How disappointing. This is exactly why I watch your reviews. Well, that and they’re fun!

craig tiffany says:

I thought it was jam, when it came out of the packet.

Omryy says:

The reason why you probably dont taste the carmel is because you made the cookies too big! On the box it says that you should make 21 cookies. You made only 12 (half the amount on the box!). The ratio between the cookie and the carmel is different. And i really dont see why you made only 12 and not 21. You made the strawberry thembprint cookies the other day and you saw yourself it yields less cookies than it say on the box, so just make them smaller. Hope you enjoyed the cookies the way you made them… 🙂

godschild60071 says:

You should do a thumbprint recipe from scratch with various fillings for the batch to see how it really should be done … Sure it would be a huge difference in taste and texture !

Karen Wichmann says:

It’s always disappointing that salted caramel is just never salty. I have loved all of these cookie mix reviews. I wanted to buy them from Target and now I’m glad I didn’t.

dani 69 says:

I Did you notice also that in the betty crocker chocolate crinkle cookie video that it shows chocolate pieces in the cookies on the picture on the box but they didn’t have them in the cookies.serving size they are saying each serving will be one cookie and a fourth of another cookies.That is so stupid of them,they should just put servings 21 and what that would be calories per cookie.

marshafisch says:

Thank you so much… I will check out your Strawberry video instead. Glad to know this particular box is not very good.

Shastity Foots says:

Awww! I wanted these to be good!

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