Best USB audio mixer board on a budget – Live Stream, Podcast, etc

I unbox and install my new Yamaha MG10XU USB mixer board and RODE NT1 microphone to replace my non-USB Mackie 802-VLZ3 and Audio Technica AT2020 Microphone that died last week. I show you the features and audio from this setup after using it for 2 hours on a live stream.

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Dennis Pillow says:

What is the MIC Stand that you have?

LTDanno360 says:

@barnacules can i buy the old mixer board ?

DClover says:

what mic stand is that?

Faelandaea Dravin says:

I am definitely subbing. This video was very useful, as I am a YouTube streamer who is on a VERY tight budget and trying my best to clean up my audio. That mixer may be the answer to my issues.

MusicMelody says:

Does this mixer board work like the DBX 286s Microphone Pre-amp Processor where it amplifies the sound eliminating the background static noise in your room and can I hook this up and connect it to my Focusrite 2 x 4i?

Ricin Muffins says:

This was cringy dude.

Proxy nana says:

Hi, what do you think about the at2020xlr and the yamaha ag03 combo? will it be better than a at2020usb+ alone?
If so, will the hd598sr sounds better connected to the ag03 instead of the pc?

the German Printing Nerd says:

wish you would be so kind and send me your old Mixer and mic and all I need for a good setup 🙂

Cosmic Carrie says:

you are so funny

NorrixTV says:

i wonder if all audio interfaces allow you to listen to real time effect changes.

shelton moreland says:


Nicole Farquharson says:

what’s wrong with Mackie 802 vlz3?

Sultankingold says:

This was very informational. I was looking for something like this for a long time, like an audio mixer that will change my voice and can control my voice, so it can fit any environment.

JEart says:

6 cables a rat’s nest lol.

Amico USA says:

talk slow please…..some of us are slow.

DynoSauR says:

What good is it to have USB? I was mislead about this thing working with a USB microphone such as my Blue Yeti. Confused the crap out of me and semi pissed off now that I apparently have to buy a XLR microphone to get it to work.

Nostalgic Ways says:

Is this easy to set up and use on OBS?? im looking to do a talk show and this seems great!

YaBoyScopeZ says:

That is a good fucking mic compared to the normal PS4 headsets

Josh TechGamer says:

let me see can I use it for the blue yeti I think I can lol

Darkworld X says:

does anyone know which knob controls the base and treble trying to figure that out but have no idea

zaitr0s says:

Thanks for this video, im looking for a new mixer 😀

COTDBroski says:

On a budget? This shit is $200 just to get your mic to sound funny

Arriaga Two says:

Obesitigasm with a lot of “unnoticed” ads

Jean-Francois Prince says:

I wish they had a smaller version of this mixer

Roland Arnedo says:

Does it have live monitoring? example when you talk to the mic you can here yourself realtime, and when you are playing music from the pc you can here it too in the headphone,.

Luka Rado says:

It comes with Cubase why use adobe audition

Highley Boy says:

what mic stand is that?

Sussle Remons says:

I’m about to invest in the same setup. Now I’m pretty new to this stuff, would i need to plug my headphones into the mixer or would i be able to plug my headphones through my dac. I know, stupid question

Sal DeRosalia says:

Dude, this is a kick ass video. You’re my idol. No joke. Thank you so much.

Aarron Offer says:

the rcas are inputs not outs

Secret_Armor says:

Please respond.. can i power a 300 Ohm headphone like the sennheiser HD800 with this mixer alone or do i need a headphone amp?

exru says:

У чувака на футболке написано Барнаулец)))) Есть такой город в России Барнаул))))

MusicMelody says:

Where did you get the Rode Nt1 desktop mic stand?

Cosmic Carrie says:

that opening was funny AF

Ernsto says:

is this mixer good to use with the sm7b? with something like a cloud lifter?

Luv 2 Boogie Entertainment says:

I really liked this this video and it was extremely informative…… but I have a question…. can you use a usb Mic with this mixing board…. or only a xlr Mic. And if so will you pls do a video on it. I am subscribed and I have your notification on. Thank you.

rbaleksandar says:

Damn, almost 500 bucks for the two hardware pieces. In Europe this costs at least 600 bucks.

loketron says:

I like the video of a quick unboxing please do it again dood

John Denes Parinas says:

Is this yamaha mixer compatible with protools software?thanks

Lets Bet MMA says:

Do you have a link to that mic stand?

Jerry Phillips says:

So cringy

Gary McWilliams says:

why don’t you get a pair of studio monitors

The1_ Michael says:

i bought the mg10xu and after about 10-15 minutes of use i get heavy static and white noise sound through my headphones, ive tried disabling all other audio inputs and it still happens almost exactly around the same time everytime. i have to power the mixer off an on to get it to stop. anyone have an idea?

DJ K says:

This is by far the most entertaining and honest mixer review I have ever seen, and I’ve watched a freakin ton of em. Thank you!

HI THERE says:

The microphone stand is a Proline MS112. Thank me later.


I just received mine in the mail yesterday. I bought it because of your review, and i absolutely love it. Thx for the informative vid.

Tesselator Tess says:

You missed it bro! Best voice mic on the planet:

Heil PR-40

Better specs than a $3k Sure!

Dizzybabeey says:

@Barnacules Can you show us how you setup your mixer to everything or how to set it up with a Game Capture and PS4?

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