Best Studio Monitors (Speakers) for Sound & Music Mixing 2015

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Behringer MS40
Mackie CR4
M-Audio AV 40
PreSonus Eris E4.5

B&H Photo Video Studio Monitor Stands Kit with 1/4″ TRS Cables

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My name’s Tom Antos. I am a film director and cinematographer with over 15 years experience in VFX & animation.
Jak sie masz?! I’m originally from Poland 😉
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Daurys Perez says:

if your recording in 24bit/ 192khz is it necessary to have speakers with that frequency range for the actual play back during mixing?

tekarts says:

Forget the speakers and buy a razor! You hippie!

Danubio Rodriguez says:

I have behringer MS20 I use this monitors more than 8 years and very good sounds.

Najeeb Puthiyallam says:

Starts at 4:26

Gun Slinger says:

I got a set of Fostex PMO.N4 Pro Studio Monitors at the local pawn shop for a steal. They were priced at $100.00, and I got the lady to drop them down to $50.00 because they were not only on the bargain table, but it also means that they had been there forever and never sold, so I got them cheap. They have been one of the best investments that I have made regarding my home studio. They are phenomenal…the clarity and flat response are spot on and exactly what is needed when recording and mixing your music. Awesome product…and sadly, totally underrated. They are really great monitors.

Yoshiro Poh says:

Good clarification on the fact they are Studio monitors, not normal speakers for normal usage.

Peter Chun says:

JBL LSR305 are AMAZING and you can pick a pair up for like $200

Matthew Garcia says:

Are these good for just listing to music?

mmmyeahh says:

I like this guy ! Thank you for the info !

Digital Beat Music says:

I got Behringer Ms40 for Homestudio and I am very satisfied with sound.

DinoRexGamingHD says:

are the mackie good I heard that they overheat which is putting me from purchasing them

Stuart Haight says:

Sold on the dual inputs.  Computer connected to one, music from phone to the other.

Using a Matrox for video monitoring in my setup, I would have music streaming on the computer, but when I hit the space bar, music would stop, and the video application would take over. 

Great review.  It’s hard to find videos of the MS40.

Muzik Michael says:

How would you know what a speaker would sound like in a person home studio?

christopher dunn says:

Believe it or not i mixed my song she thinks with these monitors and most people told me that’s a great mix and it is.Honest these speakers are probably the worst you could mix on and based on my room setup you wouldn’t have believe me if you saw where i mixed them and how. But anyways its true.

Keep It Raw says:

Hey man great video I just bought the behringher ms40’s , and I have no idea how to set them up to my my laptop or audio interface , the box only come with the power cord and the cord that connects the 2 speakers together. How do I set these speakers up and what cords do I need thank you.

Peter Len says:

I have the Behringer and they sound terrible. Now function as speakers for the kitchen…

Aneesh Prasobhan says:

Lets agree that buying a Headphone is far easier than doing all this sound dampening echo speaker height stuff…

David Gamel says:

Which would you prefer with the TRS 1/4″ inputs? I’m trying to find the best bang for the buck using the 1/4″ jack inputs. I just don’t like the aux cable set up. Also i just purchased a focusrite 2i4 interface and the outputs for the monitors are 1/4″. So I’m just trying to keep things simple using the 1/4″ cables. Thanks and I enjoyed the video.

DRE PRE says:

4:30. Youre welcome

TheBudgie29 says:

Also If You look at the Behringer Speakers the Tweeters are In the Wrong position Both are set to the Left. So Stereo Imaging Is going to be a Problem.

kyro says:

Does anyone know some good monitors which are good for producing and for listening to music

hueseph says:

Another thing about the Behringers. The idea that they have a frequency response to 25KHz is first of all ludicrous. Most humans can’t hear above 16KHz much less 20KHz and in no possible way 25KHz. It’s a ridiculous notion. The older we get, the worse our hearing gets. The limit of human hearing is generally 20Hz to 20KHz. So, if you think that you are hearing more clarity because of this, obviously there is some placebo effect going on.

Aleks Rusty says:

Hi!I want to buy MS40 to listen lossless music on pc on not great and a moderate level while sitting at the table directly instead of multimedia systems . Tell me it’s a good idea or not ?

Andreas karlsson says:

Great video! Wish I could get the Behringers but they are too big and cant find any monitors I like in the right size. :/

Anyone know of a pair of speakers that are maximum height of 20cm? (I have a very small room and as such a very limited real estate and have to place the monitors on the desk beneath the monitors)

Paul Gilfeather says:

what about speakers purely for getting an awesome sound and bass?

hueseph says:

Yamaha HS7 or HS5(or anything in the HS series). These were meant to be the home studio equivalent of the NS10. The NS10 actually started out as a bookshelf speaker for your stereo. There was an old trick using a layer of tissue paper to cover the tweeter to dampen the often piercing highs. Not saying they are bad. There was a joke going around that if you can make a tune sound good on NS10, it will sound good on anything. Take that however way you want to.

bilal nasiri says:

Hi Tom, would this work with video conferencing integrator sets like cisco and polycom?

Ali Beidoun says:

Thanks for this great review! Actually now Im convinced to buy the Behringer MS40, the only doubt that I have is if I can connect them to a mixer(I don’t know about active/passive issues), do you think they work nicely without provoking any damage? the mixer that I’m talking about is this one:

GODSON Official Music says:

interesting that all of these stop way before they reach 50Hz and all have the slave style connection (one speaker getting sound from the other instead of having their own power). which is the best one for mixing jazz, classical, etc?

P POLO says:

i dont see much people with these but im thinking of getting 1 but the ms20 i want 2know can i hook it up on a presonus 2×2 interface

WONG Tak says:

Mackie CR3/CR4 vs Behringer MS20/40 vs M-audio Bx5 carbon vs Fostex 0.3d/0.4d ~ who’s the best speakers for listening music like pop songs ?? guys ~ plz help ~

hbrookes says:

Been mixing and mastering for 25 years, Yamaha ns-10’s are the worst monitors for any music mixing! I would rather use a cheap presonus before those. I have used almost all monitors from pro to home. I currently have Genelec 1031’s and JBL’s. I have a small pair of presonus for very close listening. The best small pair I have heard recently are the neumans..expensive but very nice for a smaller room.

Dizzle Traccz says:

wouldn’t it be better not to adjust bass and treble on the speaker if your monitoring music production because you would want to get realistic feedback from your program? or am I wrong on this one

Aziz Sarguru says:

how about krk rokit 4?

marilynn seits says:

Thanks – this was helpful in making a decision about monitors for a small home studio….

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