Allen & Heath Xone:43 Test Mix

Picked up my new Xone:43 at the weekend so decided record my first little session on it.

Not flawless by any means, but hope you enjoy. Some of my favourite songs in there!

Track list on mixcloud


jerville1 says:

question sam. what’s ur turntables back there? tnx

DJ Zarelli says:

Whats that first song? Tropical song

osvaldo chirino says:

nice setup im a old dj got my 1200s back im thinking of buying this mixer. bud whats the name of that first track?

Alfie Scotting says:

nice vid and nice mix too, cheers. I’m currently using the DJM-450 with 2 turntables and 2 cdj’s and thinking of getting the xone with the rmx 500 – do you think this will make up for the lack of fx on the mixer ? thanks 🙂

Jon Manterola Yurrebaso says:

hi men, i´ve got a xone43 and i play traktor an a traktor audio 2 but i don´t know how to record my sets if u can explain me how you do i would be grateful. thanks!

Jeff G says:

track list?

Jhohan mtz says:

Desde Mexico, estuvo rico tu tracklist. Saludos.

osvaldo chirino says:

i subscribed well i got a xone 92 for 600 im amazed with the filter on it iam old dj i use to have to get two records to get the phase and not as good and waste of time. i like the mixer alot hope you enjoy your xone toonice mixers

Goce Chekorov says:

I am thinking of selling my DJM 700 to get a xone 43. any thoughts?
also, how did you merge the GoPro video with audacity sound recording?
also, the video stops at 19:53

Freddie Duncan says:

How much did the mixer and XDJs set you back?

JayS 81 says:

Hi Sam! Is a headphone monitoring on this mixer is post EQ or not?Thank you.

Samrat B says:

do you think it would be good to buy this mixer for a hybrid NON Cd set up. Say Laptop. Synths. Kaoss Pad etc? The sound quality and routing scene ?! Please suggest …

JayS 81 says:

Sam, on the rmx 500 is there a normal delay? The only one I can see is the reverse…Thanks

Richard Nutman says:

Nice mix!  Btw what camera you record this on ?

Chiing Wing says:

Hey Sam, i’m quite uninformed…
can i connect turntables with the 43 and use timecode or do i need the 43C for that?
Thanks! nice mix btw 🙂

flamedub says:

Nice tunes mate, much love

Blurred Vision says:

shout out to the daughter vinyl !

Matt Clover says:

Thanks for posting this Sam. Are you just running off usb sticks or using serato? If using Serato are you in HID mode with the xdjs. Nice work mate

Joshua Emery says:

I have the exact same setup and while I love the mixer and that filter I find myself a little bit jealous of the pioneer effects. Was thinking of adding a Pioneer RMX-500 and it looks like you have one in the background there. How do you like it, would you consider it a good pairing with the Xone 43?

Basic Boy says:

bad mix -_-

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