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Get the Qu-32 here:

Kevin Madden from Allen & Heath presents the Qu-32 digital mixing console. After the video, click the link above for more detailed information on the Allen & Heath Qu-32.



can you use it for home recording studio

ufologyrecords says:

Could I use this console with a UAD Apollo Twin. Im assuming I could connect them with ADAT??? Also, Can you save “scenes” along with your DAW project so that the settings load up when you load the project??? thanks

Ron Dunbar says:

has anyone made a stage box that you can do a monitor split without having to buy a separate unit ?. foolish question?.

Ledis Gordo says:


David Beazley says:

will this e good as a interface controller for PC and Cubase?

mohammed iddris says:


Ryan Graff says:

Great demo, this sold me on the qu32!

Steve Kimbell says:

Perhaps you might consider putting together a video on the challenges faced by guys like myself that have been using analog consoles all our lives and are now faced with the reality of making the switch to digital.  What stays the same, (real world), what is radically different?  What are the most difficult hurdles to overcome concept wise?  There is no time for on-the-job training at the gig…you’ve got to have it all down.

Perhaps some suggestions on everyday practical uses of some of the features.  For example, I have yet to quite figure out the differences between DCA groups and regular groups. Why use one over another?  Perhaps mention some of the pitfalls of using saved scenes in different venues…can certain parameters such as the master volume be set to be ignored when saving scenes so when a scene is recalled it doesn’t kick the master up 30% and have folks running for cover?

I perhaps enjoyed this video the most of all the ones that are out there because I could actually understand the narrator.  The videos produced by A&H feature someone with a very heavy British accent, (OK…I know they’re a UK based company, but even the sound quality is poor…not a good thing for a company dedicated towards great sound), and the videos seem to move a little too fast for a true instructional video.  As an overview it might work, but not a training video.  Kevin’s presentation for this overview was really good…I’d love to see him do more in depth training series as well.  This way once I actually purchase the board I’ll be ready to hit the ground running…or at least have the fundamentals down so I can start learning the board to the point where I don’t have to think about what button to push but can rather act on instinct to get to where I need to be in a hurry…when seconds are a lifetime.

duda som says:

Hey Sweetwater


Benjamin Rugo says:

i would like u guys to post more tutorials about this mixer..i have it now at my church

George Tan says:

I understand that the QU24 is capable of streaming up to 32 channels (in and out) from USB. May I know how this is possible, considering that there are only 24 channels on the board?

I am currently looking for a digital board that can be the center of my project studio, and I would like to have as many channels streamed to mix on as possible. The QU32 has too many local inputs than I will ever use, and after watching Kevin Madden mention about the QU24’s 32 channel streaming capabilities, I wanted to know a little more. Regards.

Renatojunior Diaz says:

mesa boa

Redoubt9000 says:

DAW Control is only available for Mac…? Am I reading this right?

Connor Bright says:

I wish they would make a more fully functional analogue mixer with 32-40 inputs instead of the 24 inputs on the GS Series. I want a GS analoge mixer with the cat5 snakes, and the personal monitor mixing thing, aswell as more inputs. Please make it happen Allen & Heath

TheRambuTanShow2 says:

Hey Sweetwater,

When doing a multi-track recording going to the DAW via USB Connevtivity, does the signal pass through fader levels and FX sends? Or are they bypassed?



I’d love to see more about how it works with DAW’S as I’m looking to replace my Tascam control surface with something more updated and stable. Looks like THIS could be what I need.

Uptown Wedding Photography NJ says:

Does this console have compressors and gates on all channels. Are there any inserts and FX send/receive jacks. Thanks…

Tito says:

Thanks! Best review on the A&H QU series of desks I’ve seen… tidy set up too with all the peripherals too! 

Abhijit Shinde says:

How to setup a 2way Crossover using Matrix in Qu32..Like Behringer X32

superstrike9 9 says:

Nice….but to expensive for me..

Mighty Mike Midget Murga says:

is this a good dj mixer

Juan Angel Rodriguez says:

i love it, i need one for my church i hope jajja

Music_360 says:

Could some please explain to me how exactly I connect and get working monitors? I have two powered monitors that I am connecting XLR … but Im getting no sound.. ! I’m not even really sure where to plug them into the back of the board …I;m assuming Mix output, so In order to get sound to my monitors do I have to go through the entire D snake/ set up process wow! ? Could someone please help or maybe provide a tech support number ? Thanks … I really need to get working need monitors soon with this .. thanks you.!

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