4 Reasons to Have a Mixer in Your Home Studio

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I LOVE having an actual mixer in my studio. In this video I share several reasons why, and I introduce a new video series on the Presonus Studio Live 24 Series III mixer.

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Jerry Flynn Dale says:

Or Ensoniq Paris very, Very low latency!

Fish Man says:

Every point here contains false dichotomy. With the dsp found in almost every audio interface today, we have a digital mixer at click of a mouse, for sub mixs, talback, 2buss sends for live feed application.

So, basically the only point you’ve made, that holds any ground is that yes a physical mixer is tactile and look cool, literally everything else can be done with a decent interface. That alone is not worth the bulkiness. However workflow on a large format analogue console (not a digital mixer), is a beautiful way to work, even in a hybrid setup.

greebs g says:

great video man! really eye opening! you make some great points!


dude you sound like the engineer from TF2 i love it

Joey Baron says:

One thing I do discover about using a digital mixer in the studio is I can use the effects in the daw ,some of the effects in the Yamaha mixer are pretty good and I could hook them up via adat And send all the effects out to separate outs

Alex L says:

I”m using a few mixers in my “mobile” studio’s for recording sessions. They all do the same thing (kinda..) Most of the recordings are on the road…….
Using protools, logic and studio one in combination with the Midas M32, Yamaha CL3 and CL5, Midas Pro2 and the Audient ASP 8024-24

I think the presonus does the same trick …

Sean Moran says:

You’re not even using a real console. Even a Toft ATB would have been a better investment than that digital monstrosity.

johnnykuz says:

I put a 16ch mixer in front of my Presonus 8 channel interface. Pre-Fader TRS outs on each channel direct to the interface so I can control the live & recording mixes separately. I love having a real mixer in my studio.

Markus Albrecht says:

Hey Guy! You’re so right! That are really good reasons to have a mixer in Homestudio. I’m working only with Samplers and my favorised DAW MAGIX Samplitude x4 Pro. But i wish i couldt realize that Setup with my Behringer-Mixer. But, you know: Same problem that every Low-Budget-Musician or Producer have is: JUST the F***g MONEY! Yeah, i know, im stupid, call me so, i don’t care. But that’s my Situation. Maybe i can show you some of my Tracks, so u can listen and tell me if they are ok the way they are? Thanks for your Ideas!

10 Thirty says:

Ok, one more. LOL!

David Robinson says:

I am curios about pre-amp quality between different level mixers and interlaces, is there any advantage or disadvantage to recording through a mixer in terms of sound quality?

Christoph Vogt says:

you said mixer and then showed us a presonus? WOW.

ShredBoy91 says:

Is that a pair of Sennheiser HD600s?

Bob Outélama says:

The problem that I see is the quality, that have dropped fast in the Mixer market.
Literally NONE of the actual mixer is any good for any professionnal production anymore, and the ones that do are incredibly expensive. I would claim that the last “good” project studio mixer was stopped as the Trident 65 died out.

The Toft and Orams both have problems in their initial designs. The Trident Fleximix also has construction issues. The digital ones flooding the market don’t have anything near the quality of a good AMS neve channel strip. Yes you have channel strips and 500 Lunchboxes elements. But try to create/emulate a 12 Channel mixer …. you will need a lot of money to make this work.

In my eyes, the market of good Mixing consoles is completely empty. The first one I could see is the Audient ASP 4816, but he isn’t reasonnably priced.

guci says:

Amazing to see the comments. Most youngsters today are not used to a mixer. They’d pass out if they had to load a tape machine!!!

The GoalKeeper On The Beatz says:

What mixer is that?

Jerry Flynn Dale says:

Logic Pro X doesn’t have this problem!

John Phillips #JeyDoeProductions says:

Great factual video. I LOVE my loaded ROLAND VS-2480

Marek W says:

I’m using an old Mitec 1602, which is full analog mixer. It’s useful for production process. I mean, when The Producer came in with his/her essential tips and expectations I make some unnoticeable changes on muted channels and than everything sounds better. Anyway, it sounds cool and workflow is smooth. Good to have one for the fun.

C MAN says:

How can i get one of that mixer? Pls i need ur help

Greg Benwell says:

So when you started talking about mixing live streaming I have to wonder HOW does that exactly work when YOU ARE 1) the talent 2) the camera man 3) the sound engineer 4) the video engineer, and 5) the lighting guy ALL BY YOUR SELF?????????????? Now you are saying I have to run a mixing board too at the same time?????? Sorry but seems like way more trouble than it is actually worth on the level of the live streaming!!! And I have seen some of these YouTube channels where a guy is trying to do a live stream WHILE say working on a wood working project, and quality wise it those videos sort of suck!! To begin with a lot of these guys spend MORE TIME just answering questions from the live stream viewers than they do actually working on the project lesson they are trying to teach you, and secondly because of that they are literally all over the map making things even more confusing as they try to stay on task, and then they start constantly repeating themselves making to video take longer than it just should!! NOT that I have the attention span of a grapefruit, BUT after hearing the words “now drill a hole” 15 times, because the content provider has been distracted to answer a question DOES make me lose interest in the content rather quickly!!!! And don’t get me wrong I would like to have a mixer for my mic that I can use an external compressor feature (which currently I compress everything in Audacity) But having to wait for the compressor feature to run DOES slow things down a bit and it would be handy to have this BEFORE it went into the computer is all I am saying!!!!

thomas666 says:

UA Apollo has no noticeable latency so I can record through a 1073 pre or a Fuchs or a Diesel or ENGL or Marshall Plexi and even though I traditionally used 2″ tape machines and an SSL or a Neve console, I’ve gotten used to mixing with a mouse or a fader port. A mixer takes up too much room.

Ask Me says:

I don’t know what interface you’re using that “goes down” when you close the session… Kindaaaa strange…
The streaming definitely is a bitch without a mixer though.

Edgar Barbera says:

Hey Joe! Yes to a mixer in the home studio! Now I’m an old fart 75+, retired from live performance and married to my lead singer (she’s close to 40…robbed-the-cradle) and we are doing projects at home. Thru the years I have accumulated a Yamaha PM 1000, Peavey Mark III 24 ch, Mackie 16, and just added a Behringer 8 USB to our DAW. I intend to keep the Peavey (it’s immaculate and quiet), the rest maybe for sale on Reverb. Is there any “sensible way” to go analog to digital with the big board? I probably have every converter (SPIDF, AES/EBU, etc) on the market and still holding on to a Panasonic SV3900 DAT and a Roland VM3100 Pro that just came back from Roland with a bad diagnosis (a couple of dead faders due to storage for 4 years in a non-climate controlled rental storage unit. Any ideas on what to keep and what to sell?

Gerardo García says:

Hello, I have the previous model of Studiolive and I would like to change to series 3, but I would like to know if it brings Smart audio analysis, because mine did it very well, and it is an option that I do not want to lose

Pete Urbann says:

“That cute little blue fellow” is why I changed over to Focusrite Audio interfaces.

J L says:

Thank you ! You’re my new best friend

DeShaun Jones says:

Watch his previous videos. He does use treatment. That huge panel off in the rear left is a panel. He has other panels that he had designed. He moves those in, out or around as needed.

Nathan Coleman says:

Thank you for talking serious for once. Everybody is always trying to be funny and it is so annoying. Thanks.


Anybody else getting Garth Brooks Vibes!? “I really like that” lmfaooo

Christopher Adams says:

what is the brand and model of this mixer

Christian Giroux says:

I use templates on Cakewalk. Saving a track then loading the template to record the second track actually takes less than 40 seconds. Maybe Pro Tools is too slow?

shawnw73 says:

What is your opinion on graphic eq before or after the compressor? outboard rack gear im talking. Do you get your sound first, then compress?

shawnw73 says:

Love the video. Totally agree with you.

Hiittingnote Nash Vegas says:

Why wouldn’t you have one in a studio ? It is a must have .

K M G says:

Good content.
I’ve followed you on Twitter.

ojgom17 says:

4 Reasons why i can’t have a mixer in my studio
1: I’m broke
2: I’m poor
3: I hired ninjas to kill the people who murdered my family and it cost me my last 10 grand
4: Fuck you

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