Yoga 920 Review – One Big Problem!

Dave2D review of the new Lenovo Yoga 920. This is the best laptop from Lenovo for 2 in 1 users with Quad Core CPU!
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The Lenovo Yoga 920 is one of the best pickups for people looking for a light 2-in-1 device. A great device for people looking to take full advantage of both the tablet and laptop mode. Built with a nearly edgeless 4K display for media consumption and drawing space with their Active Pen 2. 360-degree sounds with Dolby Atmos through headphones. 8th Gen Intel Kaby Lake R processors designed for multitasking. And instant login with a fingerprint reader using Windows Hello.

Wallpaper: Stephanie Stutz

Music Credits: Fili – Splash

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Adway Wadekar says:

Please, please, please, do a giveaway for this device. I need a new computer for schlol/work/outside learning/and some programming for data science. I would really appreciate getting one for free, because I kinda don’t have that much money.

Retzih Pelailee says:

Can you do review of MSI GV62 7RD??

boosy5510 says:

You said 9 hours with the 4k. Mine only gets max 4 hours just using chrome for reddit, youtube, and watching shows. Is this a defect or can I improve it?

Sarah Marshall says:

That carrot demo was brilliant and rather original!!
Come on Lenovo, sort it out!

Dave Lee says:

An awesome laptop, decent tent-mode device but not a great tablet, those edges are nasty sharp. Thanks for watching!

Patrick McKenna says:

I clicked on this video just to see that clean intro

sultanabran1 says:

i have a yoga 710 14, and it’s pretty crap. it’s made crap. the screen doesn’t align with the body when it’s closed. the body creaks when you pick it up and the keyboard is ok at best. the shift hey is half as wide and the up down arrow keys are a full key instead of half like on the 920, so you constantly hit up, instead of shift. overall, i give the laptop 3/10. i’m off lenovo now

gutz166 says:

@dave2d Do you plan to review the new HP Envy x360 15″ — the Ryzen mobile edition, next?

Jaysen Lee says:

@Dave Lee You are totally wrong about the battery life. This laptop only last about 4 hours of usage at max

Mikey Mike says:

2:38 Dave2D XD

Fahim Mosharrof Ratul says:

Hey Dave! The end of 2017 is near and it would be really awesome if u made a which Asus gaming laptop to buy in 2017 like the one u did with the macbooks, comparing their price, specs, etc. Asus has such a big variety and it’s often difficult for consumers to make the right decision. A vid from u would be awesome. Thanks!

Rockce 9Net says:

i use my laptop as heater & sometime doing barbecue…

Adrian Abaja says:

Can you do a top best $200 dollar laptop? Or maybe just starting from $200 dollars? I really want to buy a secondary device to just make documents and surfing the web on the go since I only have a PC.

lefthandedpolack says:

i have a cheaper dell 2 in 1 and it is more than enough for most people. no fans doesnt get too warm. 3 usb ports full hdmi got it under 300. put an ssd in it and it plays more games than you would think. including dx12 stuff like civ 6.

i never use it as a tablet. tent mode and keyboard down mode on my desk at work to get the screen closer yeah. either brand/price point 2 in 1s are better than ipads hands down.

haze guy says:

Hi Dave, I’m looking for a budget hybrid laptop that’s decent with 12 to 14inch display. What can you recommend? TIA.

Top Gearbest Deals says:

Ladies and Gentlemen Great price here For
Xiaomi Mi Notebook Pro – CORE I7 8GB + 256GB DEEP GRAY
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● Microsoft Windows 10 OS
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● Intel Core i7-8550U Quad Core 1.8GHz, up to 4.0GHz
Ultra-low-voltage platform and quad-core processing provide maximum high-efficiency power
● NVIDIA GeForce MX150 GPU
Dual graphics supported, better and faster in playing games and watching videos
● 8GB DDR4 RAM for Advanced Multitasking
Substantial high-bandwidth RAM to smoothly run your games, photos and video-editing applications
● 256GB SSD Storage Capacity
Provides room to store pictures, videos, music and more
● Front Camera for Photos and Face-to-face Chat
1.0MP front camera allows you to capture memorable moments or chat with friends
● HDMI Output Expands Your Viewing Options
You can connect the device to an HDTV or high-definition monitor to set up two screens side by side or just enlarge pictures
● Dual Band 2.4GHz / 5.0GHz WiFi
802.11a/b/g/n/ac wireless Internet, allows you to connect to the Web while within range of an available wireless network

Lyme Z ombie says:

I have the Lenovo Flex 4, same problem. My DH thought I was just wimping out, when mentioning it. I bought a silicone wrist rest (that surrounds the touch pad), cut it up, and glued it to the edge.
The carrot idea was very good, funny!
Having disabilities, I find a 2-in-1 very handy.
Thanks for the reviews!

Albert Diaz Pratama says:

Make a review on the new gl502vm kabylake please… i think a lot of people are interested in this laptop

Mohamed Kamel says:

You say “subs if you loved it”, what if I’m already subbed, what should I do? lol

alzstar says:

I think if I can save up enough money I’m gonna try buy this coz I won’t need to use it as a tablet as I already have one so now I just need this for myself as a laptop
Edit: Why is that carrot so beautiful it looks animated

Jeffrey Hill says:

OMG, Sharp edges???  REALLY???  Give me a break…   How about giving Pos/Neg reviews that actually matter…

preston richards says:

the last generation of this product line from lenovo had a-lot of overheating and fan noise issues, did this problem continue.

Evan Dermatis says:

At only 3lbs and it’s small size the edges are no big problem, no problem at all. maybe check you delicate hands, use less moisturizer.

OsHi says:

…starts peeling a carrot using all other devices…

MatthewFX says:

The problem with this laptop is that 2 years down the line, the ribbon cable wears out from all the bending and you’re stuck with no screen

mrN3w7 says:

How many carrots can I peel with this device before I need to re-sharpen it? 😐

Roland Nagy says:

Never understood how this “tablet form” could spread and still be on market. MS Surface Book is 2in1 this is 1.4in1. Just a laptop with pimped up hinge. For me 2in1 means that the screen is detachable. As I imagine the keyboard and trackpad at the back can be annoying while holding it in tablet mode. Maybe its just me but I wouldnt like the idea to put this thing down on a desk as a tablet with the keyboard downwards. Plus I dont want extra weight when I dont really need it. Sry but Yoga sucks.

Luke Gabel says:

I’ve got a surface book now but I really like the new xps 13 the only thing keeping me with the surface is the note taking ability. Is it worth losing that to switch?

TomoQuads says:

so much hand movement making me think this guy is….. plus he like holding a carrot….

Sawyer Seth says:

I really like how they moved towards the unibody aluminum design. their old plastic magnesium stuff was kinda sketchy

Edward Marshall says:

Annually confident huh broadcast problem sexually variety vitamin assumption.

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