XPS 13 Review – The World’s Smallest 13″ Laptop!

Dave2D review of the XPS 13 9370. Dell perfected the ultrabook and it’s the smallest 13″ laptop in the world.
XPS 13 9370 – http://amzn.to/2lY9Y6c
Laptop Skins – https://dbrand.com

Dell steps their game up with their latest XPS laptop. A next gen InfinityEdge display with a 4mm border, a 80.7% screen to body ratio. Compared to the previous 2017 XPS 13, the latest version is 24% smaller and is currently the World’s Smallest Laptop! The XPS 13 also comes with 8th Gen Intel Quad Core processors. Dell was chosen for the CES 2018 “Best of Innovation Award”.

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Austin Butcher says:

Dbrand don’t have a cover for the Dell XPS 13 9370 at this time. I emailed them and they said they will do one but they have other priorities at this time. 🙁 They said the version for the 9360 does not fit.

Ramon Torres says:

Wheres the XPS 15 9570 ?

ndl says:

The most important thing – is the coil whine still there?

Darius T. says:

Great review. Thanks!

zaubertag says:

Thanks a lot for the review. “Fresh, Clean and Healthy” as always :-).

I appreciate very much it’s microSD card slot. I use it for Ebooks and other stuff. Very useful, at least if you are running out of space and if the content doesn’t change (more or less). Nevertheless, I appreciate the possibility to change the SSD on this one.

Juliet Zhu says:

Good video. Thanks a lot. I got some useful tips on how to play Blu-ray/DVD on XPS with ease: http://www.brorsoft.cn/tutorial/copy-blu-ray-dvd-collections-onto-dell-xps-15-touch-windows-10-laptop.html

#TeamFlash says:

I stopped at the color accuracy. like wtf…

Dave Lee says:

The white glass fiber weave looks awesome. I’m a big fan of white colored tech but what do you guys think? Is the white color better than the black/silver? Thanks for watching!

Man Hey says:

Can you have the new Lenovo X1 Carbon review? Thanks a lot

David Cung says:

would you recommend gaming with this laptop with an egpu

th4rujith says:

Honestly my dads acer is sexier and thinner than whatever this is

Supercharged says:

I wonder will the 9570 have an ATI option since the 1050GT hasn’t been updated

Ricoh Vegas says:

What’s the advantage with the 256gb PCIe SSD build vs the 128gb SSD. Does the latter not come with any PCIe support?

kurisound says:

I really want to buy a new lightweight laptop but I have no idea which one. So many to choose from!

MoptoppMusic says:

I have the 2015 Dell XPS 13, hasn’t slowed down a bit

dorodoro JPN says:

the laptop still can handle well for not-so-heavy editing right? premiere pro, sony vegas, lightroom etc

lllllllllllll says:

Hey dave2dee,

can you please make a video about maxq vs kaby lake GH??

I am looking for a replacement for my 5.5 year old laptop and my next should at least run as long as my old one.
I currently prefer the Dell 7577 with maxq.
I don’t want to regret the buy right after 4 months, when the kaby lake GH devices outperform mine while being much more sleeker and lighter.

sucks sucks says:

going to sell my macbook pro 13 to buy this thing.

Zaren says:

Compared to last year’s 1080p screen, would you say there’s a huge upgrade in quality with the 2018 1080p screen?

Kathleen Dauz says:

Is there a keyboard dust cover for this laptop? Just got mine off Dell today! Super excited, getting me that marble decal 🙂

Jacky Chua says:

Hi Dave, is this XPS 13 (2018) have user replaceable RAM slot?

Tim Kh says:

Where is fingerprint reader ?????

laughingc0w says:

When do you think the XPS 13 360/touch will be revamped?

Igwe Ogba says:

Thanks for the review. Do you have any measurements on adobergb?

NL0Gwenster says:

Looks great, i`m about to buy a new ultrabook. It’s either this or the HP Spectre (the non X360 ones) with the 8th gen quad-core CPU upgrade.
Hopefully you can do a review on that one Dave2D !

Sesario Dermawan says:

Can we play dota2 or the sims4 in xps13? I’m not a big fans of game but sometimes i need to play

Arafat Al Sabuj says:

Which one should I pick???
Asus S410UN -> Nvidia MX150 {4GB} Integrated VRAM+128SSD+1HDD (((vs)))
Acer Swift SF315-51G -> Nvidia MX150 {2GB} Dedicated VRAM+2HDD

Emanuel Premate says:

Is this good enough for video editing in Premiere Pro CC?

Ricardo Jordao says:

Well done Dave! I was waiting for this one. What docking station would you recommend to plug in 2 monitors and other peripherals? Thanks!

UniqTechniq says:

I have a Razer eGpu. How easy is it to use with this laptop?

f/0 says:

I’m selling my Macbook Pro 2016 to buy a Dell XPS for many reasons, but the n.1 is the dongle life. When I bought it, I was thinking I could get used to it, but no. There is *no way* you can substitute the experience of having full USB-A 3.0 ports and primarly *the full sized SD reader*. I think I’ll buy the old version. Four lanes of what? who uses this things connected to km of cables? I don’t need it. I need a thing that is light, that can last a day of use, that can import my footage and photos from my sd card. Something that finally *works well*. The last thing that happened to me and that made me almost pull the macbook out of the window was that mystery that if you connect the dongle the macbook is not able to communicate via wifi. As soon as you disconnect all the peripherals the mbp connect to the wifi. Pure garbage. I hope DELL doesn’t stop producing the old models.

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