XPS 13 (2019) – Laptop Perfected

Dave2D review of the 2019 XPS 13 – 9380. This is the best laptop from Dell for thin and light portable computing.
Laptop Skins – https://dbrand.com
XPS 13 – https://amzn.to/2T3beYN
eGPU Box – https://amzn.to/2UdE7hC

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Pijush Gupta says:

same wallpaper, on the thumbnail laptop wallpaper.

Jayden says:

That’s a cool looking laptop

Dino Cruz says:

$1,749.00? Tooooo much…

Hasan Chaudhry says:

Which laptop would be recommended if I wanted to do 3d modeling , mainly blender and graphic design and I’m not concerned about gaming

Bryan Bielka says:

Dave Lee looks happy that means 2019 xps is worth to buy

Farhan Tanvir says:

D2D will you cover the 2019 Dell G series?

Andrei Strajeru says:

Do hp spectre 2019!

Paglu Habib says:

Pls make a review on hp pavilion 15 gaming laptop pls pls

HeadPack says:

They could get rid of the bottom bezel.

Haise Kishou says:

It it fanless?

ADGames says:

Nice video dave I really want to see your opinion about huawei matebook x pro, I already bought it and its a very nice ultrabook I want to know your opinion

A J says:

Can you suggest best budget ultra book?

Tsvetomir Kolev says:

Whats the wallpaper from the thumbnail?

SlapNDash says:

0:59 what it’s like to put in contacts

obohP • says:

At least they have the decency to include a dongle from the box.

Ludwik S says:

@Dave2D can you do a review of the Asus S13?

Sean Wilson says:

Put removable ram in the damn thing

Mustafa Alaabo says:

no 3:2 aspect ratio? no thanx

Francis Pacis says:

Always like your vids. Any news from mx250 laptops?

Brad C says:

Left screen if 4k

Ronnie DiMaio says:

You know if someone isn’t listening to your voice and just watching your videos they can misconstrue everything

CasuallyPlayingWOT says:

For the love of god PLEASE DON’T DO SIDE SHOTS. We dont’ care if unbox therapy does them. Random switches to the side, especially with such a noticable drop in quality, just super detract from the content and ruin the clean aesthetic. You’re like unbox therapy if he was good, don’t include the things that make him bad

Buford "Mad Dog" Tannen says:

Soldered RAM, soldered wifi module, a non-thunderbolt usb-c port on the right to confuse the hell out of people.
No thanks…

42SVB says:

This thing gets super hot on the bottom of the laptop and the power brick. I returned this right away.

RIAD. DZ says:

يخرب بيتك

pedrofly100 says:

But can it run crysis???!!!

Sorry wrong chanel.

joshross93 says:

Bought one, top of the range as it was on sale from JB for 20% off. Returned it a day later, coil whine was almost unbearable and still a massive issue with Dell XPS. Literally anything as simple as scrolling a web page or moving the mouse had the coils whining like crazy. I do have above average hearing however, I was able to hear the coil whine maybe 0.5-1m away from the laptop.

Another issue was the fans were constantly on when the laptop was doing even the simplest of tasks. I’m no apple fan boy, the build quality and the 4K screen on this was amazing, but for the price, I couldn’t justify a top spec laptop that didn’t remain quiet at idle or even the most basic of tasks. I would have rather fans on all the time so at least I couldn’t hear the coil whine but then id have to deal with the fans on.

Picked up the 13″ MBP. sure for the price, it’s not as similarly spec’d and their upgrade costs are a joke, but trust me, its silent in almost all of the tasks I am using it for and that’s what I want in a premium build ultrabook.

TheRofllolwtf says:

have they ever fixed the battery problem?? after the warranty period the battery starts to bulge and press up on the track pad and key board. customer service were no help. ive replaced the battery but a load of problems continued to persist.

Bowl of Soup says:

Oh, isn’t that Welyn’s video?

Torane_B says:

anyone else notice at 2:40 that guy fades in ^_^

Den Way says:

They Can and they Will improvee it – OLED!!!?!

StefanUrkel says:

I could tell easily the left image was 4k.

DemiRonin says:

That page up, page down button is a hUuuuge deal breaker for me.

Dylan Guerrero says:

i bought the very first XPS 13 and that thing holds up to this day.

The Compass says:

Is he standing up?

Ironshadow says:

Are you going to do a huawaii Matebook 13 review?

Javier pereira rodriguez says:

Lies!!!! Dell has so much stupid bloware specially on the audio department and it has a ton of problems with the headphone jacks. I ordered 3 of them at the different times because it having the same issues! I ended up going with the surface and its awesome

Guts says:

I wish it didn’t come with the ugly Dell logo.

David M says:

Why don’t you do a video showing us how you do all of the animations on your videos?

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