Xiaomi Mi Gaming Laptop Review

Mi Gaming Laptop full review, Xiaomi’s first attempt at a gaming laptop with up to Core i7 7700HQ & Nvidia GTX 1060 6GB. Price check: Geekbuying https://goo.gl/x1MUij & Banggood https://www.banggood.com/search/mi-gaming-laptop.html?p=QZ14021624945201505Y

01:39 – Screen & sRGB
02:19 – Keyboard
03:45 – Touchpad
04:04 – Ports
04:47 – Webcam
05:23 – Internals
06:06 – Battery Life
06:34 – Mi RGB control
07:47 – Audio
08:20 – Thermals
08:40 – Fan noise
09:15 – Benchmarks
09:43 – 4k encoding
10:12 – Gaming tests
12:00 – Final words
13:50 – Pros & Cons listed

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Tae-woong Seo says:

I got an idea. Macro the fan button to ESC and the bottom key to Ctrl. Problem solved haha

Мистер Джей says:

You are the only laptop reviewer who touches the theme of outside temps. Thank you very much. Great reviews.

isanaaan says:

review nokia 7 china ver next please

LegendaryVegeta says:

oh that hinge is bad

Statman and Co. says:

Once again, thank you for your hard work to find every little thing that can separate a good product from a great one. As always, the precision in your work is above average and make us understand what are the flaws of any given product.
Liked it, shared it, waiting for the next one 😉

PS : Formula 1 is in your country this week-end. ¡ Vamos Fernando Alonso ! 😀

jac hug says:

What a dissapointment ,i was expecting this laptop to have a much better battery.

Мандибрики і Цирупопики says:

Wait, they even removed Win key on the left side? That’s the last nail in its coffin. Garbage usability.

jun park says:

$1300…..no support no warranty. Grab Alienware from Dell outlet. Or tons of laptops on sale for under $1000 with gtx1060. Bit too much for the spec.

Артур Юсупов says:

Поскорее бы русские субтитры, так как обзор мне обязан к просмотру

Alejandro Gutierrez says:

They just released a new bios for it(0304) supposedly it addresses a keyboard issue and the fan noise, you can find it on the Xiaomi forums, maybe test it and see what it does, there is also a Quiet mode on the bios (on both 0303 and 0304). Just press F2 continuously while booting to access it.

Adam Janati says:

Always like your vids man , keep it up

Steve Nagy says:

Nice review. May I suggest some background lighting or items to spruce up your visuals while you are presenting?

César Lima says:

Is witcher 3 at ultra settings? Why is only 45 fps? It is a 1060 gpu. i saw a lot of 1050ti laptops doing better, weird

Nathanael Pillay says:

Prototypers don’t type….

Vinayak Mukherjee says:

Were the games tested with the charger attached ?

Vincent Valentine says:

Hi mate, can you also review the MSI GS65?

Ryan Pruske says:

was the sd card slot 3.0?
read the end notes, just missed it the first time through. thanks

Benjamin Suarez says:

About remaining peel freeze duck section peer heart most dare.

Dr Peter jones says:

why does this almost reflect the design of the korean made 15 inch lg gram ? ‘Someone is copying someone’

Rohit Debbarma says:

Will you review dell g7?

az zahar says:

Probably gonna hold my money for a while because remember this is 1st gen Xiaomi’s gaming laptop. So i hope it will wound up great like from Mi Notebook Air to Mi Notebook Pro

Jeremy Wickersheimer says:

The cooling is important in China, summer gets hot and humid and a lot of people cannot afford aircon 24/7. But yes, need to wait for the hardware refresh on ti to buy it.

Łukasz Sieradzki says:

I’m somewhat disappointed by this device, solid 1st attempt but nothing more. Xiaomi made a really dumb decision releasing this with already outdated chipset, so Im not exactly sure who’s gonna buy it by the time the prices drop to a ‘normal’ level.. Gotta wait for the refresh. Also why did they have to change the keyboard and the speakers.. Some weird decisions going on.. Thanks for the review, Chris!

Tim Pearcy says:

Great review, nice to see the nit-picks! (honesty). Seems overpriced so we tend to agree on that issue.

skirmich says:

That i5 is a very stupid bottleneck for the 1060GTX…

sharma ji ka ladka says:


Ries Patrick says:

How is you Wallpaper called?

ZANY69 says:

Will you review the new Honor MagicBook?

محمد خالد says:

Good work

DoObs says:

And yet….why not put an 8 series chip in rather than the 7700HQ, kinda silly. All these brands are just a bunch of sheep. Or its an Intel issue. Probably an intel issue.

Olivier Barthelemy says:

I’ve had a keybaord with a left-side macro row for 2 years. It still trips me up.

César Lima says:

xiaomi gaming laptop vs Lenovo legion with same specs??



Adisam S says:

Is air blowing out sides uncomfortable? or is it too hot to make experience unbearable?

Rooks14 says:

I disagree. I actually prefer having more programmable keys specifically dedicated macro keys. What they should have done is put somekind of a separator.

Paulabusa says:

Great content mate… Your i depth review of Xiaomi products gives me good information for decision making. With so many phones coming out from them.. Your reviews gives me good insights on which one to get.

Steffen Laurens says:

Great video, finally someone made a review of Xiaomi Gaming laptop. The fan noise is really a bummer though.

Gerald Dumaran says:

Teclast F7 or Jumper Ezbook 3 Pro? Which is the best for school use? Can’t choose between the two.

RudolphOoO says:

You’re awesome!

Jonh Smith says:

https://github.com/randyrants/sharpkeys with this program, you can remap one key to any other key. i hope it helps.

Ricardo Pajonares. says:

Solo la quiero para fortnite vale la pena ;v

Kirill Fominov says:

Thank you. But what you forgot to mention is this laptop isn’t for official reselling abroad. It’s a Chinese product and it’s been built for the Chinese market. In fact, this model with top specs costs 8999 RMB (Around $1420) which isn’t bad at all. So, this might be quite a good purchase for those who visit China.

timaxell says:

I don’t play games, but I think this keyboard is for gamers to use key macros in some games,Complex key script instructions is important for hardcore gamer.

CrazyBlueTv says:

Same as their “gaming” Smartphone not worth it, sadly.

S L says:

Should have ditched that mechanical hard drive bay, make that second PCIE slot workable and make that batter bigger.

dacorpsemak3r says:

Shame about the old CPU. It was bottlenecking in most of the tested games already, let alone in future titles.

Salvatore Elardo says:

Do you think Xiaomi will update the mi notebook pro this year?

Kwistenbiebel200 says:

I believe this is where Xiaomi crosses a limit, at least for me. I would never buy an expensive item like that from China without a decent return policy or warranty agreement. Sending back a Li-on battery packed item is super difficult and super expensive (DHL only). If I have that kind of money to spend I buy local and would pay the 300 dollar more. I don’t believe Xiaomi will have a lot of luck selling these outside China. Phones under 500, yes, laptops under 600 yes as it is that financial threshold where you can take the gamble and take a loss if something goes wrong. But perhaps Xiaomi is happy to just sell locally in China.

Schuka ProAllied says:

what’s the name of the song when you do the benchmarks for games?

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