Xiaomi Mi Air 13.3 Laptop Review: 2017 Version with Nvidia MX150 GPU!

Buy one at Gearbest – http://lon.tv/8342o (affiliate link) – Xiaomi refreshed their awesome 13.3″ laptop from last year with an updated i5 processor, fingerprint sensor and a Nvidia MX150 GPU! See more gaming laptops: http://lon.tv/gametops and subscribe! http://lon.tv/s

01:17 – Display
01:41 – System Specs
01:59 – Storage upgradeability
02:22 – Weight and build quality
02:42 – Fan noise and ventilation
03:49 – Keyboard and trackpad
04:15 – Installing the US Windows version
05:09 – Ports and connectors
05:59 – Battery life
06:19 – Speakers
06:45 – Performance: Youtube/netflix & web browsing
07:35 – Benchmark: 3DMark Cloudgate
08:06 – Benchmark: 3DMark Time Spy
08:49 – Thermal throttling test
09:14 – Gaming: Witcher 3
10:12 – Gaming: Dota 2
10:23 – Gaming: Minecraft
10:58 – Kodi and high bit rate video
11:33 – Final thoughts
12:53 – Buyer beware on import hardware

Find the Jelly Fish test video here: http://lon.tv/jellyfish

Find Windows drivers here: http://lon.tv/mi13drivers

This is an impressive computer that is not readily available outside of China. Gearbest has them at pretty reasonable prices. What’s nice about this is that it’s a small form factor PC that’s capable of playing AAA titles.

Build and display quality remind me a lot of Apple hardware. All metal with a beautiful IPS display and very nice keyboard and trackpad.

I do wish it had a few more ports, namely Thunderbolt as well as a card reader. While its USB-C port is a full service port (data, power, and video) it lacks Thunderbolt functionality for eGPUs and higher performance docking stations.

Gaming is great on here – it won’t rival a dedicated gaming laptop but the MX150 GPU is a substantial performance boost over last year’s 940MX. We saw very playable framerates on a number of AAA titles in our testing.

All in this is an impressive laptop that packs a lot of power into a very small and attractive form factor.

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Sam Lazar Tech says:

Hay Lon install all the drivers and sound manager adons

Abhijit Kambli says:

I think that it would be worth it to test 4k 60fps YouTube videos on these mid range laptops with new dGPUs or Kaby Lake. Especially the Kaby Lake ones with i3/i5/i7 7xxx. Because Kaby Lake supports VP9 codecs. And with the popularity of 4k TVs people who want to plug in to their 4k TVs via HDMI are bound to find this info useful.

Hendra Wijaya says:

Your video seems like exported in 4:3

Samuel Matheson says:


James Rufer says:

I would really, really love it if you would add laptop fan noise to the methodicalness of your reviews via a good condenser mic. I’m one of these that wants to know exactly what I’d be dealing with audibly, which is of course, nearly impossible unless I’m hands on. Adding this to your reviews would be a benefit for dorks like me. And I’m probably not alone.

ugzz says:

i was almost excited until i hit the link and saw that it was $800..

eukat3ch says:

thanks lon you’re awesome

An Tran says:

Gorgeous, but that price is bleargh
Ended up just buying a used (but still in good condition) GS63VR for $900 instead.
If this had been around $600 like the Acer with equivalent specs, I would love to get one just to play around with.

Sam Lazar Tech says:

Yes finally 2017 Xiaomi laptop.

NathanBrutal says:

Amazing! But I’m still broke so I’ll just stick to my shield tablet k1.

Robert Buffalo says:

Will this computer run Ubuntu OS?

Simon Inga says:

Other reviews show that the keyboard gets to over 40oC when gaming.

Some Guy Named Rob says:

Lon is such a loyal user of Minecraft to bench systems they should rename it to Loncraft.

Garry Gershon Schwartz says:

Why pay an extra $200 over the Aspire 5 .Xiomi has always been too expensive in my mind ,lots of other machines with these specs at equal or cheaper prices available on Amazon.


Timothy Vreeland says:

Sent you a message on Twitter. Been waiting for this review

Preston136 TM says:

Never miss a laptop review!

Cesar Bermudez says:

Can it GTA V?

Romvnly Plays says:


Anime101 says:

Thank you so much lon. I love how you put time stamps on your videos. It helps a lot. There are times when i just want to see a certain part of a video and i have to go through it blind.

Lon.TV says:

Note on the Windows license – if I reinstalled the China edition of Windows it will activate. But installing the US version requires a new key.

Dylan Coulbeck says:

See apple…they can make a thin laptop comparable to your new macbook lineup and still add a usb 3.0 port instead of type c

XJLCA says:

I have this, and I am loving it!

Simon Inga says:

You don’t need to buy a new Windows Licence. Just download the USB installer from the Windows’ website, the licence is written into the notebook’s bios and will automatically load into the English vr of the Windows.

XJLCA says:

Just a tip: Xiaomi actually sells another power adapter that is much smaller and ligher, with a detachable USB C cable; it works very well with this laptop. In fact, many users in China commented that power adapter should have been packed with this laptop to begin with. Xiaomi also has a USB type C adapter that provides power, adds a display port and two USB A 3.0 ports to this laptop, for only $20.

jt3000o says:

So really this computer isn’t $820 it’s closer to $1,000 because you have to buy Windows 10

Brian Su says:

That little line on the upper right part of the trackpad… is that a fingerprint scanner?

Deepesh Prasad says:

You are my favorite reviewer. Thank you so much. Keep them coming.

Charles Kuhn says:

Great vid, Lon. When Lisa from mobiletechreview reviewed the previous version, she said that one can reinstall the english windows version for free. Why is it that you needed to pay for a license?

Chris Benard says:

If you want to help the channel, you Ken.

Russ Cooke says:

Thank you. I must admit that for that much money I would want the security of buying from a retailer established in my country. I would try gearbest for cheap stuff though.

LC Siew says:

the only problem is long term reliability as there is no spare parts available nor service centers

Romvnly Plays says:

I might know a good deal ok so you buy a dell optiplex 990 and add a graphics card and a new PSU and more ram for a cheap price I think this is pretty good considering the dell optiplex 990 comes with a i5 and is around 150 – 300 this is a great deal

Montisaquadeis says:

Lon I might have said this before not sure but you can force minecraft to use the nvidia gpu without changing the whole laptop to use the nvidia gpu. Just have to run minecraft once then add a recently ran program to the nvidia control panel under prgram settings and choose Java(TM) Platform SE binary and have that use the Nvidia card and from then on Minecraft will run with the Nvidia GPU instead of the intel and you won’t mess up anything else like Media playback.

Family Murphy says:

Lon, The specs at gearbest say the laptop has a LAN card but I do not see an ethernet port, is this handled by a dongle? Also the specs do not say if this is single or double AC wireless? Oh and thank you the wonderful channel

Roni Alush says:

PayPal is paying for return shipping if you need to send it back for repair or if you’re not satisfied with the product. You need to buy the product with PayPal of course.

Alex-Duder5000 Soames says:

For anyone wondering the MX150 is basically a laptop GT 1030

Init Prime says:

the included SSD is an nvme Samsung SSD fyi

charlie brownau says:

why do you benchtest GTA with combination of high and very high and its BLOODY HARD TO SEE THE ACTUAL FRAMES , please grab msi afterburner not fraps

PikolUploader says:


charlie brownau says:

Good to see a laptop like that actually lasting 9 hours , still doesnt beat the Toshiba Chromebook 2 CB35 2014 which lasts 11 hours

Strider Wolf says:

just add minecraft exe on the nvidia control panel optimus section, no need to force the gpu in bios?

PikolUploader says:

Please also look into performance throttling after longer usage

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