Windows on ARM: Asus NovaGo TP370QL Review: 2-in-1 Laptop with Snapdragon Processor

Buy it on Amazon – (affiliate link) – No it’s not the dreadful Windows RT reincarnated but still needs work. The Asus NovaGo TP370QL runs with an ARM based Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 mobile phone processor. It can also run Intel x86 code in emulation. See more 2-in-1’s: subscribe!

See my Windows 10 S Explainer:

01:32 – Hardware Overview
01:40 – Price and Configuration Options
02:04 – Design and Build Quality
02:18 – Weight
03:28 – Display
03:43 – Trackpad
04:11 – Keyboard: not backlit!
04:27 – Ports
04:28 – No USB TYPE-C
04:46 – SIM Card slot: always connected PC
06:04 – Windows 10 S
06:42 – What works on Snapdragon processor?
08:20 – Applications that are optimized (Minecraft Test)
09:08 – Microsoft Word (in emulation)
10:11 – Web Browser Limited to Edge
10:49 – BrowserBench Speedometer Test
11:48 – Gaming
12:12 – Steam
12:29 – 3DMark Cloudgate Benchmark
13:36 – x86 Intel Emulation Works with older apps
13:59 – Photoshop CC in x86 emulation
15:20 – Final Thoughts and Conclusions

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Ronal Dolar says:

My only gripe is it runs windows not android

Victor Noel Cory Paz says:


[Aegus] says:

I have a feeling that the emulation will one day be near as good as the genuine article. But we’re not there yet. If I want a Windows machine with good battery life, it’d be an Atom based machine. If I were to have a mobile processor running on my machine, the machine itself would have to be extremely thin. (I’d live with the shortcomings if the hardware was unique and ultra portable.)

Pirun Gaming says:

I think this laptop would run better a linux OS,have you tried any distribution? I think Ubuntu has an ARM optimised version.

James W says:

Honestly, if people want LTE…just get a business laptop with LTE

D Jaquith says:

Too damn expensive. ARM won’t run any x64 (64-bit) Windows Apps and it’s running as an Emulator, it’s emulating an x86 CPU .. and it’s slow. It’s basically like Windows RT with emulated x86, and RT failed miserably.

Bryant Mitchell says:

Wasn’t Windows S suppose to be on Chromebook level hardware at Chromebook level prices? This laptop makes no sense. I’ll just what for the eventual fire sale.

Hoku says:

Hi Lon! How do you think this laptop would work with Android/Remix OS/Chromium installed? I imagine it would be a better experience? Since the processor is running an OS it’s optimized to run. Maybe battery life would be better too.

Simon Vannarath says:

8:32: I’m getting hungry, and it’s only Friday morning here in Sydney, Australia!

MrBrymstond says:

Thanks for the warning. I figured as much.

Droogie128 says:

That price is a deal breaker. Too bad, it’s a cool device.

6maxwell99 says:

Great review Lon. This laptop doesn’t seem to be quite ready for prime time yet. I think I’d give them another year or two with better processors.

Andrew Altamirano says:


Ramón González says:

50% the performance at 200% the price. Why would you release it to consumers?

It’s just going to make people associate it with shit performance for the price. Release it when it’s a better solution than a laptop + power bank, it’s still a few generations away from being competitive.

Stacey Luster says:

Nice work on the video, Lon

ARM based Windows systems…
Super expensive
no x64 based app compatibility.

Yeah…too expensive for too slow of performance. I honestly don’t see how ARM is ever gonna take off. It’s just not there.

Tom says:

Amazing that there are still so many issues. You would have thought a multi billion dollar company would fix this stuff before actual products release..

bert farry says:

There will be a snapdragon 1000 that will be made to run windows and by emulator 86 software

SirW0nka says:

It would have been an interesting product if it cost half the current price. Otherwise I think they missed everything on this, from the design to the performance standpoint, and weren’t even able to handle the compatibility issues.

Bryan Escober says:

Why does this exist? Some intel i5 and definetly i3 and amd a12 laptops are way more powerful and cost less….. And has way more use ability

Kenny J says:

$599 and $699 is wayyyyyy too much, I was very interested before hearing those prices.

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