Vaio SX14 Laptop Review

Lisa Gade reviews the Vaio SX14, Vaio’s latest 14” Ultrabook, now available in the US. As you’d expect from a Vaio, it’s extremely thin and light and good looking, yet it has plenty of ports. It runs Windows 10 Pro on Intel Whiskey Lake quad core, 15 watt CPUs- Core i5 and i7. The laptop is available with full HD and 4K matte displays, and weighs just 2.3 lb. / 1 kg. The SX14 has an NVMe SSD, backlit keyboard and is available in 4 colors. Here’s the link to their US site: .


Joe Hodgson says:

review request: LG-Gram 2-in-1 14 inch 2019 …please please please, Lisa: artists need your take on it! 🙂

Suzumebachi says:

A friend of mine chased singed once. Was nice to know him.

hippojeff says:

finally! thanks Lisa!

James Piper says:

i miss sony vaio, it was a brand that i trusted! now, i cant even think of buying a vaio! 1: i only see this ultrabook crap and 2: overly expensive! i live in the uk where the vaio brand was one of the biggest, now there nowhere to be seen. vaio has gone from a product for everyone to one just for the rich and famous! they’ve destroyed the brand just like sony destroyed there customers trust! vaio could have kepted the customers sony lost and they didn’t even try! what a wast of a well known brand!

Meso Phyl says:

i fell for VAIO so many times and regretted it every time. They always have proprietary drivers and bad support. Never a VAIO for me, just switch to Lenovo and never look back. Their premium price is plain retarded
cant believe they still use the same keyboard and track buttons from 10 years ago. LOL

Google Account says:

Don’t buy VAIO. Had a VAIO Z Canvas and the quality control and customer service have been absolutely abysmal since the division. Take it from a Vaio Z 2010 and Vaio Z Canvas owner. Save yourself money and the endless headache.

His Supreme Clarkson-ness says:

VGA, Ethernet, USB A and C, HDMI, SD. Good design, understated looks (at least the black). This looks fantastic.

SamBeg StHa2 says:

Lenovo Y740 please?

Gautham Ramesh says:

Seriously DDR3L ram at 2019? :O

csquaredboxing says:

Love all the tech reviews, definitely helpful!

Celestial Being says:

I had a Vaio

himynameistim says:

I can’t believe the thing has a VGA port lol.

dknight xs says:

Remember when sony vaios were the only competition for macbooks?

Richard Lynch says:

I want a 15in one

Micah Chase says:

Woah a singed shirt. A woman with refined tastes I see.

Tianyi Zhang says:

This is just beautiful.

Tangchi Prathomo says:

Nice laptop! It’s time to move to Huawei.

GreenStorm01 says:

They wasted a lot of space next to the battery. Could’ve increased that in size…

Fadic4 says:

Can you please review the asus zenbook 14?

Ville Kokkonen says:

There you see, it is very possible to put very much ports to light and thin laptop. Somehow, the laptop makers don’t want to do that. I think that is cause they want to sell buttload of dongles and things..

Tazboy says:

I like the matte display

Babu Fits says:

I just wish they would update the Vaio Flip with dgpu. It has the only convertible mechanism that I have ever liked. The rest are just tolerable, mediocre or terrible.

Gu Nesnaj says:

Vga was around in the early 90’s

Alit Putra says:

So many wasted space

H and M Johnson says:

Any chance Vaio will put out a gaming laptop?

Konstantin Lobanov says:

Price starts from 1300 USD… I doubt we need such small trackpad and battery. No expandable graphic card through type C and it also noisy…

Jared Waite says:

Love the red, wish more laptops had this colour option

Sayak Das says:

Didn’t know that VAIO is back in business.

Shadi Alahmadi says:

Thin laptop that doesn’t need adapters.

JustJake says:

So basically, it sucks.

MrBread0000 says:

Still using the Vaio Tap 11 i5 i bought in 2013. Though the fan needed to be fixed a couple of times, Sony was still fixing it for me after Vaio was sold off. They imported the fan parts from Japan and the repair cost US70 or so. They have just released the Vaio A12 (of course as usual in Japan and no idea if ROW will get a release) which is the one I would like to get.

Kwan Seung Lee says:

TBH, the only selling point is their lush red. 35W battery is inexcusable.

Enmy Myen says:

This color is magnetic

Ken Yup says:

I thought Sony Vaio was dead

the0000alex0000 says:

so it has a lighting mark at the type c but it’s not thunderbolt? and that mini trackpad… fucking japanese at its finest

Brandon Hu says:

Lol still have the 2009 VAIO

yabish says:

Please review Acer Triton 500 2019 model

Horus Osiris says:

Vaio is the best laptop out there, such a great port selection, good job

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