Unboxing setup and review of a Dell Inspiron 15 5570 Laptop, Intel i7,16GB RAM, 256GB SSD/2TB HDD

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Dell Inspiron 15 5570 Laptop, Intel Core i7, 16GB RAM, AMD Radeon 530, 2TB HDD, 256GB SSD, 15.6”, Full HD, Silver

Product description

Intel Core i7

As software demands increase, you need to be sure your computer will be up to the job. This incarnation of the Dell Inspiron 15 5570 laptop has 16GB of RAM, an 8th generation Quad-Core Intel i7 processor, a huge Hard Disk Drive (HDD), along with a Solid State Drive (SSD) and a beautiful 15.6” Full HD screen. It will boot up in moments and fly through your work requirements with ease.

Power processor
Fitted with an Intel 8th generation, Quad-Core i7 processor and 16GB of RAM, the Dell Inspiron 15 5570 will breeze effortlessly through your computing needs. With enough onboard power for you to work with multiple demanding applications open, you’ll happily experience flawless multi-tasking, without interruption.

Solid State Drive
The Dell Inspiron 15 5570’s 256GB Solid State Drive gives you the capacity to store your documents and media, while ensuring quicker and reliable access to your files and programs. SSDs are far faster than regular hard drives. Ingeniously, SSDs don’t use moving parts to work, which makes them far more dependable and also quieter.

Great entertainment
Thanks to its crisp 15.6”, Full HD screen, viewing your high resolution photos, films and videos will be a luxurious pleasure. It has been designed to convey stunning, immersive images and it makes for a great gaming and multimedia experience.

Connecting your other devices
The USB ports allow for ultra-fast data transfer bandwidth of up to 10 gigabits per second, so you can download media files quicker. The SD card slot offers a convenient way to upload your photos and videos, while Bluetooth enables you to send data wirelessly between devices.


Salman Raza says:

What about anti glare screen…. it’s better for movie and photos?

kerry Gremory says:

Lol this laptop is a copy of (lenovo ideapad 320) xD

Aquila Noctis says:

HI! I would like to ask if it is much harder to clean install windows on this machine…

I reformulate better, in my experience, Dell UEFI based laptops are really hard to clean install compared to other UEFI laptop such as MSI or HP…

Could you tell me if there are additional trick aside from setting “safeboot /OFF” and putting your install device as first on boot?


Tazeen Khan says:

Is it made of plastic or metal?

Bryan Flores says:

does it support m.2 nvme drive?

Regina S. Bell says:

I am having a hard time deciding between a dell and hp. I looking at the hp omen 17 w-210nr and this dell with a i5 processor. I am tore but the price different is the Omen is 979.99 and the Dell is 676.99. I hope i can decide.

elsayed mohamed says:

Thx man

Armia Khairy says:

what model does have an optical driver ?

MrVonGrumble says:

|s this a full aluminium shell laptop? Just wanted something different to a macbook pro as I work in IT and need a windows machine so I can work from home. Was thinking about the 17″ i7 laptop but I want something with a nice build to it. I was about to buy the inspiron 7000 15 but it went up in price for no reason so I saw the 17″ and thought that might be better for me. But are the 5000 and the 7000 both metal construction?

Bhavuk Jain says:

What about Battery?

Ika Mtsituridze says:

When i go to amazon link usa it shows i5 256 ram 8 gb config

bashaar mohammad says:

do you recommend it ?

D. R. says:

What is the price?….

2f4uReActiON says:

I got the 5570 i5 8250u radeon 530 4GB GDDR5 8GB RAM 128SSD + 1TB and I need help. If I play league of legends in low settings im getting a 78-80 celcius cpu normally, and sometimes up to 85-88 and around 78 the gpu while iam using a cooling pad, I switched to dedicated graphic in plugged in and I only have open task manager lol, and speccy. Is this normal.?? Cause a friend of mine in high settings has ~20 celcius less with i7 7500u and 940mx acer

Alaa Buhussaien says:

HI sir I have few questions

1- the 2 TB it’s SSD or HDD ?
Or there are both SSD + HDD

2- have a fingerprint and touch screen?

thesanifire says:

Nice review. Cheers.

Pavan Aithal says:

I read in the comment section that most people are facing the fan-noise problem. Are you facing any problem? if so, Have you resolved it?

Adam Sloan says:

Did you find the screen had a very small viewing angle? You have to get the up/down and left/right perfect to see the screen!

xEquestrillyx says:

Hi. I was wondering if this model has a backlit keyboard? And if so, how do you turn it on? Thanks for the help

money man says:

Can anyone help? I bought this model tdy but am shocked that windows hello and the fingerprint reader isint available?can I know how to enable the fingerprint reader on it?

Srinivas Srinu says:

We can play gta game in the laptop

TimGuy13 says:

The display doesnt look good thats a con

Cubing Cat says:

I liked the video, a small question though. I’m looking at 2 variations of the same model and the specs are all the same except laptop 1 has 2tb of hard drive with an i7 8550u core and laptop 2 has a 256gb ssd with an i5 8250u core. I’ve heard that ssd is faster but the hard drive model has an upgraded cpu, my questions are if laptop 1 is faster or if laptop 2 is faster. And also I can’t afford to get one that has both ssd and hhd. Small note- the laptop with 2tb hhd and core i7 costs 80aud more.. please get back to me ASAP as the sale ends tomorrow.

Ashwani Damani says:

How to reduce the fan problem?

Rijul Kaji Kasaju says:

Is the keyboard backlit?

Vaibhav Dang says:

Do you get a mic input?

Ronak Kumar says:

Hi. Is the palm rest area metallic or plastic. I am asking as I use my mouse on this area. Thanks

prasanna kumar says:

dell 7570 i5 8250u vs 5570 i5 8250u

AkshayaPatra Hyderabad, Telangana says:

Hey there, I need a suggestion urgently- Which Laptop to Buy? This laptop fan sound is very noisy!

I dont play games, I need good processor & 2TB or at least 1TB drive for storeage (if possible SSD or 1TB HDD+128GB SSD) , touch screen & 360 degree rotation will be good, but not mandatory. Thanks in advance


I like to ask about the speakers . Plz reply me about the speakers

Riaz Shinwari says:

Can u plz help me out mate. I have bought the same laptop and it’s running very slowly and it’s very annoying. What could be the problem with it as I bought it brand new. Thank you

Cheran Tamilan says:

Plz give review on hp 15-CC129TX

Luke says:

Hi, I have an urgent question: is it possible to add two additional monitors at the same time via USBC and HDMI? The USBC port supports DP, so I thought it should work, US Dell support says yes, German Dell support says no

prasanna kumar says:

what about battery can you tell me how hours you are getting the battery on moderate usage

Aggelina Tersenidou says:

I’m facing internet issues. My laptop is
DELL Inspiron 5570 Intel Core i5. I bought it a month ago. It already had windows 10 installed. The wi-fi is fully connected, but there’s no internet access for most of the time!!! What i have to do?

unique world says:

What else you need

Farhan Ahmad says:

What about its fan noise? I heard it is very loud..!!

David Gaynor says:

Thanks for the video!

Markus GH says:

Thanks a bunch for this video! Do we get the windows key for it? Can we reinstall it I mean or will we have to pay if we reinstall the windows?

SAL3M says:

Is it somewhat good for gaming on medium settings, for example gta 5? Please reply!

Amuk Saxena says:

Can you please share link for this laptop which I can order in India? I am not getting 256 GB SSD option available in India. So I want to purchase it from outside.
Dell Inspiron 15 5570 Laptop, Intel i7,16GB RAM, 256GB SSD/2TB HDD

Cloudxxx23 says:

Of course it’s pretty quick because it’s new. After years of use it will slow down with lots files and programs you stored.

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