Top 3 Laptops For 2018!

Dave2D comparison of the best laptops in 2018 for gaming and editing. Comparing build quality, performance, speakers, keyboard, trackpad, battery life and price.
Laptop Skins –
MSI GS65 –
Aero 15X –
Razer Blade 15 –
GM501 –
XPS 15 –
XPS 15 2 in 1 –
LG Gram 15 –

Individual Reviews:
XPS 15 2-in-1 –
Razer Blade 15 –
Asus GM501-
ZenBook Pro –
Aero 15X –
MSI GS65 –
LG Gram 15 –

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HmoobTuber says:

Very good video with lots of information and a great mindfuck section.

Tips &Tricks says:

Atleast aleinware should be there

Exalaxy X says:

I gotta feeling next year, XPS 15 would get updated cooling in the same chasdi

Raveesh Agarwal says:

Hi Dave, really love your videos. My sister started an animation course. Which is the best value laptop for those who do 3D modelling?

Riza Iskandar says:

Where is the Mi Notebook Pro? For those who don’t have enough bucks

king says:

@dave Lee i really wanna know what that tv make is that your using as a Mac monitor in the background please, many thanks

Dave Lee says:

Sorry for that radioactive clip. Publishing this video on the road. Couldn’t fix it. Thanks for watching!

dawood Hussain says:

Please do a giveaway for the MSI GS65!! I would love to have one it’s been my dream but I can’t afford it. But either way you deserve so many more subscribers!

Donald Donaldson says:

Choose the MacBook for a reallly long lasting laptop and great OS.. although it seems like MS is playing catch up with their OS for devs recently

ArmedPenguins says:

Which should I buy? – Dell XPS 15 9565 or Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Carbon (both 2018 models)

RD Policarpio says:

Hello there which of these laptops is the best for a student?

Felipe Lopez says:

Bruhh u talking thousands im talking hundreds
Im a student that just wanna play fortnite at skool

Yulian Rojas says:

Best 13 inch laptop 2018 please

T Lowe says:

You linked to a skin from dbrand for your XPS 15, but it looks like it doesn’t have a dell cutout. Is it a dbrand skin?

Rares Oance says:

“carbon fiber” lol, that is plastic

Excalibur Gaming says:

“So in front of me are 8 laptops”
Me: He should give me one .

Alovon says:

What laptop would you recommend for Game Design in College?

As in, Good GPU and Battery life ( 7+ Hours)

Also I would want one that is sub- 2000$

mohammad ali alibrahim says:

What abou huwawi matebook x pro?

evans boateng says:

xps 15 2018 reviews?!

Бердинияз Кабышев says:

dell XPS 15 looks sexy

0904clem says:

What’s the cheapest gaming laptop here?

Nikki Salmond says:

BEST 2 IN 1 Next please!

Swapnil Saxena says:

He skipped macbooks !!!

Vinicius Colen says:

Blade or MSI? And why?

Advey Rastogi says:

I’m kinda forced to get a Mac because I’m gonna do gcse music

bhavin patel says:

What do you do with all that laptop after the video you sell them or donate them

Blue Bandit says:

i must say that i was very sceptical coming into your channel dave. But after learning that you have a college degree( while not in technology is still quite rare among “tech” youtubers), and you dont prostitute yourself for sponsors, I must say i have been thoroughly impressed. You have a new subscriber.

Exalaxy X says:

XPS 15 = Need better cooling
Aero 15x = Need better keyboard, trackpad, and build
Razer = Need better keyboard & SD Slot

Hachiku™ says:

Why wasn’t the Surface Book 2 15 inch included?

Joshua says:

Great video Dave, thanks. Please keep making great content!

Lieu Huy says:

Hi , Can you show me at what temperature the xps will shutdown ? Will the thermal issue cause any disadvantages to user ?

Moonsung Jung says:

sponsored by Razer

Paul Wrigley says:

Dave. You need to review the OMEN by HP DC0022na. Comparable specs to these laptops. 8750H 1070 Max Q NVME 256gb 1TB HDD. G-Sync, 144Hz!

MissBrittneyofCourse says:

These transitioned fucked me up.

Rishab Tirupathi says:

finnaly someone gompari msi to razer!

iali00 says:

Good stuff as always. You should have way more subs! Keep bringing this content. Liked the under volting video. Could you do a more detailed one? Saw some bad stories on Reddit and your name came up.

Squishy says:

What laptop do you guys recommend that will last some time? At least my 3 years left of college. Thanks.

Michael Cruz says:

Thank you Dave, super useful and very well done (as always!).

AuggieDoesTech says:

The Dell XPS 15 does not have an i9! 1:38

LordFolkien says:


First of all thx for this great video she’s very instructive.

I have a question : Why do you pick the razer as your n°1 choice instead of the Gigabyte ? from your charts and specs the Gigabyte is in front so what made you prefer the razer despite the facts ?

Thx for your help

Jorge Loo says:

And where´s the Huawei MateBook X Pro??
C´mon Dave!

Paul Je says:

Dave2D gave a bad review on the electric skateboard from Exway. DON’T GET IT. GET A BOOSTED. Video on why Exway boards suck (ass). Wasted $1,500.

shipper66 says:

Dude, why do you hate thinkpads so much ? The X1carbon is the best ultrabook on the market.

Mevrix says:

0:46 brilliant cuts! Congrats! I like it!

Badger Braegan says:

what laptop can you suggest for autocad and for gaming with 1500 budget? help me pls

Aditya Acharya says:

No alienware??

jim bob says:


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