Top 3 Cheap Laptops for Back to School!

Need a cheap laptop for school? These are the best laptops for highschool and college students around $600 !
Acer Aspire 5 –
Lenovo 320S –
Asus UX330 –
Dell 13″ Inspiron –

Backpack –

Cheap Skylake Laptops
$400 – HP Pavillion –
$400 – Lenovo 310S –
$550 – Lenovo 510S –

Acer Aspire 5 Review –

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Khos M says:

Subs: 777k

Damian Kielpin says:


deathinity says:

please do a 300 bucks chromebook top list. also what about the ~300$ Odys Winbook 13? It has windows

AnamorphicBan says:

Top 3 Laptops for basic content creators! Please!
No AE/ILLUSTRATOR work, just basic Photoshop, Lightroom and Video Editing (1080p workflow incl. color grading etc).
Most of the creatives here in Asia still work with cameras such as expensive as 5D mark III and such, especially creatives on a budget, 90% of us are still stuck on 1080p workflow.

Jack Freeman says:

“light gaming” Overwatch is light ?!!!!

VesTi says:

Can you review the Lenovo Yoga 720 15″?

RedBaron8698 says:

Wish I had waited a bit more for the Dell Inspiron 13-7000. I have the older model and it’s all plastic…

suwaphit leesakul says:

Could you please make a review for new hp spectre x360 ?

Garry g says:

Hey Dave can you please tell me what laptop would be best for me.As i am going to college this january, I require a laptop with good battery life , i7 and decent graphics card for Autocad and gaming. My budget is below 1200 canadian dollars …Please reply soon

Dave Lee says:

Hope this video helps the people looking for some inexpensive laptops. If you need to get something even cheaper (like $300 or less) buy a chromebook, not a windows laptop. Thanks for watching my stuffs!

hitardo says:

Nice video.

The Asus UX330UA (with the Kaby-Lake chips) received a BIOS update on March and July.
Did you upgrade the BIOS firmware?

Because it is the BIOS firmware that will change fan curves and even bring down temperatures.

Chloe Lilah says:

i recomend going to a pawn shop and getting a good comupter for cheap

Christine Yoon says:

can you also do light gaming on the asus 330 as well?

Geek Reef says:

Can you make a review for lenovo 720 with gtx 1080

Incredible NJ says:

Plzz give yours review about MSI GT75 VR 7RF TiTan pro

OliverIbra says:

Ugh, you’re cute.

Ren G says:

Can you do more review of cheap laptops just like this one? 🙂

Divya Rawal says:

which is the best laptops under 60000 rupees

Delawar Abd says:

the new new xiaomi air 13 with MX150 ?

Rid Gaming Challenges & more says:

not really cheap

marthe roustaing says:

Hey dave lee i am french and can you give me 1 pc gamer please sorry for the fautes good vidéo


how to hear songs via phone,s front speaker

Hirens Florin says:

@Dave Lee what panels should a laptop from this category have ?
TN or IPS ?
Is still TN better for gaming on a buget ?
*Please respond :D*

tim van den berg says:

I have max €850 to spend on a laptop, I’m a student who also plays CS:GO, would be nice if I could sell my PC and hook it up to a 27inch screen, what laptop should I get.
I was thinking of that Asus 330, what do you guys think?

Egon Spengler says:

Hi Dave keep clicking on wrongs videos as people are copying your stuff and uploading them

Antonio Citro says:

run the division???

IWill FindYou says:

I prefer older gaming,, lighter gaming, and the only thing modern I need is windows 10. I’m gonna shop on amazon instead.

christopher mcleary says:

550, 600, 700. How in the heck is that cheap!? Especially going back to school.


Thank you!

Hunter Byrne says:

Maxed out Inspiron 17 7000 rainbow 6 and other games plez

Alphonsus Ho says:

Going to senior year for highschool and have a Dell XPS 15 9560! Bought it with my own money at end of Junior year!!!

Ofek Luis Lewinsohn says:

Just for those who are still looking. Dave didn’t mention Asus ux410ua which I just bought and which is an awesome laptop.
Yes it’s not sold as of yet in the u.s. but you can get it in Europe starting from like 619 € and I got mine for a bit less even. Anyhow it has a wonderful 14″ screen good battery life (48wh ~7h) and the other specs are similar to all the other ultrabooks: 620hd graphics and i3,i5,i7 kaby lake cpus. The things is it’s the best laptop for the buck if you need a great 14″ screen (ips 330nits), light laptop (1.35kg) with good all aluminum build. (Not getting anything from Asus, just a nice laptop)

BrimstoneApe says:

Can you review the xiaomi mi air 2017 or the yoga 720 or Asus vivobook 510?

the truth will set you free says:

Fuck yoy dave lee

Abhijit Kambli says:

Before you get a Skylake Laptop you need to know that it doesn’t support hardware decoding for VP9 codec which is why YouTube lags while playing some 4K videos. And YouTube has also stopped encoding newly uploaded 4K videos in H264, so VP9 and HEVC is the way ahead. Kaby Lake supports hardware decoding for VP9. And is very efficient at decoding HEVC too.

I guess it might be okay to get a Skylake with a dedicated GPU if the dGPU supports hardware decoding for VP9 and HEVC.

Although all of this only matters if you wanna stream 4K content.

But I would always go for the latest generation processors because they come with many optimizations over the previous gen.

Berwin Tan says:

I am getting the predator helios because fuck school.

Meneer meneer says:

I have a question,
I wanna buy a gaming pc with windows 7 and a AMD FX-8320E-processor, is this good for games like pubg and battlefield and cod?

Émile Constantin says:

Thanks for taking the time to make this video. Any suggestions for affordable video editing?

Ramakrishna Silla says:

Can u please tell which is best laptop for softwares

Jacob M33 says:

You should upload in 4k

Opal acolyte says:

Hey Dave I want to become an Animator and I can’t find the perfect laptop could you make a video on this please it would help a lot

Pankun チビ says:

2015 Macbook 15″ or 2017 dell xps15″ which one do i go for???

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