Tiniest Laptop Ever. – GPD Pocket Review

GPD is back at it again with a new mini laptop that can fit in your pocket! But how does it stand up to the GPD Win console? Thanks for watching!

GPD Pocket Mini Laptop at GearBest.com: https://www.gearbest.com/tablet-pcs/pp_613003.html?lkid=11477856
GPD Win Gaming Handheld: https://www.gearbest.com/tablet-pcs/pp_624766.html?lkid=10995058

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DISCLAIMER: GearBest.com provided this product in return for my honest review. I am not being paid for this video, and all opinions are my own. Thank you!


Torodicus says:

0:36 it says 420

DJHammer222 says:

I’d love one of these, if I had $500 lying around.

Smash JT says:

You always do such a great job on your reviews, Drew. Great work on this video as well! I like how you compared the two computers between each other. The Starbucks reference reminded me of that Saturday Night Live skit with the tiny phones. Too funny how tech keeps getting smaller and smaller!

sebbefalt says:

I really like this channel, you’re so chill and positive. One thing struck me though, since this channel is a bit retro-focused I became worried you might end up in a situation where every topic worth making a video of is already covered, for example there are only so many retro games right.

Is this something you are thinking about? Would you perhaps do some modern gaming videos or take your channel in some other direction?

Keep up the good work man, really enjoy everything u put out there. Cheers.

SmashyPlays says:


Glitchman24 says:

I would love to have one of these for school instead of a cheap chromebook. Yet, I don’t have that kind of money to spend :/

Gamerbro Jake says:

Wanna Play Some Minecraft?

Healthy Boy says:

Awesome review man! I actually got a GPD WIN cus of you and I love it! You’re the man!

Tuna says:

Dang I’d kill for that , great video tho

xbanana says:

it actually has more ram than my computer… i should really consider upgrading it 😀
great video though!

Elite Alex says:


YoshiXGAMER says:

Can a baby carry it?

Galactem TPG says:

He’s finally back to kick some tail!

Edward Zamora says:

Hi I here

NinLucas Games says:

DUDE! This is sweet! Btw, keep up the extraordinary content!

WookieFragger says:

That little joystick/mouse/nub thing reminds me a lot of the PSP joystick…thingie

Chloé Alexis says:

this actually seems pretty cool

Dominik Schütz says:

I heard iPega in addition is recommended for gaming 🙂

ThatCubeGamer says:

Oh awesome! A new video!!

pablo ramirez says:


hey that's pretty good says:

not tiniest its smallish

John Squarez says:

Amazing how you get free stuff under 100k.
Probably because the quality is that of a 500k channel. Top notch 🙂

NintenDavey says:

Yay another great video by drew

Scooter says:

I got a laptop in my back pocket

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