This Walmart Gaming Laptop Doesn’t Suck…

At $600, this OP gaming PC is surprisingly solid.
The Walmart OP-1 gaming laptop:
The latest episode of This Is!

The excellent BitWit video on the Overpowered Walmart gaming PC:

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elliptos says:

what the fuck you think GTX 1050 is not impressive well boy i have gt 430

Vilky says:

I have this pc and it works amazing

Joackim Alexsander says:

uhm. so 1050’s can run basicly every game at 1080 it has a hard time cause of the Vram. BUT ITS NOT BAD AT ALL!

TheEpicDiamondMiner says:


xXKing ZeroXx says:

Can it play ROBLOX

CooloMills says:

I just got an add on Austin while cooking a video for austin

Emre says:

is it bad? yes or no

X.XEthanX.X Fortnite says:

My laptop is $1000 it’s a GeForce gtx 1080. Intel I7 core.

Jack Li says:

Rtx 2080 max-p has joined the chat!

Scartist says:

Impressive. Unfortunately my laptop has an intel pentium, intel R graphics card and 5 gigs of ram. I think the specs of the op 1 exceeds the price a little but it would be hard to buy it considering my family doesnt have that much money. But who knows maybe in May or a little later they MIGHT be able to afford the op 1 laptop.

Meme Memester says:

Okay. I have a question for anyone. I don’t have a laptop right now, and I am looking at a couple gaming laptops. I’m looking at a Razer blade 15, Acer nitro, and this laptop. I kind of want it to run fortnite, and also able to to my homework on it, but I don’t know a thing about laptops, can anybody help me?

Valentino Santaniello says:

OMG! I buy SAME laptop in Dubai! But the company name is Monster!

Mr Giogio says:



Thomas van der Weegen says:

Seems nice to me

Simply Robert says:


Jakob Turk says:


Kasper Bierrings Knudsen says:

That`s OP!

Santi 367 says:

Can i run minesweeper? Pls respond as soon as possible

Inparts says:

I’m saving for this

SAADM4922 VLOGS#1 says:

Can i have that laptop

BL4Z3 YT says:

“Here at 900 we get a pretty playable game at 60-70”
Me: holy cow this is smooth I’m at 20 FPS

MineBloxKobyPlayz says:

a ad popped up from intel and it had you in it on this video

Keabooo says:

Im trying to get one, but it makes a week they’re “out of stock”..

Jonathan Greely says:

I… I dont… I just got an Austin Evans ad on an Austin Evans video. This site is a lie

Huzaifa Nizamani says:

Its heaven laptop and the door is unlocked

Pepsiman says:

I got an Austin Evans ad on an Austin Evans video.

tyler baker says:

play forte nite on the gaming laptop

Wckd jinx alt Alt says:

Can you put a mouse with it ?

Lil Cupcake says:

But can it run roblox

Paradox Shadow says:

I got mine for 1 $ I get to play Minecraft

ツXzuriaツ says:

Just because of that fortnite kill im subbing

Maga Beyworld says:

sponsered by walmart

Prestige Snipez says:

Who else that read wrong?

Yanis B. says:

I’d get the $800 variant with a 1060 if I culd remove this ugly ass logo.

KoFlo Inc. says:

where do i buy this

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