This is the best laptop.

The Huawei MateBook X Pro is the best laptop right now. You may not think of Huawei when you’re buying a new laptop, but the new MateBook X Pro is so good you probably should. It’s our new recommendation for the best laptop to buy, thanks to a combination of great design, great performance, and attractive price. Subscribe:

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Elia Bzl says:

Wayyyy too expensive

Kaluchi says:

Can someone please help me order this thing already? its 1900 euros over here which is like 2100 Dollars. if anyone is ready to give me tips from where i can buy this for aroudn 1500 euros / dollars please let me know..

Oscar Vásquez says:

If the battery life of the Huawei is better than the MacBook Pro or the XPS 13, how is it a drawback?

Terry Chianson says:

Would be an excellent computer if it didn’t cost a billion. best laptop ‘heh’.

Phoenix Villegas says:

My dealbreaker is the prices

baronflemp says:

I’m a student in Sweden and 1500 for this computer is a F*iNg joke, and an insult to my wallet. That exact laptop is $2 298,05 here.. 1500$ is nothing for that excellent computer. The one with inferior graphics, memory and ssd is $1 750,89 $ here.

20teamplayer says:

But can it game? lol

Zoe Vogelsang says:

Get the HP spectre x360

Paul Weingartz says:

I’m curious, you say that the battery life on the Matebook is a deal breaker but that it’s better than the 2 comparisons you had it up against?

George GL says:

LTE is what is missing. At least for me.

Abdullah says:

Macbook wannabe

Naples Keyboard Company says:

More like the WORST laptop. Copying Apple’s crappy design is not “good”.Also, you’ll short yourself out against the metal chassis!

Deen Osmic says:

Pretty nice laptop everything is just fine only thing i don’t like is cam but it’s okay it’s not big deal 4 me anyways it’s good lap…

Sushil Entertainment says:

lenovo best laptop Lenovo Ideapad 330 Laptop Review And Unboxing In (Hindi) under 40000

Peanut Matrix says:

20 years ago, Huawei was a transistor manufacturer, CHINA WILL GROW LARGER!

Francisco Diaz says:

It’s not that bad when you compare it to a MacBook of a similar price point. Just wish it had USB-C oh both sides so you could charge on either side.

NERO says:

boot ubuntu install Gnome Mac Os and put an apple Sticker = EZ

Charity Kariuki says:

it literally sucks man a 255gb storage even HP elite is better by far

Zheping Wang says:

What’s the BGM of this video

Philippe Larabie says:

Stolen technology sold by China.
Huawei is also suspected of espionage in Canada.
Read this article (Globe and Mail):
I will never support this company because of this.

GoldenGoldGames says:

Dell XPS 15 same price same spects plus a gtx 1050 ti why buy this?

The Verge says:

What features would make the perfect laptop for you?

Andrew Burton says:

Great review spoilt by terrible music . Why use it anyway ?

Yusuke Iwakawa says:

Not the X Pro, but I love my MateBook D with the AMD. For what I paid for it, Can’t ask for much more! Great deal!

Prakhar : says:

Apple ecosystem is trash. Its so so restricted, feels like a jail to me. Used a Mac, but had to switch to win after few months. Used a IOS, restrictions there made me return it back to Amazon.

Apple ecosystem is for those who don’t really do with laptop other than reading, typing, and YouTube. But if thats why you’re buying it why not buy a inexpensive device ?
Everything boils down to showoff in the end.

Valentino Perez says:

My real concern customer support & reliability over time. Since they (the manufacture) was put on a list of “spy” phones from China it also make me worry about other stuff.

Rupel padhy says:

Is it better than dell XPS 15

khayam ali says:

How big is the screen?

David Castle says:

Why did I expect this to be lower than a grand? Because I’m stupid.

That fingerprint sensor on the power button and the camera is cool. I highly doubt I’m gonna use the camera that much anyway.

Jared Widenbaum says:

Your shirt on that background. No.
No. No. No.

Gunslinger of Moon says:

Thank god! We don’t need to tape anymore

fmj says:

Hey at least those FBI agents won’t be able to see me 🙂

Francois Gultig says:

It is great to see that competitors of the expensive main stream players are able to offer such great value, makes me wonder just how much we are being ripped off. The same thing is happening in the mobile space. YAY for the consumer

Fitz carraldo says:

Has anyone tried installing Linux on the Huawei MateBook X Pro? If so, which distribution, and does everything work?

Satyam Anand says:

Unbox Therapy wannabe

TwistedOracle says:

Great device, but once you go mac, you won’t go back.

GoldenGoldGames says:

That webcam placement is smarttttt if you really needed a webcam just buy a dedicated one because built in ones I cover and think everyone should for safety reasons but the MateBook solves everything lol.

Weam Haleemi says:

Thermals ? real gaming FPS results ? anything?

Stella says:

I’m pretty proud

Agent Ice says:

I like the Lenovo 720S 14″ $839 US. 8500U, MX150, 256GB SSD, 8 GB RAM. Makes me happy

dion smith says:

“it’s just 1500” like that’s equivalent to 15

Dice Gamer 27 says:

This isn’t the best laptop for everyone

utterly small things says:

he said that little bucks ………..

Sofia Pires says:

Which one should I buy? Microsoft surface book 2 or huawei matebook x pro?

Spirus Visuals says:

Matebook X Pro or Dell XPS 13?

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