ThinkPad P50 Long Term Re-review!

My first-ever video on this channel was a review of my then brand new Lenovo ThinkPad P50. It’s been a bit more than a year now, and people still ask me in the comments for that video how it’s holding up. Not many reviewers go back and re-evaluate things they’ve already reviewed to see whether time has been kind to them, so I thought it’d be interesting to do that with this machine. It turned into a more in-depth video than I planned, with a full rundown of everything I like and dislike about the machine and a discussion of screen profiling and calibration – an important aspect to this high-end laptop with its 4K, wide gamut screen.

If you’re interested in a P50, Amazon still has loads of ’em available:

Or the updated version, the P51:

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The Gent says:

Interesting review, but I really must mention – you have the best intro ever – not 10 minutes of sweeping product shots or whatever, just clean and simple “da-nahhhhh!” and into the video.

Good job, sir!

Mike Arst says:

It has been a good machine for me so far. Few problems. Win 10 crashes from time to time (what else is new?) but I’ve been able to minimize the crash problems if I don’t simply put the machine to sleep all the time. I’ve read that sleep mode tends to make Windows want to crash. Don’t know if that’s true, but if I sleep less and reboot more, I do get fewer BSOD problems.

One thing I’d change if I were to get another machine like it: I’d skip buying the on-board color profiling setup. That money would be better spent on dedicated profiling hardware/software. I found that all of the links (for, say, help) within the profiling app don’t work. It wasn’t that they worked at first and then broke later. They never worked to start with. This appears to be by design! I contacted Pantone about it and while they didn’t comment on the non-working link problem, they did say that Lenovo prefers to handle support for those tools — they passed the buck. Wish I’d known it at the outset. Lenovo is not a color-management specialty company. Yeah, next time I’ll get a product dedicated to that kind of adjustment.

You mention possibly doing a video about monitor profiling. I hope you’ll have a chance to do that. It’ll be worth watching, I’m sure.

the german fox says:

great video

Xbox 360 1953 says:


Morten Steen says:

Your voice is made for reading audiobooks. 😀 So soothing and awesome!

Sgt Snazzy says:

I really like the Thinkpads, personally I like the older ones before Lenovo bought it out. Recently I bought a ThinkPad T60P one of the last true IBM ThinkPads and I’m currently in the process of restoring it and upgrading it.

TCC says:

1:00 I love me some modern classic.

Wabbit says:

“Native white point”
Woah, I didn’t expect this channel to get so political.

Jon Clement says:

My p70 4k rocks. Hey, I saw Picasa on ur desktop. How about a suggested tools / programs list?

Menaceri Samir says:

since i got 3 years ago a refurbished thinkpad t400 i am really happy with it .this laptops are really well made.they are hard to die.

Calvin Jenkins says:

Wow, I was first to see this video for once!

Confounded Feline says:

Consider surfing eBay as well. One of the big benefits of owning a ThinkPad is the large used market. I know you can get lots of parts from Lenovo but there are a lot of viable options on eBay.

TheIzzyLP says:

You really have a good knowledge about colour calibration – could you do a whole episode about hardware and software you are using? I also use Spider 4 with its stock software and results have been not so good out of it lately. Time to get a new hardware or just change software?

infinitecanadian says:

With each new video you rapidly climb the rungs to becoming one of my favorite channels.

Idimi Dodjimi says:

Hinges getting stiffer after time is actually a bad thing, it means they are starting to seize , that’s why you can see a lot of laptops from MSI, and Asus from early years with broken or spliced casings with even completely separated screens from laptops cause of hinges seizing up at some point and you basically brake your laptop non intentionally .

If they become even stiffer try lubing them up, or if you don’t see any difference after exchange them !

austinsguitar says:

thinking about getting a p51. i here they are greeat 🙂

rvcjew says:

Loved this video, and the pantone colorimeter I also think is fairly decent on my own xeon 4k model. I noticed we also got the same screen in the lottery and it is a nice one.

Antonio. says:

I have an L430 and yes, the materials are really really good, I bought it used. It stills runs smooth even with CAD and Solidworks

Confounded Feline says:

I love everything about this apart from the numpad. Just not something I personally need. I’d love the power of this in a smaller form factor. T4xxp series?

Also. Try the soft rim trackpoint cap. It’s by far the best in my opinion.

grg says:

oh, dang, that model is way more expensive than my X240 😀

What do you mean by BUILT IN colorimeter?? Like… into the laptop??

win network says:

But what about low frequency PWM dimming for the screen? All IBM and Lenovo Thinkpads since 2007 with LED backlight are affected. What about P50?

AdamZZ-17th says:

I see you have a LG V20! Excellent choice, using a V10 myself.

watcharapon srikun says:

I also have one of this laptop, love it so much, even on lower left corner of the monitor start to get some flickering(little not much), I still love it, I simply can’t find any laptop that have both performance and build quality like this bad boy P50 (except P51 of course) .

Dilan Parmar says:

It’s a shitbox Louis Rossman hates it

Hayden Kunas says:

Hey ModernClassic my dell laptop running windows 10 is constantly running 100% from my disk drive. Ive tried a lot and nothing seems to change. You you could help that would be amazing. If you need my spec and the model just say so. Any help would be appreciated.

CrimSun says:

The screen is floppy because modern panels are lighter and smaller in overall volume than old ones. The hinges didn’t change much over time, so they’re still made to hold the heavy panels of the old models.

DankSpace says:

Are you using that phone as a monitor or is it just for show? 😉

Haris Khan says:

24th like
Love this channel

Rmando Markez says:

nice guitars

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