Thin, Powerful Gaming Laptop – MSI GS63VR Review

The GS63VR from MSI is our first GTX 1060-equipped gaming laptop. And man, are we impressed…

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OUTSS1 says:

I love the LOOK of gaming laptops.. but nah my current MSI doesn’t feel worth the money. Too many complications come with laptops i think im going to invest in a desktop in future.

Christopher DeFabis says:

Hey just make bootable usb of windows 10 from microsoft via windows media creation tool not msi and boot from that usb and do clean install and should work lol it work with my dell when i had some software i didnt want that my computer can with so did clean fresh install ☺

Harrison says:

What is the ssd speed heard bad real things

colt carter says:

Is this a 15 or 17 inch

Amin Ghanbari says:

ur voice is annoying asf

Dominic Lakatos says:

Most rich 12 year olds will buy this just to play minecraft

TuixH2 says:

Between MSI GS63VR or Asus GL502VS … what is the best choice??

Er1ck says:

Why G-Sync at 60Hz at 1080p is legal? and why touchscreen is important?

Markanthon Tecson says:

Is this laptop is already update his drivers right ?

NT MT says:

6:02 666 lol

SM Bloopers says:

when I saw the price on amazon I said “woof”

Randomfire452 1 says:

I doubt Linus will see this, so could someone please help me out w my question? I was hoping to pick up one of these bc my friend has one and says it works like a charm. However after watching this and seeing the preloaded crap, I was wondering if there is a simple way to remove all the shit like a toggle?

Adapa says:

How does this laptop work with flight simulators like P3D, XPlane, and FSX?

Valnjes says:

How about a update with the GS73VR 7RG with GTX 1070 Max-Q?

Megh Zhang says:

Can a gtx 1050 get 140fps in overwatch medium settings?

ReD ReaVeR says:

I just wanna know can I leave firefox open, draw in photoshop and listen to iTunes without it freezing or slowing down? I have a nasty habit of doing all 3 at once (with multiple tabs open)

Bob John says:

I spent 20000$ on a Rolex and now i sold if and I’m going to buy 2 laptops

AnotherDay says:

Hi Linus this laptop has very early wear tear problems.

FatL L says:

I was gonna buy 1 of kijiji for 800. Instead I bought a brand new 1 for 1900..

Alavistaven2012 says:


Derek Frost says:

I have an msi gt73vr and i kept trying antiviruses and searhing google trying to find the cause of my 100% cpu usage at idle….until I watched this video. Godammit msi

TheMrLBC says:

MSI should make some sort of detachable logo, or make it a sticker, with a more grown up logo behind, so the sticker is addon. No grown up person would buy one of these with that hidious red logo. Destroys an otherwise great looking laptop.

Ivan Ivan says:

3:38 what briefcase is that? It looks beautiful

Sharath k says:

What about the battery life on normal use?

加賀美茉莉 says:

watching this with a GX501

Ballie Bunny says:

Can it connect to a VR headset and one external monitor at the same time (not the laptop screen)?
Can the lid be closed while connect to an external monitor?


Roman Fedyashov says:

People, do not buy this crap please. I bought it and cannot use finally:

Andrei Steau says:

This laptop have g-sync? Or g sync on this laptop help with something for games like cs go?

Blank blank says:

Does this laptop have a camera

dud789212a says:

Hey LTT, What do you y’all think about a Lenovo Legion y720? ($1800 “retail” with 1tb hdd and 512gb ssd, gtx 1060, etc)

Eveg Veg says:

Love the video and the whole benchmarking, cool dude. Now do you think this laptop still relevant (I may buy one soon) or should I wait for “better technology? Thanks man!

Jose Trevino says:

What would you recomend between the Helios 300 Predator 15 and the MSI GS63VR? I’m not a heavy gamer but do game when I have some down time.

laimonas šileika says:

2 grand??? Are you being serious? I could be build a PC with a GTX1080 for that price.

Jacob Price says:

Any tips on how I can quickly and easily get rid of tons of freeware that comes on a laptop?

Calvin Martin says:

Thanks Linus for your review on this laptop cause it was my choice to buy in july this year for the power gaming laptops have but wanting thin and light but I didnt want the razor due to price.

nimish ronghe says:

Plz do msi dominator pro

Anakin Skywalker says:

2:07 just watch it in slow motion. Just do it.

Oliver Uhlar says:

Can you compare it with Razer blade 14″ 2017 ?

Superstring says:

yea but I’m broke af m8, so I’m gaming on my 2 core Toshiba warrior.

Melissa Lim says:

Have you heard of the EVO-15s gaming laptop? It’s a pricier competitive of this MSI laptop. Would really love to see you do a review of it as I’m considering which tk get.

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