The Perfect Thin Gaming Laptop? – Gigabyte AERO 15X Review

Nvidia’s Max-Q is finally in a “normal” laptop, and it’s awesome.

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Alanna Lopez says:

what is this Max Q nonsense you keep babbling about?

imblygrimbly zimbly says:


Maxatal says:

No matter how *thin* it is. You gotta be pretty *thicc* to afford it.

Sam Lucas says:

Gigabytes have told people on their social channels that they’re working on 120hz, I am waiting for that.

tankimus says:

Holy rip off at that cost

A.A. B. says:

maybe aero 17X 1440P 100Hz 17″?!

Astra says:

Nah.. once you go 144hz you never go back

Noled says:

2200$ = powerful gaming pc with gtx 1080ti + 4k monitor

TOUCH Zeta says:

hey i hope to see a gaming laptop with snapdragon 845 and built with gtx 1080!!!

joris yauw says:

I don’t like the hinge, i had a lenovo hinge that was stronger than the chassis and after a while, the tension just tore the chassis in two pieces

Owgl Elite says:


Einzvern says:

G-Sync support will surely ‘hertz’ the battery life and not to mention cannibalize their Aorus line that made specifically for gaming… So no, I don’t think it’s a bummer

ffabi97 says:

Linus, could you make a fan lightning where the requency of the light matches the speed of the fan, so the fan looks like its not even spinning? (wagon-wheel effect)

zman says:

that soundtrack though…not bad (not the intro or outro)

Joey Marten says:

I would love to see a model like this with a 1060. Not only do I think it would be great for the price benefit but also I feel that on a laptop ,1080p is great and the bezel less screen just makes any laptop look way better.

Blaz says:

I love your nostrils Linus

tusing says:

Really good music in this video!

xZodi says:

Good video! Was a bit late tho xd

Shin Huing says:

1:57 what’s the name of that headset?

Zgredek181 says:

I prefer 1080p60Hz with 6h of batery, than 2k120Hz with <3h of batery.

Ali0The0King says:

”heavy gaming” *plays csgo* … nigga wat?

Dilyan Tsvetanov says:

Man this one is good and I think 80% of the “gamer on the go” don’t need more than 1080p-60hz It’s realy nice laptop! I though it would cost like 3k, but it does not.

Brynden Rivers says:

What’s with LTT and those ugly orange cables?

Joe says:

For me, the keypad kills it for me. i can’t stand laptops with keypads that aren’t gonna be used, like at all

TrackenBlue says:

For honor may be swapped values at 2:33

Infamous says:

that screen wobble is a big no-no

Ryzen says:

I guess *tunnelbear* is died ;-;

Paul S. says:

1:34 Old Dust II ? When was this Video filmed?

BigFat says:

I love my normal Aero 15 , It edits like a breeze. Already paid for itself.

Ammar Abotouk says:

Bad Cooling , throttled EVEN with a MAX-Q version ? WOW just wow

Lauren Berns III says:

Linus is too old to be describing things as “sick”

Jorge Álvarez says:

Review a thinkpad, like the future T480p

Marcin lentka says:

Dell inspiron 7577 review pls

Noled says:

4k 60 hz > 1080p 120 hz

Peter says:

“60 hertz at 1080p is not enough”. Of course, says the man who buys Titan V just to show that its a waste of money.

No, Linus. Its a fucking laptop and its enough.

Ryan Saplan says:

The thumbnail looked like the lcd screen was cracked

Links Loki says:

“It’s not the worst at anything…except the camera placement.”

RadaSmada says:

Best Max-Q laptop so far

Cygnus Gaming says:

I love that you have 10 second sponsor spots because that is exactly the amount of time a double tap on the phone screen skips 😀

Kimion says:

8/10 needs more heatpipes

andras ban says:

It’s not about todays laptop but any of u guys know about something that how coffee lake i7 performs in sli or crossfire?because it has only 2 memory chanels and i don’t really know that if it can have some problems in sli

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