The Perfect Gaming Laptop!

Asus Zephyrus Review – The best gaming laptop experience using Nvidia Max-Q Design. Thin, Powerful and Quiet!
Asus Zephyrus –

More info about Nvidia Max-Q –

This laptop was provided by Nvidia. Opinions are my own. This video was made in collaboration with Nvidia.

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DoctorCow says:

why am i watching this? i have a decent gaming desktop

TechnoCrap says:

hey Dave, love your videos I wanted know how is Asus fx502vm-as73 and are their any alternatives. THANKS!

Ralph Bartolo says:

I am guessing there are filters at the bottom for dust right? coz it opens right up.

Jelly Ninja says:

Heyy dave 🙂 is it possible to do a laptop review on the HP omen 2017 model with a gtx 1050 ti? You mentioned it in other videos but not dedicated in detail. Thanks ^^

A. N. says:

“…between power and portability…”

Is it just me or are laptops free?
Perhaps they’re not, I guess?

Matheus Abdao says:

need this wallpaper!!!!!!!!!!

alexgrazie93 says:

yeah i dont give a shit about how loud, i can buy the whole library and get everyone the fuck out

keith v says:

really> people are starving all around the world. i’m glad u Njoyin life

shamatuu says:

what about the ZenBook Pro?

MissouriMatt54 says:

Thank you for the video

EuclideanPrime Numbers says:

So they basically gimped a 1080 into a 1070??

Mohammed Taher says:


Ade Luthfanusa says:

nano technology more small more price..

RosiePeaNutella says:

I bought my Medion Erazer laptop for £1700 (about $2212.5) mainly for gaming purposes, had it for about 9 months now, still in great condition, I love it, it runs perfectly!! Only problem is, its loud, and heavy (3kg) and comes with a brick – a 2kg charger, totalling its portability to “can you carry this for me, fnx”

Mr. Awesomepants says:

Asian Jonathan Morrison. Nuf said

Felix Hamzah says:

Guess my life would never be perfect if I can’t afford the perfect gaming laptop.

Wolkan Cirak says:

Ok how is fps in CSGO full resolution ? can be 300 ?
I wanna use a gaming laptop or maybe desktop

Daniel Sequeira says:

Heyy Dave Lee .. When can we see a review of the Lenovo Legion Y720 ?

R3ayed says:

so this is the “m” series…

Nath Garcia says:

Better than ROG STRIX And the rest of its bros

Usuario Genérico says:

Is this laptop available ONLY for the US? ):

Rodrigo Javier Rodríguez Llamas says:

Nic Review! The MSI stealth is anotjer cool option and does have the keyboard where a laptop normally has it. It is also cool and quiet.

Some Guy on a Computer says:

Could you take a look at one of Aorus’s laptops. they have a 90 watt battery I believe

Kenny Nguyen says:

Is Dave that good in overwatch?!?!

Steffen says:

could you do a review on lenovos new ideapad series? 520s, 720s, etc.. ?

drpdrp says:

I’d rather have a thicker heavier laptop like the aw 13 r3 1080p for 5 hours battery life.

Jayson Maramot says:

my dream… but the Price

wait what? says:

the perfect gaming laptop is predator x

oh woe is me says:

screen only Full HD at that price point?? no thanks dude

Pedro Tomaz says:

Money beauty does not bring happiness

Phoenix Wright says:

$3000 ?!

Noriux057 says:

can u do a review on the lenovo ideapad 910, it is kind of underrated for no reason.

The NeedForSpeeder says:

Holy shit 2700$? No thanks xD

Gerald Ander Lee says:

Why do hell do they do the keyboard like that?
Now the screen will sit further from my face.

Emil Lozev says:

Where can I get the t-shirt?

DarkevilPT says:

it’s fcking cheap..

Sitou Dien says:

Does asus have any presence in Canada? I’ve seen some very low end asus laptops, but not their high quality stuff. I was really interested in the 2016 Transformer 2 in 1 line up. It garnered a lot of attention. What happened?

Sindre Iversen says:

off closely earnings slave long-term space coach butter.

TechnoCrap says:

hey Dave, love your videos I wanted know how is Asus fx502vm-as73 and are their any alternatives. THANKS!

yazan al khatib says:

I don’t get why the space above the keyboard, empty space just hanging there!!

Lord Leckatall says:

it’s 2.7k!
just get a better desktop for cheaper. if you need to go places build a small form factor one.

Berkeli Halmyradov says:

didn’t you ahve 400k subs just yesterday? Good job man, love ur videos

Vi Con says:

me : Wow How tf do they fit a 1080 in there?

*sees price*

also me : ohh thats how…

Dave Lee says:

Max-Q design is straight up awesome. I hope more companies use this approach for future gaming laptops. Thanks for watching 2D fam!

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